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Wedding Weather… or not!

Wedding Weather Outdoor Ceremony

For Wedding Weather on your Wedding Day, our little islands do pose a significant threat to one particular type of Wedding…

The outdoors one!

Now we’re like you, like most people actually.

The idea of sun drenched Wedding Weather, a country garden Wedding with birds chirping, flowers blooming and a rustic arch to get married under is all well and good.

Until it rains! You know what I’m talking about… disappointing British Wedding Weather!

The birds go home, the flowers are dripping wet and everything looks dull and lifeless.

Well let’s not lie to ourselves… Bad Wedding Weather, well, it happens! A LOT!

I’ve spent years pondering this – us British types are just so darn hopeful! We ALWAYS seem to bank on good Wedding Weather as soon as the sun shines… even if it’s only for a day!

You know how it goes – sun’s out on Monday, BBQ this weekend! Or let’s go to the beach on Saturday!

Truth is, our weather system changes like the wind… (wonder if that’s related?)

Sunny one minute, raining the next… and don’t even get me started on Scotland (we love you really Scotland!)

So Summer Weddings… good Wedding Weather guaranteed, right?

Sorry, no!

Increased chances? Yes sure.

But we’re here today to say to you “don’t bank on it”.

Be realistic!

Even with 10 years experience under our belts even we fell victim to this…

A bit… not 100%, but maybe at least let’s say, 40%, which is kinda high!

It’s human nature and you’ve got to get that stuff under control!

Here’s what happened…

We decided to get married in Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 woop woop! and…

If you’ve ever spent a significant amount of time in Scotland, you’ll know that hopeful Wedding Weather for this destination is a right old gamble, for sure!

But hey ho, we rolled some pretty big Wedding dice and got lucky!

Wedding Weather Good

Why Scotland? Because we love it…. plus, if you want a humanist ceremony, Scotland is your friend with benefits!

Our chosen Venue, just outside of Inverness had beautiful gardens, a long sweeping path down to a little amphitheatre with…

Wedding Weather Outdoor

yep, you guessed it, a beautiful arch to get married under… provided we had good Wedding Weather, of course 🙂

Wedding Weather Outdoor Ceremony


Now we had it in our minds that our Wedding Weather might let us down, so like every Bride and Groom since the dawn of time…

we refreshed weather.com every five seconds for months in advance…

(Wedding Weather.com … ha, now that WOULD be a thing!!!)

That constant need to check just got worse during the week before…

And worse still on the drive up!

Partly because as we drove, we left grey clouds behind and it was roasting when we crossed the border. Woohoo said we!

So plan B, which was to get married inside the house, which was also beautiful, was quickly becoming plan Z in our minds.

Wedding Weather Indoor Ceremony

As we had the place for the weekend, we decided to have a warm up party the night before, put some food on, have a disco, throw in some fancy dress!

I nearly got sun burn it was that hot and sunny!

Wedding Weather Sunshine

It was glorious and we made full use of the grounds for frolics and fun!

Wedding Weather Fun

We woke up the next morning and it was misty, dark, maybe even a little gloomy!

We had a late Ceremony so there were a few hours to breathe, take it all in, get ready etc.

As the hours rolled on, the whisper mill began, was it going to be outside or not… eventually a judgement call had to be made.

To compound things, our AV guys needed a good hour to set up, either inside or outside so we had to decide well in advance.

Ultimately, we made the call and moved indoors.

We’ve seen it before when folks have pushed it, only for the heavens to open and everyone run lock, stock and two smoking bridal shoes back inside in the middle of the Ceremony… it’s not the best if you can help it!

So we played it safe, and once the gears were in motion, everything just felt natural again and any ideas of “missing out” or “compromise” went quickly out of the window.

Wedding Weather Bad Indoor Ceremony

As fate would have it, it DID rain throughout the Ceremony, we didn’t notice, and come the Drinks Reception, it had stopped.

So we all moved outside and enjoyed our group shots outside and everything was fine.

Wedding Weather Outdoor Group Shots

Now the second Wedding Weather gamble we played was having Fire Dancers perform to close the evening… we left this until midnight to get Scotland as dark as possible.

Wedding Weather Fire Dancers

Again, I suppose we were lucky. The rain had long since given up and everything went without a hitch… but you know what… perhaps in hindsight, we should have had a gazebo to throw up… just in case!

At past Weddings, when there have been Fireworks and the couples have not been so lucky with their Wedding Weather, we’ve seen everyone huddled into doorways to watch, so I’m going to say for the cost, which is really negligible, DO consider having an emergency rain cover for your guests if you’re planning something outside…

Or ask the Venue if they have something suitable. Brollies – they don’t really cut it.

So whilst you can’t trust the Wedding Weather in the UK, you can trust preparation and realistic expectation. Plan for all eventualities and you’ll come out swinging with memories to last a lifetime.

Don’t let regrets rule your day! You’re in control!

Just not of the weather 🙂

You’re only one inspiration away…

Happy DIY Wedding Planning!

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