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What makes a good Wedding Celebrant? with Steve Game-blackmoor


Steve Game-blackmoor from Holding Dear takes a moment to share with us what makes a good Wedding Celebrant. Check out the video and audio here.

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Steve Game-blackmoor


James: [00:00:04] Hi Steve, so the question that brides and grooms to be have been asking is what makes a good wedding celebrant.

Steve: [00:00:14] Well I think to begin with I’d have to say that it’s all about a passion for love. Foremost you have to believe in love and passion as a person, as an individual, otherwise you’re in the wrong industry completely. So I think first of all I am a believer in love and passion. So I think that first and foremost that’s what’s really important for us to make a good celebrant. All good Weddings are captured by that spirit of wanting to celebrate. I think the clue is actually in the title isn’t it. Celebrant. A good celebrant is able to get on with people, to communicate with people, but also should be a good enabler, who enables people to celebrate what is, after all, the most important turning point in their lives. So I think that’s really important.

James: [00:01:27] Bearing that in mind then how would you say that a bride or groom to be should start looking for what makes a good wedding celebrant. One that’s going to be suitable for them.

Steve: [00:01:39] Well first of all I think it’s really important for the couple in question that they find somebody that they can relate to, that they find somebody that kind of encapsulates everything that they want for their ceremony in that person in that personality. Because at the end of the day that person is representing everything that they want to happen on that day. Somebody who is able to articulate their hopes and their dreams and to say to the world “hey, we’re here, this is us, this is how we want to be seen from now” and to do that in a unique special way that speaks of them as a couple, and what they want to achieve for the rest of their lives together.

James: [00:02:34] So if we’re looking for what makes a good wedding celebrants, we are really looking for personalities that resonate with our own. Would you say that’s pretty accurate.

Steve: [00:02:44] Oh yeah, absolutely yeah. Personality and character. I mean it’s not all about, it’s not about the celebrants I have to add that. The day is about the couple. And it’s about striking that balance isn’t it. You know we’re celebrating the couple and their life together, their future together, and the celebrant is there to enable that to happen. They have to have a certain spark and personality about them to do that. But first and foremost it is about the couple, and a good celebrant can bring all of that to the fore and allow the couple to celebrate who they are in front of their guests.

James: [00:03:30] Yep that makes perfect sense. So what got you started with being a celebrant.

Steve: [00:03:38] Well my journey started about 17 years ago and I was originally a minister in the Church of England. In 2015 I parted ways with the Church of England because for… for many reasons, but one of the reasons why I did that was because I felt that the whole thing was very restrictive, and a lot of people wanted weddings and funerals and naming ceremonies that represented who they were, rather than what the church stood for. And I found that quite irritating to be honest with you and kind of flew since parting ways with them because it’s now become more about the people I’m serving, rather than about what the church would like us to be. So that’s what lead me into it. I originally started with funerals that lead to other rites of passage.

James: [00:04:43] And what would you say is your favourite part of what you do and the service that you provide.

Steve: [00:04:51] Meeting the people. You have to as a celebrant, have to be interested quite genuinely in people and meeting people. If you’re… If there’s congruence between myself and people who you are your serving, if that relationship is genuine, you genuinely do want to get to know that person or persons and serve them, then I think you’re halfway there. Yeah. So it’s a genuine authentic relationship that you build with the people that you’re serving. That’s what matters to me.

James: [00:05:31] Fantastic. Brilliant Yeah. So in summary then what I am hearing is passion, love for the job, very very people centric. So if I was a bride and groom to be and I was looking for the ideal celebrant today, and what makes a good wedding celebrant, I’d be looking for somebody who comes across as somebody who is going to serve my needs in a very passionate way, who’s going to bring out my interests and represent me like you said.

Steve: [00:05:56] My strap line is creativity and heart, and I use that, quite genuinely I use that because creativity is really important. So it’s about being creative, but it’s also about being passionate and caring and doing the best for those people that you’re serving. Creativity and heart.

James: [00:06:20] All right. Well thanks very much Steve. Thanks for sharing what makes a good wedding celebrant, that was all for today and hopefully we’ll speak to you again soon.

Steve: [00:06:26] It’s been lovely to meet you.

James: [00:06:26] Thanks very much, and you, speak to you soon.

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