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Our Brand New Wedding Planner Book is out now!!!

Planning to get married is a big deal. There’s a power to ancient traditions and the magic in memories is primarily what makes us human. Approach your Wedding with hearts full of love and passion and you can’t go far wrong.

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Life Happens! Weducation Helps! Book From Wedding Espresso

Life Happens! Weducation Helps! Wedding Planning Book available on Amazon priced £9.99 or FREE with a Kindle Unlimited Subscription.

The Wedding Planner Book you’ve been waiting for…

This collection of words is the result of over 15 years hands on experience in the Wedding Industry. It’s not your typical “how to” guide or a clone of the information you’ll find in abundance just about everywhere on the internet. No, no. This book focuses on the oft unspoken aspects of Wedding Planning, drawing on the whole range of stories and experiences that have shaped my complete understanding of Weddings. The traditions, the expectations and the thrill of it all.

Finish reading this book, cover to cover, and I promise you that you’ll feel less stressed and worried. In fact, you’ll see your Wedding in a whole new light. You’ll find excitement where there may have been sleepless nights. You’ll discover what truly matters and how this shapes you as a person… and how that can affect others.

This wedding planner book may just change your life! And yes, it starts by getting married in the best way possible!

You’ll also pick up a stack of great tips and ideas that will encourage you to seek that which matters most and to get laser focus on what this ultimately means to you… both!

This is a book about Weddings, sure, but also a book about love, laughter and happily ever after… without the cheesy fridge magnet!

You’ll reduce or even banish Wedding Planning stress and the noise of indecision and worry will melt away.

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Happy Wedding Planning!

James & Rachel x