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What should be on a Wedding Makeup Artist’s Checklist? with Chrys Chapman

What should be on a Wedding Makeup Artist’s Checklist? A Wedding Espresso Q&A session with the super talented Chrys Chapman, Harrogate based Make Up Artist.

Listen to Chrys on the Wedding Espresso Awesome DIY Wedding Planning Podcast…


Chrys Chapman MUA


James: [00:00:03] Chrys hi. 

Chrys: [00:00:07] Hello. 

James: [00:00:07] Brides And grooms to be have been asking a lot recently, “what should be on a wedding makeup artists checklist”? 

Chrys: [00:00:16] So I think there’s lots of potential pitfalls when you’re choosing a make up artist. So that’s where I came at this particular question. So things that you might want to ask a potential make up artist, and things that your make up artists wants to be really mindful of on the day. 

Chrys: [00:00:33] So first and foremost I would probably say is the trial included in my package price?

Because I think a trial is absolutely essential. I’ve only ever turned up on the day of the wedding without having had a trial and that was purely because my bride was let down at the last minute. But it was a terrifying situation for me because you’re just hoping that all the chemistry and all the vision that you have with that big day is going to be right. And fortunately I’m happy to say it worked out beautifully. But the trial is really the time that’s for you and your make up artist to really establish that you’re both working in the same direction. 

Chrys: [00:01:12] Another big one is your bridal party size and I see this a lot with brides expecting one person to be able to do hair and makeup.

Which is absolutely fine if the bridal party is a manageable size. Beyond sort of four, five I would really, really suggest you’re thinking about two people to be involved with creating those bridal looks for your party. Just to keep timings running well and as they should do, and to give you that little bit of assurance that you know, even if something goes slightly wrong, you’re going to have two sets of hands there to be be able to deal with everything. And just as a piggy back to that one does your make up artist know someone, or a team of someones that they can recommend. I think that’s really important that they’ve got a network of people that they trust and would happily recommend to their bride. 

Chrys: [00:02:05] So yeah I think those are a couple of really good ones for choosing the right make up artist for you. Equally things like how do you like to communicate.

So is it E-mail, is it Pinterest, is it phone or text? But be really clear with your bride and your make up artist how you’re going to correspond with each other. Before I went freelance, I just assumed it would all be email. But there are so many different ways whether it’s Instagram messages or Facebook, or you might find your brides on external platforms, or through Wedding Fairs. So just be really clear with them where that’s going to come from. So yeah those kind of things. And then on the day really important to get your timings down and you know what to expect. 

James: [00:02:52] OK, would you say that brides tend to book hair or makeup first. What’s the norm? 

Chrys: [00:03:00] Oh, that’s a good one. I think that tends to depend on whether they know somebody. Most brides have a regular hairdresser and I think they assume that that’s going to be the person that they’ll go to for their wedding hair. But that person may be Salon based. And if that’s the case, it can make it really tricky in terms of your timings and in terms of where you’d like to get ready. So I see a lot where they’ll provisionally book a hairdresser, but then we’ll have to rejig and find somebody who can come to them. That said, I think because social media is so visual now, I’m getting a lot of enquiries that are Make Up led and then we can either agree hair with myself, or find somebody who is also willing to come and do you hair on a mobile basis. 

James: [00:03:48] OK fantastic. We’ve actually just got a couple of fun questions to throw at you, if you don’t mind. Number one is, “how much interaction are you going to have with a typical bride and groom before the big day” and that kind of relates to what you saying previously actually. 

Chrys: [00:04:05] I think it completely depends on your bride and what her vision is for that engagement period. I get brides who want to have just very basic communication because they’ve got very busy lives, and they just want to have those sort of touchstones that they know what’s going on throughout the process, and that they’ve definitely got their date booked, their trial booked. So that’s your basic. So I would say you’re probably looking at a minimum of ten interactions. Be it through e-mail calls, etc. 

Chrys: [00:04:36] But then you’ve got other things that you can add on. So like for me I offer bridal services and beauty services. So you might see me quite regularly on the run up. If I were doing regular nail appointments or flashes, those kind of things. Yeah so equally you’ve got brides who want to tie their trial in with their Hen Do. Which is always fun. So you might see your make up artist to do a whole make up party for their Hens, as it were. So yeah it can really vary. It is very personal and it is down to the bride and make up artist really, to establish that relationship. 

James: [00:05:14] Right. So You’re flexible and you basically adapt to what the bride needs. 

Chrys: [00:05:19] I do. But I’m also very… not self centred, I look after myself so, I put pretty stringent end times on my day and on my week. So my weekend time is very much I’m hitting the pavement and I’m doing make up. So you wouldn’t expect necessarily to hear from me on a Saturday or Sunday. But come Monday morning you’ll get that message in your inbox from me. 

James: [00:05:46] I read that Chrys as structured and organised. 

Chrys: [00:05:49] Thanks for that. 

James: [00:05:52] Yeah it’s good to set some boundaries and then obviously the brides know what to expect. Brilliant and we have another question for you. If you weren’t providing wedding services, what do you think you’d be doing instead? 

Chrys: [00:06:08] Oh that’s a good one. So my previous life before children and before moving over to the UK, I was in public relations and marketing and working for MTV and Nickelodeon. So I would probably be still on that ladder. So yeah that’s probably what I’d be up to. 

James: [00:06:25] Well that’s great. Thanks so much for your time today Chrys that was very informative. And obviously we hope to speak to you again in the near future. 

Chrys: [00:06:35] Fabulous thanks for having me. 

James: [00:06:36] Thanks a lot Chrys. Bye for now. 

Chrys: [00:06:39] Bye. 

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