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What Wedding Cake Should I Have For My Wedding? with Monika Clouth, The Icing Fairy

What Wedding Cake Should I Have For My Wedding? Monika Clouth, The Icing Fairy shares her intense passion for design and creating your dream Wedding Cake.

Listen to Monika on the Wedding Espresso Awesome DIY Wedding Planning Podcast…


Monika Clouth, The Icing Fairy


James: [00:00:03] Monika thank you so much for joining me today. 

Monika: [00:00:05] Hello James. Nice to be here. Thank you. 

James: [00:00:08] Absolute pleasure to have you. So you are an awesome producer of wedding cakes and we therefore have a question that you might be to help us out with. And that question is…

“what wedding cake should I have for my wedding?” 

Monika: [00:00:24] Well that’s a very open question as you can imagine. Every wedding is different. So you can’t really say for a wedding you should have this and this cake. There are so many options. So many things to consider.

And when my clients come to me and ask me for a cake, they usually have something in mind what they would like to have, and they’ve got pictures. Usually they go out of my house with a completely different idea, and this wow effect, because they don’t know what’s available.

They just go through pictures and say “Oh I like this, I like that, I like that.” But they have got no idea what more is available. So the main thing for me is that you’ve got to come here with an open mind and design your cake. Not just a copy of somebody else’s cake that you found online. This is your special cake because it’s your special amazing day. You don’t want a copy of somebody else’s cake. 

James: [00:01:21] Absolutely. Fantastic! So basically the sky’s the limit then. If I came to you and said, you know, I’m interested in this and this, and this, would you then go off and do some research and then think about things, and come up with a spec for them? Is that how it works? 

Monika: [00:01:38] Well what I usually do is we sit together. People bring their ideas to me, where we sit here in my living room having a piece of paper in front of us and sketching what we like. I ask people what their wedding will look like. What the style is. What the setting is. How many people are coming. To bring all of these things into the design. And we sit together and design your special one. Sometimes people come in and they’ve got that special cake in their mind. And I try to get that into their settings as well. For instance…

when they’ve got a rustic barn style wedding, you would think you would like to have something that fits the style. Like a naked cake or something that’s rustic.

Does it bring everything that you’ve got together? 

Monika: [00:02:38] Sometimes people come with ideas. I really see that is really not what they would like. What they would like, yes, but not what suits the occasion. So I try to explain a little bit about what is available. And sometimes they’re “Really? Is that possible?” “Can you do that?” And then we just usually go through all sorts of magazines, through web pictures, through all sorts what I’ve seen, what they’ve seen. I just put it all together, and…

I think it’s very, very important that you’ve got your own style. There are so many different ideas, different things, different themes, from naked cakes to skulls. I’m working on a wedding cake with skulls at the moment and I think it’s absolutely amazing that this couple was up to actually saying, okay, yes, there’s a bit of Goth style.

Is there anything else other than just white three tiered cakes? Yeah. Oh yeah. There is so much more. And you can just bring everything in, and it’s just amazing to see when people come to me and leave happy with knowing that they’ll get what they want. 

James: [00:03:53] Amazing. I’m glad you brought up naked cakes actually because it’s been a discussion we’ve had previously with cake makers, and the impression I’ve walked away with is naked cakes…. argggh! You know because they don’t last. Naked cakes, they need to be covered in icing to preserve them. Or is that really…. Would you say it’s an issue or not an issue? 

Monika: [00:04:14] It all depends what you want to do with a cake. If you want to eat it all straight on the day, not an issue at all. But if you want to preserve it for a couple of days, and want to cut it later. What some couples do, they just keep the wedding cake and have a little get together with friends, or other people later on, a couple of days later. Then I would say, not really the right style of cake. Or when you’re having an outside, outdoor wedding venue, where the sun is shining onto that cake, and it is displayed all day long. Then…

I would just suggest something slightly different. Like a semi naked cake, which is a little bit covered, but it doesn’t dry out.

That’s what I mean with all the different options you’ve got. And sometimes if they come and have these ideas and want that, but it doesn’t really suit them, the occasion or the venue. That’s what I meant beforehand, yep. 

James: [00:05:12] Amazing. So do you find… I mean naked cakes have been quite popular in the last couple of years, haven’t they?

Have you found that when people come to you though, and start discussing ideas, those naked cakes become fully dressed cakes? 

Monika: [00:05:27] Sometimes, yeah. Because sometimes people have that idea in their head, and they want this, and this, and you give them some more options. Not that I want to get anybody off their idea, but I just give them more options to choose from, which they might have not found. And then sometimes they think “Oh right. Is that possible? Oh can you do this? Actually can you add this to it?” Usually yes I can. And then we just sketch it together, and sometimes from a small tiny two tiered naked cake, they go to a full grown five tiered, fully dressed cake, with all sorts on it. So it really depends on how they feel about my expertise, and what I can give them, I can show them. 

James: [00:06:13] Brilliant! I love that personally, because if I ever approach anybody with anything, I want them to kind of take my ideas and run with it. Go, go, go, go, and build up as high as it will go. And I love the idea of just bringing you an idea, and then going crazy with it, and coming up with all sorts of fantastic ways to make it better and better and better. I love it! I think that’s fantastic. 

Monika: [00:06:31]

On the other hand when people go really over the top, and want that massive huge cake, they sometimes don’t think about how much cake it actually is, and how much you’ve got to eat.

So I try to be reasonable as well, I don’t want to rip them off and say oh yeah I’m going to have a five, six, seven tiered cake. Yeah I’m gonna make some money out of it. That’s not what I want. I want them to be happy with that cake. And even if they want a big cake, but only have got 20 people there, it doesn’t make sense to have a big massive five tiered cake.

You can make a few tiers and a dummy cake then. 

James: [00:07:09] Right! Clever! 

Monika: [00:07:11] To cut the costs down as well for them, because it’s so expensive. Everything is so expensive. So I don’t really believe in ripping people off with things like that. 

James: [00:07:20] Sure. I just love the idea of drilling into the design of it. Not necessarily just the size, but also the design. I love the idea that imagination can run wild. That’s an amazing place to be. We have one quick fun question for you actually, to round things out. And that is…

“what does a dream commission look like for you?”. 

Monika: [00:07:41] Oh. OK. A dream for me is… That I can bring in my ideas, as much as their ideas into it, and just design and to just bring my ideas, and then just try and do things which weren’t in the discussion with me. That they say OK this and this and this. That’s the theme, that was my budget. Go for it. That’s what I really like, the design of it. 

James: [00:08:13] Right. Cool. That’s awesome. Thanks so much Monica. It’s been really, really great. Thank you for sharing your insight your wisdom with us. 

Monika: [00:08:19] Thank you very much. 

James: [00:08:21] Cool! We hope to speak to you soon! 

Monika: [00:08:23] Well thank you very much for having me. 

James: [00:08:26] Absolute pleasure, we’ll speak to you soon Monica. Take care. 

Monika: [00:08:28] See you later then. Thanks. Bye. 

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    Monika clouth
    December 18, 2018 at 12:18 pm

    Thank you very much for doing this interview with me ! It was a fantastic opportunity and I really enjoyed myself !
    Kind regards
    Monika Clouth

    • Reply
      James Pearson
      December 18, 2018 at 12:38 pm

      An absolute pleasure having you Monika, this was a really fun chat!!! Can’t wait for the next one!!!

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