Wedding Espresso – Our Philosophy…

About Wedding Espresso

Hey! … Seriously!! … Hi! How’s it going? Great we hope!!!

Getting married? Or perhaps providing something amazing to those who are?

Either way, we’ve got something exciting here that’s right up your alley!!!

Well we’re Wedding Espresso, we’ve been around for about 4 years and throughout that time we’ve helped support hundreds of Wedding Suppliers, and thousands upon thousands of engaged Couples, all around the world, through hanging with them, making cool stuff, and well, … just having fun!

And it was actually through our infectious sense of child like wonder that we discovered that engaged Couples love our output, and Wedding Suppliers love being a part of our vibe!

Everyone loves being connected to each other in meaningful ways, we all enjoy participating in the creation of “media that matters”, and humans just like you, continue to find our little corner of the internet to be a great place to learn, grow confidence, experiment and experience, and develop deeper connections with each other, both online and offline!!

This, in turn, has helped create all manner of exciting “stuff” that helps and supports engaged Couples in the planning of their Weddings – whether that’s through sharing experience in stories, or just straight up helping with good Wedding Planning advice and indispensable tips and tactics. Together we’ve really blown the lid off what’s expected in terms of sharing that knowledge with “the engaged”.

In 2021, we discovered that there was another layer to all of this. Behind the curtain, our work with Wedding Suppliers has really helped shine a light on some of the darker moments that prevailed throughout 2020 and 2021 for us all. We learnt that the more we gave of ourselves, the more we helped those truly in need.

For creative types like us, and our Wedding Supplier pals, the more we put out there, the better we all feel – it’s a win, win for everyone really!!! And we just love to help facilitate, innovate and excite!

So in light of this heart warming discovery, we are now helping to support all Creative People from all four corners of the globe with our philanthropic movement, Mental Health for Creatives.

Mental Health for Creatives provides much needed breathing space for Creative People experiencing anxiety, worry or distress in the form of learning together and proactive creative endeavours. By helping these amazingly creative people to rediscover what drives them, or what is holding them back, we like to think that we’re helping to lift the overall levels of feel good happiness… for Couples AND Suppliers!

If we help, even in the smallest capacity, to manifest the untapped potential within every Creative Person… well howdy doody! We’ve been true to our DNA!