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Wedding Cake Trends For This Year! with Monika Clouth, The Icing Fairy


Wedding Cake Trends For This Year! Monika Clouth, The Icing Fairy, shares her best bits of last year and what trends to look out for this year! What is almond velvet cake? Find out here!

Listen to Monika on the Wedding Espresso Awesome DIY Wedding Planning Podcast…


Monika Clouth, The Icing Fairy

Fiona Kelly, Wedding Photographer


Kim Robertson beautiful cake
Rachel Pearson I heard it the other day on our `Q&A with Katie that more people are letting their personalities show in their weddings and so they should!
Susan Stuart Spot on Rachel! Hi!
Yvonne  Beck agree they love to show their personality in every way looks fabulous
Mark Fenn @Yvonne Beck I agree with you, I’m getting more couples wanting to make their own weddings
Lorna Boyer I’ve definitely seen a huge push for more personality in weddings. I’m all for it! a wedding should be about the couple and celebrating their love
Kim Robertson I love a bit of originality
Yvonne  Beck @markfenn thats awesome
Mark Fenn me too @Kim Robertson
Lorna Boyer I think thats why wedding crests/logos are becoming common in wedding stationery. Its like the first push towards displaying their personalities
Lorna Boyer love personalised toppers!
Mark Fenn now they are fab!
Kim Robertson 🙂
Kim Robertson wow, the detail
Yvonne  Beck so cute. Had a dog at a recent wedding ceremony as a ring bearer.
Lorna Boyer I’m definitely all for pets being a part! I’m a self confessed crazy cat lady!
Tim Podesta At my last wedding as Toastmaster the bride designed he own ‘Disney’ theme cake – it was stunning.  What proportion of couples design their own cake?
Clare Hartland-Brown personalised toppers are definitely in. Pets…hobbies. Whatever makes it theirs
Rachel Pearson Loving everyone’s praise of Fiona & Monica!!
Katie McMillan So talented, love the different styles
Andrew Morgan Great presentations from both..
Yvonne  Beck beautiful and amazing cakes!
Susan Stuart Wow, look at those colours!!
Clare Hartland-Brown amazing flowers!
Claire Bradford Love that colourful one!
Lorna Boyer what a gorgeous idea!
Kim Robertson love that
Andrew Morgan That’s a beautiful touch
Yvonne  Beck getting those details included is so wonderful
Tim Podesta Q – do many couples keep a layer of the cake for a future important occasion – christening?
Monika Clouth Yes some people still keep the top tier for a christening. That’s why lots of wedding cakes still have the fruit cake as a top. But occasionally Wedding couples keep one sponge cake as well as it usually freezes well. Then it would just have to be re iced.  It is a beautiful tradition which is still kept up today.
Rachel Vine That’s totally true. I recently got engaged and we are definitely focusing on what we would like and not what others would like! Great insights, thanks ladies.
Kim Robertson Love red velvet cake
Rachel Vine This chat is making me really want cake!
Susan Stuart Love lemon drizzle!
Yvonne  Beck favours represent lots of qualities wished for for the couple.  what a great idea to transfer that idea to the actual cake
Mark Fenn lemon drizzle for me too
Rachel Vine Love chocolate orange! Yes please haha
Katie McMillan Have you found an increase in Vegan/gluten requests? A lot of my brides now are going for that option
Monika Clouth I have the occasional wedding couple who would like to have one tier specially made for wedding guests that require speciality cakes like gluten-free, or even vegan cakes.

But as I work with gluten and other allergens in my kitchen it can always have traces of it in it, which the bride and groom would need to be made aware off.

Another option ( I did this for my husband‘s grandmother on our wedding, who had coeliac disease and needed a gluten-free cake )is to have a tiny little 4 inch cake separate from the big wedding cake  decorated in a similar fashion, to accompany the big cake.

Rachel Pearson I made our cakes – fruit cake, apple cake, lemon drizzle :-p
Clare Hartland-Brown massive change in styles and flavours


Monika: [00:00:00] OK. Well I’m Monika. I’m a wedding cake maker and I work from home. I’m a home run business. I work from home and I do all sorts of cakes including wedding cakes, which is starting to become my absolute favourite now. Especially after the last year, as Fiona said, she’s just taken the words right out of my mouth.

I would call 2018 the year of individuality and diversity. It’s absolutely amazing how much the brides and grooms have changed for their weddings.

It’s all fresh. It’s new, it’s modern. It has completely changed in the last couple of years. But I think especially in the last year. 

Monika: [00:00:49] What I’ve learned through the last year from brides and grooms is amazing. The variety of all the different wedding styles. And without doubt, the variety of the different cakes styles that people want is overwhelming. I mean there are outdoor weddings, there are barn weddings, people want to get married in just a small tiny little church, they want winter weddings with snow. Christmas weddings, I’ve seen it all this year. And the diversity was really overwhelming. And with that all the different styles of the wedding cakes as well.

I mean there doesn’t seem to be the traditional wedding cake anymore. The couples just want to express themselves.

They want to show that individuality, not just in their dress. Like Fiona said, the way they dress, they want to show it in the way they design everything around them. In the way they have their flower arrangements. With that, they just want to show that this is us. Which really reflects in the design they chose for their cakes this year. 

Monika: [00:02:01] I mean this slide up here, it’s anything but a traditional wedding cake. It’s just a small two tiered little cake. But this couple here were all into travelling. They just had a tiny small reception with a few people. They just wanted something to cut and to show that they didn’t really care about having a big massive wedding. They just wanted to have people together. Have their special day with them. And then just travel. Have their big massive honeymoon. They just wanted to enjoy their time together, and this I think really reflects that individuality of theirs. 

Monika: [00:02:42] With this one here, it’s just so special to me. Because the girl, when they came to me, they weren’t quite sure. They wanted the traditional three tiered wedding cake, with flowers on the top. And then at the end we just had a talk about what they wanted. They both said that Caramac was what they really, really like. And so they came up with this massive big Caramac cake. They wanted to just show OK, yeah we can do that. We’re not frightened to just show this. It was really amazing that this small flower topped cake became this one.

So they’ve really shown their individuality, and they’re showing “this is us”. And they’re not frightened of that anymore. 

Monika: [00:03:29] Another thing that I’ve seen coming back last year was wedding cake toppers. Personalised toppers. I mean that was a thing of the 80s really. And people wanted to just put some toppers on the cake. But for quite a few years that was really a big no go. You don’t put figurines on the top. If you want anything on the top, it’s either a little ornament or flowers. But this year they have come back big style. I’ve done loads of personalised cake toppers. The next slide shows them a bit closer up. It shows the bride and groom in the way they were dressed. So I’m quite fortunate. I can see the bride’s dress before the husband to be sees it, which is quite great. And what I’ve seen as well is that they want their animals on there. They are becoming part of the family. And so this couple here wanted their little dog to be part of the family. 

Monika: [00:04:33] This is another thing I’ve seen this year coming back. It’s flowers, it’s colours. It’s not just reduced to one colour. It is overwhelming with flowers.

Everything is bright and colourful and not just stuck to one aspect. Just having it everywhere. They’re having it in their cakes and in their flowers. In their decoration. It is amazing.

There’s another one here which is completely full of flowers. That’s another thing that’s coming back. 

Monika: [00:05:08] This is another thing what I was talking about last time. This for me shows it all for 2018. This is individuality. The bride and groom were a bit into the goth area. They weren’t quite sure whether they should do it or not. And they asked me “is it possible to somehow bring that goth insight into the cake design”.

And so when we sat together and designed that, I think it was one of the best nights in my whole year. Sitting together with that couple and designing this cake. I think that is just individuality in cake. 

Monika: [00:05:53] That’s another one that I’ve seen quite a few times this year. It’s the gray or the silver and gold style, that has come in big style this year. All the sequins and the gold sequins, the metallic colour. I don’t know if Fiona sees that in the decoration? Whether the brides and grooms are setting that up? But the metallic style in cakes has really exploded. And I see that coming in strong for the next year definitely as well. 

Monika: [00:06:30] Wedding cake has always been like a centerpiece, the centerpiece of any wedding. Always somewhere in direct sight. Everybody sees it. Everybody walks past it. And this last year, what I’ve seen quite a lot is that people use that center of attention. It’s what everyone is looking at, what everyone sees, what everyone is admiring. I’ve seen them put in a lot more personality and quirkiness, playfulness, traditionalism, whatever they want to put into that. And to express themselves. 

Monika: [00:07:06]

And another thing that I really think is the most beautiful and most meaningful change that I’ve seen in the last last year, is that they put hidden messages in cakes.

Not inside cakes, but inside the flower there is a tiny little white butterfly, which represents a grandma which couldn’t make it to the wedding. Which was either she was too poorly or just too far away. But she couldn’t be there for whatever reason. And they had this tiny little white butterfly sitting in the middle representing the grandma. So every time they walked past that cake and they saw that little butterfly, they thought, yes there she is. There she is. 

Monika: [00:07:59] Another one was when they had a tiny little red heart just in the middle of the design just somewhere. It was for somebody who had passed away and couldn’t be at the wedding at that time. Which I felt was absolutely wonderful to have that tiny little detail. No one else might know about it, but for them, it was that little tiny little detail to say, yeah they’re still with us, they’re still here, they’re still having fun with us, and they’re right in the middle of everything. Right in the middle of the centerpiece. 

Monika: [00:08:31] I mean everything nowadays is possible, and it’s not just possible, it’s acceptable as well. Everything has changed. Everything is more modern. It’s fresh, it’s new. It’s completely accepted. You don’t have to have the all fruit, three tiered white Wedding Cake anymore.

Everybody can just completely express themselves and is happy to do it nowadays as well.

And what I’ve seen as well is that the brides and grooms, they might look at the magazines, wedding pages, internet, at the trends. But it’s the brides and grooms that will set the trends. It’s not the magazines. It’s not the Internet who says, “OK, that’s what the trend will be”. Or that’s what you should have in 2019. I think that they are just starting to look at things and see what they can put in for themselves. 

James: [00:09:30] Brilliant! Thanks very much Monika. I am thrilled to see the cake toppers coming back because Rachel and I, back in 2014, we had cake toppers. We were way way ahead of the curve. Ringing in the changes every time. Yeah. Cool. Brilliant. Well thank you very much. So Fiona have you got any questions for Monika about wedding cakes going forward into 2019? 

Fiona: [00:10:01] Well I was really interested in… Was there any particular flavours that came through more prevalent this last year? Or anything new flavour wise? Because obviously, like you said, people have sort of stepped away from the traditional fruit cake. Well I’m always intrigued because I’ve had to stop myself from eating the cake at the end of every wedding. There was one year I did, and I literally put on about four kilos. It was a great year. But it was not a good year by the end of it. So I actually no longer taste the cake. It’s very sad.

But I kind of wondered, you know, what flavours are coming through this last year. And what do you think might be strong going on next year? 

Monika: [00:10:46] The traditional fruitcake is still usually part of a wedding cake. Not in all weddings. But usually they still keep the top cake as a fruitcake. Even though everything else has changed. And they might have a five tier with four other flavours, but usually the top smallest one is still a fruitcake. But all the other ones, I mean they don’t have it in one flavour anymore, every tier has got a different flavour now. And what I’ve seen coming in a lot now is the red velvet cake. That is a big trend now. The red velvet cake and lemon drizzle which is really leading at the moment. These are the two flavours which come through a lot. Another one is the almond velvet. And I don’t know if it has something to do with almonds being part of a wedding. I’ve been told it is. I’ve got no idea about that. But sugar coated almonds are apparently something which have to be at every wedding, and used as wedding favours. So maybe that is why the almond flavoured cake, the almond velvet cake is coming through a bit more now. 

Fiona: [00:12:02] I’ve never come across an almond velvet cake before. That’s a new one for me! 

Monika: [00:12:07] It’s lovely! The only cake that I like. 

Fiona: [00:12:10] I’d go lemon drizzle. Always happy with a lemon drizzle. 

Monika: [00:12:13] Yep yeah. Oh definitely. Yes. 

Fiona: [00:12:18] So what do you think for next year, do you think they’ll be more of the same? Or do you see other things coming through?

So over the last few years I’ve seen, you know, odd things like a carrot cake comes in occasionally, or one couple had a salted caramel cake, which is quite amazing. Is the chocolate quite popular still? 

Monika: [00:12:37] What I’ve seen quite a few times now coming in more and more is chocolate orange, which I think is a very British thing. 

Fiona: [00:12:44] It is! 

Monika: [00:12:46] Yeah. So chocolate orange is a big thing coming in for weddings. Well not just on weddings, but in general with cake flavours. At Christmas time, quite often there’s the spiced chocolate, which is really nice as well. But it is a bit more of a Christmasy flavour. That is quite a common one of around Christmas time. Yep. 

Fiona: [00:13:07] Well I might have to start eating cake again. 

Monika: [00:13:10] Yeah. You should, definitely. 

Fiona: [00:13:12] Get some stretchy pants. 

Monika: [00:13:14] Exactly. 

James: [00:13:18] Cool. So Monika how are we doing with cupcakes? Because they were very trendy for a while. Is that something that’s being phased out now? Or is that still going? 

Monika: [00:13:29]

There are still people who want cupcakes, but I see that as something from the past really. It is not as popular anymore as it was two or three years ago.

But the individual cakes, individually iced cakes or the cupcakes are not as trendy anymore. That’s what I’ve seen at least. 

James: [00:13:56] Excellent. All right well thanks very much Monika. That was absolutely fantastic. And you know, I’m just going to go on record right here and now to say those cakes are wow! They are absolutely amazing! They really are amazing. 

Fiona: [00:14:09] Can we get some samples in the post? 

James: [00:14:12] Yes please deliver samples we’ll send you our addresses. I’m sure they taste as good as they look. 

Monika: [00:14:20] Thank you. 

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