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Wedding Day Finishing Touches with Celebrate With Sue and Nicola Keegan, Nik Makeup Artist


Wedding Day Finishing Touches are so important! Here are a few of our favs from Wedding Espresso and our guests Susan Denton and Nicola Keegan. Enjoy!

Listen to Susan and Nicola on the Wedding Espresso Awesome DIY Wedding Planning Podcast…


The amazing people that made this possible…

Susan Denton from Celebrate With Sue

Nicola Keegan from Nik Makeup Artist


Rachel: [00:00:01]

So first up we’re going to talk about the hot topic. “Wedding Day Finishing Touches”.

I tend to riff off our Wedding. So the finishing touches that we had was… I’m obsessed with stationery. I love Paperchase. I am obsessed with that place. So around Christmas, we were planning for 17 months. So the Christmas before our Wedding, I noticed these glittery little birds that they were selling. Little peggie things so I had to have them and they had to be involved somehow. Because then I wanted to put them on the Christmas tree afterwards. It was kind of like a tie to our wedding for the rest of our lives. So we had these tiny little birds on a twiggy tree thing. And we called it the paper Twitters and we had little luggage tags and people wrote messages for us on there, which was really cool, and we kept them in a keepsake box. So we have little messages from everyone and we thought it was a little bit different than the guestbooks that you tend to get. Sometimes when you get a guest book, you have loads of unfilled pages at the back, because some guests haven’t filled it in. Well you can’t really tell when you’ve got luggage tags. 

Rachel: [00:01:35] For the end of the wedding, we wanted to have something really special that would keep people entertained, so we had Fire Dancers. That was our midnight sign off. I was pretty scared because we had to light this torch thing and then light a heart, and my dress was huge. Finishing touches always give you a bit more personality to your day. Sue what do you think about Wedding Day Finishing Touches? 

Susan: [00:02:33]

Well the finishing touches that I’d have as a Celebrant, that I get involved in are going to be basically around the ceremony on the day.

So obviously the finishing touches are, for example if I’ve spoken to the Bride to be or the Groom to be, maybe even that morning or that day, they might say to me, oh actually can you put in a little bit into script? We’ve missed something out, we’d like somebody mentioned. So it would be something like that. Also other things like if for example I am doing a hand-fasting, then obviously I’d be checking that the ribbons will be there, that I’ve got everything ready, because I have a basket that I use. So I’ve got my basket here, with all my things in it, that I would then be checking. So I might have things, you know, even like a bottle of water. So it’s not all on view, it’s all hidden, and then I’d have a cloth over the top of it. So just checking all those finishing touches to make sure I’m ready to do the best I can for the couple with their ceremony. 

Susan: [00:03:33] And also things like checking if anybody’s doing a poem or reading, that I’ve already got the words in my script, but to make sure, just to check they’ve got them as well. And there are also things like the rings. Making sure when the best man or the Ring-bearer, whether it’s a little boy or a little girl, you know if they’ve got the rings ready so all the things are in place and that then makes me feel even more confident. Those finishing touches that mean that the ceremony was going to go really, really well. 

Rachel: [00:04:14]

Yes so part of your job is to make sure that everyone’s organised and ready for the ceremony? 

Susan: [00:04:26] Yes, including myself. 

Rachel: [00:04:28] We had a celebrant Wedding up in Inverness. And we changed the order of things ever so slightly… And kinda didn’t tell the celebrant. And she wasn’t exactly happy with us… But it was only a case of changing a couple of papers around, it was OK in the end. 

Susan: [00:05:00] Sometimes you’re talking about a year in advance, to begin with let’s say you know, the couple will come up with a time and the time might be two o’clock. And you’ll write that down and you’ll keep that time in your head. And as you go through the drafting and the talking and the sharing, that will be the time. But sometimes it’s worth when you come much closer to the ceremony, even a couple of days beforehand, or even with the rehearsal the day before, or the day before, before, is actually to remind yourself to ask them… Is it still two o’clock? Because sometimes that does get moved. And that’s fair enough. I’m there for them on that afternoon, so it doesn’t faze me, but it’s always worth asking because obviously you know we’ve all got to be there ready for the same time. 

Rachel: [00:05:53]

And that’s one of the upsides of having a celebrant as well. I was thinking about this the other day. Because if you have a registrar they’re really tight on times aren’t they?

Because they have to be other places. But you guys are more flexible because you can be there for longer. There’s nothing worse than running late and then finding out that you might not actually get married! 

Susan: [00:06:21] It’s absolutely fine, absolutely fine. Because we do have sometimes where the bride might take a little bit longer to arrive, all sorts of reasons. Like waiting for a guest to arrive from quite a distance. So that’s all part of the day, so that doesn’t faze me. 

Rachel: [00:06:42] Fabulous.. Nik what do you think about wedding day finishing touches? 

Nicola: [00:06:52]

Well as a wedding day make up artist it’s vital to get the finishing touches correct. Once I walk out of your hotel room, or once you walk down the stairs, there is no going back.

Every picture, every video will show every flaw. So I’ve got lots of experience on photoshoots and film and I actually have a finishing touches checklist which I have adapted from my photoshoot life into my bridal life. So again going back to the experience of a make up artist, if you go for a more experienced artist, these are all little extras that they will bring to your wedding day. I do have an assistant as well, so they can be checking as we go. And this of course, is all behind the scenes before we even get to the celebrant. This can take up to 5 or 6 hours for hair and makeup, sometimes more, which is why I have an assistant, to get things running twice as fast. 

Nicola: [00:07:06]

And if you think about it, once your make up has been done, then we go onto mother of the bride, mother of the groom, bridesmaids, their hair, and then 5 hours later, you’re not feeling as fresh as your bridesmaids, who have just had their makeup done.

So I have a system, where I go back to the original person I started with and go through eyebrows, and check that there’s no foundation in the eyebrows. Brush them through. This is one of the things that always happens and really shows up in camera. And it might seem minute to you guys, but this is your intricate detail that a renowned artist will do for you. So yes eyebrow checks, lipstick check, you’ve probably been eating and drinking throughout that 5 hours… We would hope. 

Rachel: [00:09:12] Let’s hope! 🙂

Nicola: [00:09:17] Yes.

Lips will get topped up, cheeks will get topped up with blusher. Obviously your highlights. That is the last thing to go on because we want you looking glowy and lit on the day. So you can never have too much attention to finishing touches.

We would also finish it off with some setting spray. Also what I do once I do the makeup, as I’m going, I take pics so I can go back and check the eyebrows, check the cheeks, check the shine, check the highlights, check if you need any more contour, check the neckline just to make sure everything’s blended in correctly. And then the finishing touches at the end will correct all these minute little things which will give you that celebrity style makeup when you walk down the isle. And that’s obviously what everyone’s wanting. It’s vitally important. We take it very, very seriously as we are just there in the morning, and I would say that’s my job done now and then the Photographer comes in and takes over and then the celebrant takes over. So just making sure we do our job. 

Rachel: [00:10:52] Yeah. And you don’t really think about all these little things and it’s so important that you guys are so experienced that you know all this. I mean the amount of times I’ve seen our friends wedding photos or friends of friends, and they’ve got really dark foundation on then they’ve got a massive line here or there. 

Nicola: [00:11:19]

And that’s never ever going to change, that’s going to be in their wedding photographs and videos for the rest of their lives, and have those cringe moments looking back.

But if you take the time to hire the correct suppliers, the correct make up, the correct hair, all these things will not be happening. Because an experienced artist will have a checklist. Take pictures and videos along the way and give you any finishing touches you need topping at that point. Same with hair, I’ve seen it a million times, Brides walk down the aisle and their curls start to fall out. Even as a makeup artist I like to check that their hair’s in place also. Even though I’m hired for makeup, I do pay attention to the overall look. I’m there to help and aid in any way I can. Even if I wasn’t doing the hair, I’d hate for one of my clients to have any issues on the wedding day. If you walk into a family, then you become part of the family. You’re part of this special experience with them for the rest of their lives. And in this industry, we do get bookings through word of mouth because it’s coming from a friend who’s had an amazing experience. 

Rachel: [00:13:33] Fabulous, thanks so much guys. 

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  • Reply Susan Denton Celebrant December 10, 2018 at 8:51 pm

    Thank you Rachel! I found this discussion about wedding Finishing Touches really interesting, especially hearing Nik’s hairdressing and make-up tips for the day!

    • Reply James Pearson December 11, 2018 at 12:27 pm

      An absolute pleasure to have you Susan! We’re looking forward to the next one!

  • Reply Nicola March 26, 2019 at 7:53 pm

    Thank you so much. Can’t believe I have just seen this interview. It was a great first video interview for me and all the information was so useful. Being a bride to be myself I have now booked a local celebrant given the information Sue gave. So can’t thank all you guys enough such a professional service you offer.

    • Reply James Pearson March 27, 2019 at 11:18 am

      Thanks so much Nicola! It was our absolute pleasure to have you join us!!! We’re also thrilled to pieces that you found what you were looking for and now feel that your own Wedding planning is coming along nicely. That’s what we love! Can’t wait for the next one with you!!! Speak soon!

  • Reply Nicola Keegan March 27, 2019 at 11:22 pm

    Booked in for the next interview and cant wait! Thank you so much.

    • Reply James Pearson March 28, 2019 at 1:44 pm

      Neither can we Nicola, it’s going to be amazing!!!

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