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Yorkshire Countryside Weddings At The Moorlands Inn, Halifax, with Susan Hutchinson, Wedding & Events Coordinator

Your search for the perfect Wedding Venue in the Yorkshire Countryside ends here. With 2 different Wedding Venues on site, we explore options at The Moorlands Inn, Halifax with Susan Hutchinson, Wedding Coordinator.

Listen to Susan on the Wedding Espresso Awesome DIY Wedding Planning Podcast…


Susan Hutchinson, Weddings & Events Coordinator at The Moorlands Inn, Halifax


James [00:00:03] Hi Susan. Welcome to Wedding Espresso. 

Susan [00:00:08] Hi. 

James [00:00:10] So for anybody that doesn’t know you, who’s watching this,

you’re Susan Hutchinson and you are the wedding and events coordinator at The Moorlands Inn in Halifax. 

Susan [00:00:21] I am. Yes. 

James [00:00:22] Now this is of particular excitement for us really because you are literally our most local wedding venue. You’re five minutes down the road, so you couldn’t get any closer. It’s absolutely fantastic to welcome to you to Wedding Espresso today.

So we wanted to talk to you a little bit about the facilities that you have at The Moorlands Inn. And I think it’s quite unique in the fact that you’ve actually got two venues on site haven’t you?

So would you like to tell us a little bit about both of those venues. You can start with your favourite if you like? 

Susan [00:01:00] Oh I don’t have favourites. I love them both the same. We have the smaller function room, The Loft, that’s above the restaurant. Totally independent from each other, both venues are. So you’re not crossing over and you’re not meeting or bumping into anybody from the other party. And it’s a little bit more oldy worldy. It’s got a lot more character has The Loft, beams, exposed stone walls, wooden floor. And that’s a smaller venue suitable for about 50 seated guests and 80 standing guests. 

Susan [00:01:39] And then we’ve got the bigger venue, which is The Marquee.

And the Marquee is more of a purpose built wedding venue. So it was built with weddings in mind. So it’s geared towards your wedding.

It can seat up to 250 people, can The Marquee, and many, many more standing. It’s such an adaptable space that our average day wedding breakfast is between 70, 80, something like that. And then on to the evenings like a hundred, hundred and fifty. But we have done a lot bigger weddings as well. So we can accommodate a wide range in The Marquee. 

James [00:02:15] Fantastic. And it would be really sort of wrong of me not to talk about the views, because you’re in such a fantastic location aren’t you? 

Susan [00:02:24] We are. Yes. We’re just surrounded by open countryside. The Loft has a balcony overlooking the countryside and The Marquee has a large patio area and field straight in front of it.

So yes we’re steeped in countryside. And we’re only two minutes away from Ogden Water as well. 

James [00:02:47] Yeah. Absolutely stolen the words out my mouth actually because I was going to say that it’s incredible that you are so close to one of our favourite walking areas. And we’ve taken so many brides and grooms down there in the past for photo shoots and things. I mean it’s just absolutely idyllic! 

Susan [00:03:03] Photographers do tend to take the bride and groom up there because it’s perfect for photographs, but so are the grounds here as well. So if you didn’t want to go up to Ogden Water, you don’t have to, but it is ideal. 

James [00:03:16] Right on the doorstep. Yeah you couldn’t ask for anymore.

One thing that I found really attractive about The Loft actually was the fact that you have air conditioning in there. 

Susan [00:03:29] We do, The Loft is fully air conditioned, but so is the Marquee. The Marquee is fully centrally heated and air conditioned as well. So they both have air conditioning! 

James [00:03:39] Magic. I think it’s one of those things that people tend to not think about when they’re looking around for a wedding venue, they don’t ever think about getting 50, 100, 150, 200 people in a room for hours on end. And that heat just builds and builds. I won’t mention any names whatsoever here today but I’ve actually seen someone pass out during the speeches from heat exhaustion! 

Susan [00:04:05] No! 

James [00:04:07] And that’s what happens in a venue that doesn’t have air conditioning. So for me, it’s a massive thing to think about, it’s a big plus. 

Susan [00:04:16] Yeah, we use the air conditioning more than we use the heating. 

James [00:04:22] I bet. 

Susan [00:04:22] Because once you get so many people in a room it tends to get really warm anyway. 

James [00:04:26] Absolutely. So really your origins… when we first started visiting The Moorlands Inn, you really were just like a bistro/pub – a very, very popular one.

And your food has always been really, really good. You do in-house catering for weddings don’t you?

Susan [00:04:46] We do. It’s all in-house catering yes. We’ve got a great team of chefs here and they’re all dedicated to providing the best food possible. 

James [00:04:57] I mean it’s actually brilliant. I think anybody who’s eaten at The Moorlands will instantly be able to say “yeah OK. The food’s great and we’re very, very comfortable using in-house catering” I think that’s quite exciting for people, so it’s quite an easy option isn’t it?

Susan [00:05:09] That’s right yes. You don’t have to worry about anything like bringing things in from outside. Yeah. 

James [00:05:15] Cool. So what do brides and grooms typically ask you when they come to look around? What sort of questions… what are the key questions that they tend to ask?

Susan [00:05:28] Strangely they do ask about the air conditioning. 

James [00:05:31] Really right, cool. 

Susan [00:05:33] Yeah and they’re very surprised as well that the marquee’s not actually a tent, it’s a steel frame structure and it’s fully insulated. The main question… there’s lots of different ones to be honest with you, but probably because we do provide a lot of things…

because The Marquee is a purpose built wedding venue, we have all our own extras, we’ve got our own Mr. & Mrs. letters, we’ve got our own photo booth, sweetie cart, we’ve got a baby grand piano – we can hire a pianist to play throughout the day.

We also offer a range of our own centrepieces as well that they can use. So generally all the extras that we provide are quite an interest to the bride and groom when they come. 

James [00:06:19] Excellent. And what do couples typically really love about either of the venues?

Susan [00:06:27] Both of them.

They really like the way that they’re decorated in a neutral style and they can add their touch and it will match any colour scheme. They’re both very neutrally colour decorated. 

James [00:06:40] Fantastic. So if you’ve got a vision you can come in and put your own stamp on it. 

Susan [00:06:45] That’s it, yep you can do anything you want. Yes you can. 

James [00:06:48] Incredible. And so from the perspective of a wedding coordinator then are there any tips that you have or would have for brides and grooms looking ahead to getting married?

Susan [00:07:02]

I would say when you walk into the venue it’s got to catch you straightaway and that’s my tip. Because once you’ve booked your venue, that it, you can’t change your mind.

So yeah definitely pick the right venue. 

James [00:07:17] Brilliant. And if people are you know… because that’s obviously quite broad, what would you say are the key things for choosing the right venue for couples?

Susan [00:07:28] I would say that it suits your number of guests. And again think about how you want it to look. And as I say, with a neutral background you can literally put any stamp on it. 

James [00:07:44] Awesome. Well Susan thank you so much for sparing the time to chat with us.  We really, really appreciate it. That was really, really cool. 

Susan [00:07:52] Thank you. 

[00:07:52] And if anybody’s got any further questions they can check out your website. There’s lots of information on there. Do you do much on social media? Or are there any social media profiles we should be following you on?

Susan [00:08:02] Yes you can find us on Facebook and on Instagram as well. 

James [00:08:06] Do you share many details of the weddings that happen at The Moorlands on there? 

Susan [00:08:10]

Lots of photographs of our weddings are on our Facebook and Instagram sites. Yes. 

James [00:08:15] Right. Fantastic. Well, again Susan, thank you so much for sharing with us today and we really, really appreciate it. It was lovely to have you. 

Susan [00:08:23] Thank you very much. 

James [00:08:24] Hopefully we’ll get the chance to speak to you again in the future. 

Susan [00:08:28] Yeah. Thank you. Bye bye. 

James [00:08:29] Alright Susan take care. Bye for now. 

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