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Where To Honeymoon With A Baby? with Kim Robertson from Your Way Travel

Where To Honeymoon With A Baby? Kim Robertson from Your Way Travel puts your mind at ease when planning a honeymoon with a baby onboard! It sounds fab!

Listen to Kim on the Wedding Espresso Awesome DIY Wedding Planning Podcast…


Kim Robertson, Your Way Travel


James: [00:00:02] Hi Kim thanks so much for joining me today. 

Kim: [00:00:05] Hi how are you? 

James: [00:00:06] Yeah very well thank you. And yourself? 

Kim: [00:00:08] Yes excellent thank you very much. 

James: [00:00:09] Brilliant.

So your company is “Your Way Travel” and you specialise in all sorts of fantastic holidays including honeymoons for lucky brides and grooms. 

Kim: [00:00:20] Yep I do! 

James: [00:00:22] Brilliant! Cool! So we were doing a bit of research on the Internet to see what couples, brides and grooms were searching for, to do with in and around the honeymoon. And first of all I found this. I’ve got to read it out now, it’s hilarious. So they asked, people are actually searching for this, and it goes something a little bit like this “are honeymoon suites soundproof?” That’s not the question I want you to answer, because obviously, you know, that is a whole topic of its own.

So actually what we wanted to ask was “where to honeymoon with a baby”?

That might be more appropriate! 

[00:01:02] OK. So. Well the world is a big place nowadays as you know. But it’s becoming much, much more accessible to us over the last 30 – 40 years, with all the different flights, countries opened up to us that we never thought we could get to before.

So obviously deciding on your honeymoon destination, or any kind of holiday for that matter, that’s going to be an enormous choice. You’ve got so many options to choose from and to consider. 

Kim: [00:01:23] But let’s just start with honeymoons in general to start with, because the same advice would apply whether you’re going to go as a couple on your own, or are you going to take a baby, or whether you’re going to take family with you, like older children as well. So the same principle would apply, regardless of the circumstances. So when discussing honeymoons with couples, I always want to find out as much as I can about what makes them tick. What it is they like, and what they want and expect from their honeymoons. 

Kim: [00:01:48] So I get them both to sit down and make up a list to start with. Individually, on their own. Not conferring at all. Basically what, as an individual, they want and expect from their honeymoon. And that’s regardless of whether they’re taking a baby with them or not. So you know, there wouldn’t be any different advice, regardless.

So write a separate list including what they expect. What the dream destination or location is?

It could be that they’ve seen photographs somewhere you know, in media, in a brochure. It could be that they’ve been researching destinations themselves. They might not even know where the photograph is, if they’ve seen a photograph. Write down what they like, what they fancy. Whether they’d like to laze by the pool. If they want to be active. If they want to take in some culture. You know, beach, everyone’s different. And everyone has a different idea of what the ideal holiday is. 

Kim: [00:02:35] So if they sit down and write their individual lists, then what they can do is they can then compare the lists, and see if there’s any common denominators. Because bear in mind, you know a lot couples get married quickly after they’ve met. A lot of couples have been together for years and years, so some people maybe know what each other like. What makes each other tick. But other couples might not. So it’s a really good idea to do it individually, and then you can find some common ground. The other advice I give to couples as well, when looking at honeymoons, is don’t go somewhere either of you have been before. This especially applies for couples when they’ve been together for a long time. But in fact, it does really make a big difference. Because couples maybe get together when they’re older, for instance, and they might have travelled quite a lot.

The last thing you want to do is meet your partner, take them on honeymoon, and go somewhere where you’ve been before, maybe with someone else, and that’s all you talk about. 

Kim: [00:03:23] So you know, find the common ground, find the common denominator of what it is you actually want from your honeymoon, and then let’s look at destinations and think about somewhere that you haven’t been. 

James: [00:03:33] So I guess within the scope of that then, if a couple are thinking of taking their baby or young child for example, on honeymoon with them, they’re obviously going to be focused on suitable places to take a child. So that will come up in that list making process won’t it? 

Kim: [00:03:49] Yes but most people wouldn’t know where to start with that. I’ve actually got that to come onto. Once the common ground is there, you should see the common denominators, and that’s what you use as your base to go forward. Obviously with planning any type of holiday, whether it’s a honeymoon, or any type, it’s always important to think about budget. So I always encourage them to think about it, and be realistic about it. Because they might have seen this beautiful picture in a magazine or something and they think that that’s where they’d love to go on honeymoon. But a lot of times these pictures are, you know, beautiful luxurious destinations. Crystal clear water, gorgeous accommodations. But obviously it’s not always realistically within budget, what you’re seeing in the media and things. So it’s really important to set a budget and be realistic about what you can afford. 

Kim: [00:04:35] But all’s not lost! Because that’s where I help clients. You know, if they’ve seen somewhere they really want, but it’s not within budget, then I can help suggests destinations which might be more suitable. That might be within budget.

And this is a good time to consult a travel professional as well because they are going to be able to help you, give you a good idea of what you can afford, and the type of things you’re looking at, whether they are within your reach or not.

And this is where it’s important to check whether or not the accommodation is suitable for taking children or babies to. 

Kim: [00:05:02] So lots and lots of accommodation offers fabulous facilities for children. The better the facility is, obviously the more you generally pay for it. However when I say children, most places do not include babies in that. And so a lot of destinations, when they talk about children, you’re looking at age three or four upwards.

And quite often there’s another stipulation involved in hotels as well, that the child must be potty or toilet trained, before they’ll take them into children’s clubs.

So that is something really important to consider for couples if they are thinking about going on honeymoon with a child. 

Kim: [00:05:35] But all is not lost because there are some amazing places that you can go with children on honeymoon. Obviously travel with a baby doesn’t need to be daunting. With a little bit of preparation and quite a few helpful extras added in there, it can be fairly stress free actually and also a very, very memorable holiday.

And there’s nothing quite like the feeling of taking your child to the beach for the first time.

And you know, particularly in the sea to swim, dipping their toes in the swimming pool and seeing their face light up, you know with cold… Maybe they might like it, they might not like it. 

Kim: [00:06:06] Some couples might not want to go abroad, may not want to go too far afield. They might feel that a staycation is more appropriate if they’re taking a baby with them. And that’s absolutely fine too. And there’s lots of fabulous places that you can go to, much closer to home, with babies. You know, you can choose from castles lodges, some lovely hotels, where they’ll do baby sitting services for you so you can have a nice meal at night.

So there’s plenty of places at home that you can consider too. 

Kim: [00:06:31] Yeah but the main practicalities of taking a baby abroad. The main thing you need to consider is the amount of extra luggage you’re going to need. Because you know, you’ve got this little baby bundle which is tiny. But you’ve got a child yourself, you know yourself what I’m talking about. 

James: [00:06:45] Yes, it soon mounts up, it very quickly mounts up. 

Kim: [00:06:48] I can see the recognition there! So they need food, they need changing, they need nappies, they need prams, they need car seats. So that’s one thing you do have to think about. Many of your family friendly resorts and hotels, they will actually hire you out equipment on resort, or they’ll have equipment that you can use on resort. So that does cut down on the luggage you need to take with you. But there’s obviously going to be things that you do want to take yourself. And bear in mind, if you’re going with an infant, so an infant is classed as under two, then you do not get an airline seat for the infant, unless you pay for the seat. So basically you don’t have the seats, or you do have the seat, but you don’t have any luggage allowance.

So the only thing you get to take on extra above your own luggage allowance, would be a pram for instance. Or a buggy for a child.

And they would take that into the aircraft at the bottom of the plane steps. 

Kim: [00:07:34] So you really need to consider luggage allowance. If you’re traveling business class, then that’s not generally a consideration, because you do get usually two lots of luggage. But there’s not that many couples, to be fair, go on honeymoon that can afford to pay for business class. You know I’m not saying that all couples can’t. Some couples do. But that’s a luxury that a lot of newlyweds can’t afford. So again many fabulous places, but really important to check that they cater for infants and children. So some form of childcare is generally always included, if you go to a resort that accepts babies. You might have to pay for that separately, by the hour for instance. But some of some resorts do actually include a babysitting service in the cost of your holiday as well. 

Kim: [00:08:17] The resorts that do accept babies, and do offer babysitting services and things, they’re always extremely popular. They sell very, very well and extremely quickly.

So the planning of honeymoons, when you’re taking a baby, I would always encourage you to try and do that as early as possible.

You know I’ve got a couple of recommendations for resorts here and one of them is literally two years in advance, you have to book it. And not everybody has that much forward planning. Well you can’t plan to take a baby two years in advance. 

James: [00:08:48] Absolutely! Yep! Exactly! 

Kim: [00:08:49] So that’s not particularly practical. So there’s lots of places you can consider, and places in Europe. There’s some amazing resorts in Europe, and quite a lot further afield as well.

And to be fair I don’t think taking a baby abroad is a problem because you know yourself, you’ve had a child. Being a baby is probably the easiest stage you will ever find them at. 

James: [00:09:11] Absolutely. It’s the later years you probably have to worry about! 

Kim: [00:09:14] Yep, they sleep for 16 hours a day and all they really need is feeding and changing, and they’re quite happy. So that then allows you, as a newlywed couple, to enjoy your time together as well. And if you’ve got some sort of babysitting or childcare service in the resort where you’re staying, then you could go to have a nice romantic meal, watch a sunset, you know have someone else put your baby to bed for you one night. At some resorts they will actually look after the baby while you’re on the beach, so you can go for a swim. You know there is so much out there. It really depends and a lot of it comes down to budget at the end of the day and what you can afford. 

James: [00:09:47] OK. So I suppose from Rachel and my perspective then, our holidays tend to be very, very activity, action orientated. We’re not really the resting type people. We’re the very full on type people. And when we go away, we like to cram in as much as possible. And I think now that we do have a baby on board, I think from our perspective, we’d have to rethink our strategy. So if we came to you and said listen, we are crazy adrenaline junkies, and we’re looking for the most exciting adventure holiday ever. But we’ve got a young baby. Are you able to help coordinate something that works in that scenario, but is also more suitable, because you know, we’re excited about things that might be impossible to do, they just might not be suitable at all. 

Kim: [00:10:32] The way I always see it is nothing’s impossible. 

James: [00:10:35] OK that’s great. 

Kim: [00:10:36] Obviously nothing is impossible. Sometimes money can buy anything. But generally nothing’s impossible.

So if a honeymoon couple come to me and they have a list of things they want to do on honeymoon, and take the baby with them, there will be something that I can advise them to do.

Or a place I can advise them to go, to do that. I was just looking, I’ve got some notes here that I took earlier on, and I was looking at some specific resorts. I mean a lot of resorts have water sports included, and they will actually do babysitting service while you’re away doing your water sports. Some of them do diving, scuba diving, and you know, hiking and horse riding, playing golf. All these things can be covered. So really it doesn’t matter how active or inactive you are. There’s always something for you. I’m just trying to think of the one particular resort that I think would suit you guys. 

James: [00:11:25] Plan our next holiday, let’s do it now! 

Kim: [00:11:26] Yeah I know. I’ve got resorts here listed. A list of some of my favourites that are really, really family friendly. That offer basically the best services and facilities for families with young children in particular. And bearing in mind, you might have families that are multigenerational. So you might have grandparents going as well. You might have teenagers, you know, you might have other aged kids as well, school age kids. So most of the resorts that offer baby services, will also offer services for those other ages as well, so everybody’s covered.

There’s very few resorts that would take babies and not other children. That would be very, very unusual. 

Kim: [00:12:02] But you know, I’ve got places from the Algarve, Crete, Howki Deeki, Sicily, Cypress, some absolute amazing places, Tenerife and then further afield, Antigua and one of my favourite, personal favourite destinations, which is very child friendly, is Mauritius. And there are some amazing hotels to choose from there, with fabulous facilities. I’ve been and seen most of the hotels myself. I’ve seen the facilities they’ve got for kids. Most of them come with nannies, child minding services. They have covered areas in their kids clubs, so the kids are not in the sun all the time. They’ve got their own swimming pools, play areas, little golf courses. Some of them will even take your kids and actually take them to different restaurants to feed them and things. You’ll be walking through this hotel and there’s a group of kids all sitting around having lunch in one of restaurants, while their parents can go and have lunch on their own. So yeah. So there’s lots of possibilities. 

James: [00:12:54] Fantastic. And there’s no such thing as impossible! 

Kim: [00:12:57] Correct. Nothing is impossible! 

James: [00:12:58] Yeah! That’s what we like to hear. Well Kim that’s been fantastic thanks so much for sharing that with us today. 

Kim: [00:13:02] You’re very welcome. 

Kim: [00:13:04] Brilliant. And yeah we look forward to speaking to you again in the near future. 

Kim: [00:13:07] Yeah fabulous hopefully see you at the next catch up. 

James: [00:13:09] Absolutely! Fantastic, thanks Kim. 

Kim: [00:13:11] Thanks very much James, bye for now. 

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