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Wedding Suppliers To Book First, Who and How!

Which Wedding Suppliers to book first? Discover our one single, easy tip for turning your soul sapping search into Wedding Planning Bliss!

Which Wedding Suppliers to Book First…

and how this one lucky discovery changed EVERYTHING about choosing which perfect Wedding Suppliers to book first…


Welcome, another freshly minted AWESOME Meet Up for you to feast your eyeballs and ears upon!

Plus, if you have ANY questions at all, about what we’re discussing, YOUR Wedding, or maybe just Weddings in general, pop those in the comments box below too… and we’ll get back to you within a day, often sooner! How COOL is that!?!

Above all, we’re here to HELP in any way we can!

Video Content Quick Access Menu:

  • Introductions 1:56
  • Hot Topic: Which Wedding Suppliers to Book First: 5.22
  • How to put on the best Party ever! 16.30
  • What is Bridal Eyewear and why does it matter? 33.42
  • Excitement in the pipeline: 44.45


Alrighty then!

Firstly, you know what? …

OK, let’s be frank for a sec.

Online Meet Ups, they’re SUPER cool. Seems like they just keep getting better and better…

and you know why?

Because they’re so jam packed with good advice, great Weducation and just all round good times, great Wedding Supplier people and that nice warm fuzzy feeling you get when awesome humans spend their time doing something nice for you.

That’s YOU, you guys. Everyone here is taking the time to help YOU plan the perfect Wedding Day. Pretty neat, right?

As a result, it’s what we do day in, day out, but when you get such a great groups of guys and gals together, such as this one right here, you’re reminded again and again just how awesome everyone is, and how much of an honour it is to count these people amongst our friends.

Well guess what, now they’re your friends too!

Grab a brew, pull up a pew and let’s get another Weducation bus on the road to Wedding Town!


In this Weducation Session…

James shares the story of how we came up with an awesome way of deciding WHO to book and WHEN to book them. It’s a pretty nifty tip and not one you see bounded around too often. I won’t say too much at this stage as I don’t want to spoil it for you but suffice it to say that if we hadn’t decided to bring a Photographer over from California to Photograph our Wedding, I don’t think we would have EVER figured this out!

Even more, it worked wonders for all our UK based Suppliers too! And now this handy dandy tip is all yours. Enjoy!

Rachel and James Wedding Espresso Wedding Suppliers to book first








also, a shout out to our unbelievably kind and wonderful friends who made this possible…

Mia Brashier from The Miacats – https://www.themiacats.com/

Dani Bolser from Deluxe Blooms – https://www.deluxeblooms.co.uk/

Karen Haase from Bridal Eyewear by Karen Louise – http://bridaleyewear.co.uk/


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