Wedding Industry Mental Health

Wedding Industry Mental Health Man Holding Logo

We need to talk!

Wedding Suppliers are creative people. As creatives, we often suffer in silence.

Production frustration, perfectionism, unattainable standards, endless comparison and self criticism, these are all daily struggles that have a dramatic affect on our mental health.

Seldom do we talk about it. Rarely do we admit to it and we’d like that to change, starting today!

Wedding Industry Mental Health is a philanthropic movement from Wedding Espresso, designed from the ground up to offer support to Wedding Suppliers who need mental health support services ranging from proactive creative workshops, industry networking, and talking therapy in a safe, understanding and confidential environment.

Whether you’re looking to make new friends in the Wedding Industry to bolster your referral network, or get involved in some industry leading innovation to boost your creative output and visibility, or you desperately need someone to talk to know who knows the industry, has first hand experience that relates to your own and can lend a caring and empathetic ear without any judgement, we have something that’s tailored just for you!

We’d love to offer our support whether that’s in joining in the creation of something brand new, becoming a Wedding Industry Mental Health Advocate, or making an appointment to get some help because you’re in crisis right now. So let’s start with… how can we help today?