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Wedding Planning? Yeah, we’ve got something awesome for you!!!

For nearly 4 years, We, that’s James and Rachel, Wedding Espresso, have worked our socks off to bring you *probably* the world’s largest and best collection of Wedding Planning Media and Entertainment to date!

Designed and delivered with passion, humility, honesty and integrity, we’ve worked with hundreds of Wedding Suppliers from around the world, to bring you the best content to help manifest the Wedding of your dreams!!

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Sounds Like A Wedding

Join us LIVE as we write a brand new Wedding Song with you every single month!

Keep the songs with our blessing, and use them however you like in your own Wedding Plans.

Hang out LIVE with our friends – stars of screen and stage, as we explore every facet of Wedding Music from writing, to performing, to getting the sound and vibe YOU want on YOUR Wedding Day!

PLUS – one lucky person is going to win a free personalised Wedding Song every single month!

AND even more amazing prizes, including dedications, commemorative prints and fantastic one off opportunities you won’t find anywhere else!

If you’re even half way serious about your Wedding Music, or just love listening to the top 40, our Facebook Group is THE place to be right now!

Published Books from Wedding Espresso

Read Our Books

Looking for some exciting bedtime reading to keep those Wedding vibes flowing?

Great! You won’t find better than our two 5 star rated Wedding Books “Life Happens, Weducation Helps!” and “Carpe Wedding Diem, Baby!”

In “Life Happens, Weducation Helps!” we take you step by step through the considerations that can literally save your Wedding Day. Advice based on our own 10 years of hands on experience filming Weddings around the world!

Or for a lighter, more story driven read, consider our second publication “Carpe Wedding Diem, Baby!”.

A collection of stories and memories from Wedding Suppliers who share their own unique Wedding Stories, adventures and insights to help guide you through the more unusual and fun aspects of getting married… and what that means!

Bride Craic Wedding Podcast

If listening to Wedding Planning Advice from the pros is your thing, well we’ve got you covered in style!

For over 2 years, and 141 Episodes, we chatted with Wedding Suppliers the world over, to uncover every single piece of advice and good wedding planning know-how from the people who live it, day in, day out!

Bride Craic continues to be a source of inspiration and guidance to Couples all around the Globe. After all, good advice… is timeless!

Sit back and enjoy nearly 2 full days worth of great company, wedding fun and frolics!

James and Rachel Wedding Espresso

Meet Wedding Suppliers

In addition to recording Bride Craic Podcast, we went one step further and changed the face of Wedding advice forever… quite literally actually!

Back when “Zoom” was something a fast car did and “Skype” was just for geeks, we innovated and worked tirelessly at bringing Wedding Suppliers “online” for face to face chats.

To this day I still believe that the human touch represented here is without equal.

Your Wedding will be one of the most iconic days in your life and you deserve honesty, integrity and truth from those who seek to help you achieve that goal!