Wedding Industry Mental Health Advocacy

Official WIMH Advocate Badge

What is a Wedding Industry Mental Health Advocate?

Put simply, you believe and value the philanthropic work we’re doing to support Wedding Industry professionals, and you’d like to help spread the open offer of that support to all four corners of the globe.

In return, we’ll bolster your understanding of mental health problems for Creatives and give you access to knowledge and tools to be able to direct others in distress to the freely available support services that can help them.

You no longer wish to see any fellow Wedding Industry Professionals struggling in silence with mental health issues.

The word “Advocate” has it’s roots in latin, from advocatia, meaning “summon, call to one’s aid”.

And as a Wedding Industry Mental Health Advocate, that’s what we’re asking of you…

To simply spread the message of hope, empathy and understanding to all Wedding Industry Professionals who may need it. Whether that’s today, tomorrow, in a month or in the years to come.

No one knows when mental hardships will arise, it’s not a date on a calendar and more often than not, it strikes when we least expect it. Preparing ourselves to be there when it matters is truly a noble gesture and we invite you to be ready alongside us.

Proudly display your Wedding Industry Mental Health Advocate badge for all to see, and show them that you care, show them you actively work towards greater levels of understanding, and demonstrate that you’re willing to signpost those in distress to seek appropriate support.

When you become a Wedding Industry Mental Health Advocate:

  1. We give you the badge to display your commitment to the movement.
  2. We keep you topped up with social content for sharing, to spread our united message of empathy, hope and understanding, tagged #weddingindustrymentalhealth.
  3. And we also invite you to join our private Facebook Group where we explore, deconstruct and reconstruct all manner of topics and information pertaining to mental health for Creatives.

Wedding Industry Mental Health is a movement, and we invite you to join us as an Advocate.