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What Is A Bespoke Wedding Ring? with Andreas Christodoulou from Kensington Parker Diamond Jewellery

What is a bespoke Wedding Ring? Andreas Christodoulou from Kensington Parker Diamond Jewellery shares his unique perspective on what bespoke truly means for your Wedding Rings!

Listen to Andreas on the Wedding Espresso Awesome DIY Wedding Planning Podcast…


Andreas Christodoulou from Kensington Parker Diamond Jewellery


James: [00:00:03] Andreas hello. Thanks for joining me today. 

Andreas: [00:00:06] Good afternoon James, how are you? 

James: [00:00:06] Yeah I’m great thanks, yourself? 

Andreas: [00:00:09] Not bad, thank you. 

James: [00:00:10] Brilliant. So yeah, we were doing a bit of digging around on the interwebs and we found that brides and grooms to be, were searching in Google, this term, quite a lot. And that was…

“what is a bespoke wedding ring?”. 

Andreas: [00:00:27] OK. From my perspective, seeing that I’ve done in the hundreds of weddings and wedding bands for clients now, I think as a consumer, we will know what a wedding ring is. And when we bring in the word bespoke, there’s often a little bit of confusion. The connotations of the word bespoke, you think of luxury, you think of high end, you think of ultimately, high value. However, if we bring it back to the essence of what the word bespoke is, it’s simply made to order. So of those hundreds of wedding rings that are done, they’re all actually bespoke. Because they’ve all been made to the specifications and requirements of what the client wants. 

Andreas: [00:01:10] To expand on that a little bit,

bespoke can mean anything from as little as, let’s say a Gentlemen for example, you may pick the width of your wedding band. You may pick the metal you want the wedding band in. You may pick the profile.

Whether it’s sort of D shaped on the top, it’s nicely rounded on the bottom to flat. You may pick that you want beveled edges. All of that is a specification that you want with your wedding band. So that is bespoke. And I think if we remove the fact that it’s not extremely high value, you don’t pay a huge premium for it. At the end of the day, I’ve always said, if someone comes to me looking for their wedding band, I want to make them something they want, as opposed to selling something that I have. 

James: [00:01:52] Sure! 

Andreas: [00:01:54]

You’ve then got the other side of bespoke wedding rings, where it gets a little bit more complicated, and a little bit more interesting, from my perspective.

And I think the best way to explain this is to give you a client study. So a client came to me a couple of years ago, she had a beautiful engagement ring. However for some reason she came to me for the wedding rings. Her engagement ring was so ornate, that if you were to put a plain diamond set wedding ring, which is what she wanted, next to that engagement ring, they wouldn’t sit together. So you have maybe three or four mm space between where the engagement ring finishes, and the wedding ring starts. 

Andreas: [00:02:38] And this is something which I love, because the technology we’ve got in today’s age. What we were able to do is take a scan, a 3D scan of her engagement ring. So that gives us all the relevant dimensions and all the relevant specifications of her engagement ring. And then we’re able to design a wedding band that sits perfectly. It takes in all the details that she wants, but it fits perfectly, so they work like two pieces of puzzle. 

James: [00:02:59] Amazing! 

Andreas: [00:03:01]

Whenever you look at an engagement ring, the wedding band must correlate and look like it belongs next to the engagement ring.

And then with that particular client, again, we can really explore the area of bespoke. It’s what I call an understated luxury. He wanted something special that only him and his wife would know about. So not only did we create a bespoke wedding band that sat perfectly next to her engagement ring, he wanted their initials, but he didn’t want them engraved as such, so the center stone on the engagement was a blue sapphire. And he wanted his initials and her initials. So what we designed is the top part of “S” and “Y”, their initials, and the bottom half of “S” and “Y”. On the bottom half, this was carved out and enamelled in the same blue as the sapphire of her engagement ring. So when you put the two wedding bands together, in the inside, where no one sees, it reads their initials. 

Bespoke Initials on Wedding Ring

James: [00:03:57] Amazing! 

Andreas: [00:03:58]

This is the level of bespoke that you can really go to. You can really get really intricate and really innovative.

As I said before, you go back to the simple essence of bespoke, where you’re making something specifically from what the client wants. That can be as complicated as what I’ve just explained, or can be as simple as what metal, what size and the profile. So that’s a short explanation of what a bespoke wedding ring is. But if there’s anything else I can help you with… 

James: [00:04:26] Brilliant, yeah. Would you say that there’s a level of your…

As well as the product itself, would you say that there’s a level of your service that is particularly bespoke? 

Andreas: [00:04:35] Yes. Myself personally, that can be anything like going to see a client onsite. I work with a lot of bankers, hedge fund managers, busy professionals in the city. So we’ve got a showroom in central London. Ultimately, you have a busy day. If you can’t get out of the office till 7 o’clock at night, at 7 o’clock at night none of the shops are open. So they’ve got access to my showroom till 11.30pm Monday to Friday to create an appointment. And for me, that is the bespoke service where we work around the client’s schedule. Because every single individual is different. From the budget they have and the requirements they want, and what they’re looking to achieve.

So yes I’d say service has to be bespoke because as consumers are all different. We all want different things.

And if I set my shop up, if I set my brand up as a square, and you’re a triangle, she’s an oblong, they’re not going to fit into that square. So everyone’s different. So you need to be as reactive and as flexible as possible in today’s market, to meet the requirements and the desires for the modern day consumers. And that’s what I pride ourselves in. 

James: [00:05:39] Fantastic. Well thanks very much for sharing Andreas. We’ve actually just got a really, really quick fun question for you as well, just to round things out. And it goes a little bit something like this…

“Is there anyone in the wedding industry that really inspires you?”. 

Andreas: [00:06:02] I would say there is a jeweller based in America. Maybe not as much in the wedding industry, but I know he does a lot of wedding bands. Because what he does with social media, and that gentleman is known as “Ice Rock Diamonds”, he’s based in LA. And the reason there’s a level of inspiration there is because what he’s doing is, he’s offering the value, the service, what we’re doing here in London, but on a much larger scale. So I think no matter what you’re doing in any industry, you want to see that person, or that entity, or that brand, where you want to aspire to. Because if you don’t have that, where your looking, in a way, how you’re proceeding, how you’re getting to that next level. I’d say in the wedding industry that’s probably where I aspire to be and I look up to. 

James: [00:06:52] Fantastic. Well thank you very much for your time today. That’s been really, really informative. Very awesome. And I hope to speak to you again soon. 

Andreas: [00:07:00] Thank you James, it’s been a pleasure. 

James: [00:07:00] Brilliant! Thanks so much Andreas. We’ll speak again soon, bye for now. 

Andreas: [00:07:04] Bye bye. 

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