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What Wedding Accessories Do I Need For My Wedding? with Sarah Cammish from Elsa Rose Boutique

What Wedding Accessories Do I Need For My Wedding? A discussion with Sarah Cammish from Elsa Rose Boutique – creators of amazing bespoke Wedding accessories.

Listen to Sarah on the Wedding Espresso Awesome DIY Wedding Planning Podcast…


Sarah Cammish from Elsa Rose Boutique


James: [00:00:02] Hi Sarah, hello! 

Sarah: [00:00:02] Hellooo, hi! 

James: [00:00:02] Thanks so much for joining me today. 

Sarah: [00:00:02] Ah it’s OK, it’s my pleasure! 

James: [00:00:07] Brilliant! So yeah, we’ve been doing a bit of research into wedding accessories recently and we discovered that brides and grooms to be keep asking this one question.

And I guess it’s kind of a big question, and there must be a lot of confusion surrounding it. But what wedding accessories do I need for my wedding? 

Sarah: [00:00:30] Okay. So I think with weddings accessories, rather than need, I think it’s want. And I think that’s what makes it harder for brides, because it’s hard to justify what you want, rather than what you need, with expensive weddings. So what I would say is your accessories are going to finish off the whole look, it’s like the icing on the cake. So there’s a few things to think about that I would recommend. And that is, first of all, thinking about do you wear jewellery normally? Do you wear accessories? Obviously yourself James, do you wear anything in your hair? 

James: [00:01:01] Not often! It doesn’t tend to stay in. It falls out. I don’t understand it. I’ve tried it! 

Sarah: [00:01:07] I love it!

So if you’re not used to wearing a lot of accessories then you probably want something quite delicate and subtle. If you do wear a lot of jewellery you might want something a bit bolder.

So that’s my first tip. 

Sarah: [00:01:17] My second tip is to think about what you do with your hair. So I fiddle a lot with my hair so there is no point me having a comb in my hair, because it’s going to fall out. Because I’m going to play with it too much. So think about things that like. Also hair lengths, if you’ve got quite short hair, it’s good to think about the weight of what you’re having in there. So I’ve got examples and everything. So something like this is probably going to be quite heavy, and fall out, because gravity takes over. But something more delicate like this one, would fit it a bit better. So there’s things like that to think about. Also depending on your hair, the thickness of your hair, you can pin most things in with grips. Or some little snappy clips, and that will keep it all in. 

Sarah: [00:02:05] And then finally I would say think about your dress.

If you’ve got a very detailed dress, you might want something that picks out some of those details. So having something custom made to match those details is a really good idea.

And if you’ve got something quite plain and simple, you might want to go a little bit more delicate. Or you might want to go all out and have something quite flashy. So I’m not sure if that’s any help but hopefully it gives a bit of advice for the Brides to be. 

James: [00:02:36] I’ve seen some really stunning… In the past, bridal belts I guess. Is that something that sort of falls within your repertoire? 

Sarah: [00:02:46] Absolutely. So the way I do it, I make a lot of hair vines. And they can be adapted into belts with a bit of ribbon. Or I can stitch them onto dresses as well. I can also transform them into necklaces, so they’re really versatile and I love working with brides to sort of add a special touch. And what we do is if they’ve got an old piece of jewellery passed down from grandma, for example, I can put that in. So I can build something around that and I can turn it into a necklace. Or I can turn it into a belt or something. And then if you’ve had it on ribbons, you can just take it off when you get your dress cleaned. So it’s nice and easy to use. But they’re definitely becoming a lot more popular these days because it’s a nice way to add a touch of glam to a quite simple dress. So yeah it is something I can do. And in terms of jewellery generally, I think again that comes down to what you’re used to. So if you’re used to wearing lots of earrings and things, then by all means go to town. But if you’re not, you don’t want to be fiddling. You want to feel like yourself on the big day, so it’s very important to be true to yourself, I think. 

James: [00:03:58] Brilliant. Yeah just to just rewind to what you said at the beginning actually then, there are no accessories that you need, but there may be accessories that you want. So the pressure isn’t to have, but I suppose the important thing to do is to discuss is it worth sort of bringing their ideas to you, and saying “listen you know I normally do this, but I’m not comfortable with that, or I would really like to do this, and I don’t usually do it”. Is it going to work? 

Sarah: [00:04:25] Yeah. Yeah definitely.

I think that if you speak to any designer, I know that when I work with my brides, we sit down together and I bring out my little colour chart, and we talk about the colour of wire they want.

I have a look at their hair, and think and talk to them about what I think will stay in. Any professional hairdresser is going to make anything work. So at the end of the day it doesn’t really matter. But just for your comfort I think it’s good to sort of have a good feel of things, and to try them on. Because a lot of people say about tiaras, because they do dig in a bit, so a lot of people don’t like that. So it’s about finding something very thin to go in your hair that’s not going to squeeze so much. And so I can give suggestions, and we can look at dresses and things, and I can pick out details and recreate some of that lacy pattern through pearls and crystals and things so it’s quite nice. It all brings it together. 

James: [00:05:17] Lovely stuff. So if I was bride and I was in the process of planning everything, and I haven’t quite chosen my dress yet. Would you say that the accessories discussion, is that something that happens during that planning process, or maybe after they’ve chosen the dress? 

Sarah: [00:05:33] It’s a really interesting one.

So a lot of my Brides are kind of towards the end of their journey. So they’ve done all the planning and they’ve got their dress, they’ve sorted out suits, they’ve sorted out bridesmaids.

And it’s one of the final things they do. But I do have a few brides that have kind of fallen in love with something online, that they’ve seen, and they just they want to get that sorted. So I don’t think it really matters too much. But I do think that if you’ve gone for something, if you’ve got something in mind, it’s worth giving me the vague ideas, because then I can create it from that. So a lot of people come to me and say “I’ve got this idea, but I can’t find it anywhere” and I’m like it’s okay. So we sketch it all out and then suddenly it kind of transforms. And I’m quite good at taking those ideas and getting them… I think it’s getting a sense of what people want, rather than what they think they want some times. So people come to me and say “I want something really floral” and I say OK. But when you get down to it, they want something… it’s the detail they’re looking for. So yes I definitely think at any point you can discuss it with somebody, and I’ll be happy to help you. So yeah I’d definitely recommend that. It just means that you spend less time then sort of on the Internet, on Pinterest, trying to find something, and then maybe end up with something that you’re not completely happy with on the day. 

James: [00:06:54] Are you finding that the brides are bringing in kind of examples from styled shoots and magazines? Is that generally where that sort of source of inspiration comes from? 

Sarah: [00:07:04] So people do like to put things on Pintrest. I’m a bit of a….

I use Pinterest, but I try to stay away from it because I feel I have my style. I’m quite understated, and people come to me for that because they can’t find it elsewhere.

So a lot of the time people come to me and the say “I’ve got a really detailed dress, I need something that compliments it that doesn’t over power it”. And so we work from that. Or I get requests for rose gold, there’s not a lot of rose gold out there. So we get a lot of requests for rose gold and I work in rose gold and things like that. So yeah I think it depends. Some brides have a really clear idea of what they want, without looking anywhere else. And what makes it harder to find, and some people do the whole Pintrest thing, get lots of ideas and sort of say “well I like this and I like this but how am I going to get it together?”. And that’s where I come in and help. 

James: [00:07:59] Fantastic! Love It! So we’ve also just got a fun quick question for you.

And fun quick question of the day is “what does a dream commission look like for you?” 

Sarah: [00:08:11] Oh my goodness. Ooh I like this one. A dream commission for me is somebody that says “I completely trust you, this is the colour I want”. “These are things I like, go to town”. And I think that for any designer, that kind of gives them the ownership and the creativity then to create something really amazing. And like I said before, I think sometimes people think they know what they want. But when they see what they get, it’s actually more than they expected. So I think it’s that surprise element then of doing it. So I think if anyone comes to me and says “I love your work. I’m happy to trust you with whatever. I like what you’ve done there. And just go to town with it.” And that makes me the happiest. And that’s what I get a lot of time, which makes me really lucky. Right. Yeah. Oh yeah. 

James: [00:08:58] So it’s a really good idea then for people to kind of grab you on.. maybe, do you have a Pintrest page? 

Sarah: [00:09:06] I do yeah. 

James: [00:09:07] And check out the stuff on your website to really get kind of an idea of where your heart is. And then obviously if there’s a synergy there, that’s a great place to start a discussion. 

Sarah: [00:09:17] Yeah, yeah. I’m on them all. I’m on Instagram, Facebook and Pintrest so you can find me there. 

James: [00:09:24] Fantastic. Well thanks so much Sarah for your time today and sharing your experience with us. 

Sarah: [00:09:29] It’s OK, lovely to meet you James. 

James: [00:09:31] Awesome, and you! And of course we hope to speak to you again soon. 

Sarah: [00:09:34] Yes definitely! Thanks James. 

James: [00:09:36] Alright, take care Sarah. Thanks again. 

Sarah: [00:09:37] Bye! 

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    So great working with you James! Looking forward to the next one 🙂

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      Lovely of you to say so Sarah, an absolute pleasure chatting Wedding Accessories with you! and yes, can’t wait to jump on the next one 🙂

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