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We’re delighted to Introduce you to our steadily growing library of truly wonderful Wedding Books for your enjoyment…

Wedding Planning 2.0

Weddings have evolved!
Everything has changed!

If you’re planning your Wedding right now, you’re about to create a bespoke experience unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. This book you hold in your hands is your passport to Wedding Planning 2.0.

Wedding Industry veterans James Pearson and his wife Rachel have been happily helping couples plan their dream Weddings for over 15 years. From intimate Weddings in family gardens to opulent 3 day wedding extravaganzas across the oceans. Moving from a career in Wedding Filming, to launching Wedding Espresso, the biggest Wedding Planning Video Blog in the world, Rachel and James have literally had a hand in helping over 3,000 couples to achieve their dream Wedding Days.

We’ve assembled the very best Wedding Suppliers that live and work locally to you, to produce this one of a kind Wedding Planning Book that will literally change the way you plan your Wedding and help make all of your Wedding hopes and dreams come true.

Rock on… and #carpeweddingdiembaby

Our “Other” 5 Star Rated Baby

This collection of words is the result of over 15 years hands on experience in the Wedding Industry. It’s not your typical “how to” guide or a clone of the information you’ll find in abundance just about everywhere on the internet. No, no. This book focuses on the oft unspoken aspects of Wedding Planning, drawing on the whole range of stories and experiences that have shaped my complete understanding of Weddings. The traditions, the expectations and the thrill of it all.

Finish reading this book, cover to cover, and I promise you that you’ll feel less stressed and worried. In fact, you’ll see your Wedding in a whole new light. You’ll find excitement where there may have been sleepless nights. You’ll discover what truly matters and how this shapes you as a person… and how that can affect others.

This wedding planner book may just change your life! And yes, it starts by getting married in the best way possible!

You’ll also pick up a stack of great tips and ideas that will encourage you to seek that which matters most and to get laser focus on what this ultimately means to you… both!

This is a book about Weddings, sure, but also a book about love, laughter and happily ever after… without the cheesy fridge magnet!

You’ll reduce or even banish Wedding Planning stress and the noise of indecision and worry will melt away.

Kind Words About Our Books

Great read, a lot of very helpful and useful tips which I’ll take on board. A few things never even crossed my mind. Will definitely recommend to other brides to give it a read.

Laura, Bride Academy Student

I would recommend this book to any bride, bridegroom or wedding supplier as a great modern insight into weddings. I would add two thoughts; first where a church ceremony is planned is how helpful the vicar or priest can be in making that part of the day special and smooth running; and secondly for the wedding speeches which as a Toastmaster – Master of Ceremonies – I find can be one of the most moving and special parts of the day – I reckon with 3 or 4 planned speeches of 5-7 minutes plus time for presentations, around 30 minutes is normally required.

Tim Podesta, Amazon Customer

James and Rachel have put all their experience working with couples to create their perfect weddings, as well as their own experiences when planning their own, to create a fantastically clear, easy to read guide on how NOT to panic when it’s your turn to take this path. The result is a reassuring wedding survival guide that covers everything you could possibly need to know when planning your day.

Amazon Customer

Amazing product really helped me out. We are all online these days so much. So putting this in a book of weducation where you can find an abundance of information all in the one place totally makes scense and saves so much time! quality book you wont regret your purchase.

Peter Blackstock, Amazon Customer

A very well laid out guide to planning your wedding. It is full of insights and amazing ideas. Your wedding needs to be right first time. This book will help you achieve that.

A.R. Thomas, Amazon Customer

Written by wedding filmmakers with a wealth of experience of weddings, this talks you through each part of the planning process and the day itself, explaining the options and choices available so you can make an informed decision about your day. Helpfully outlining options for different ceremonies (religious, civil, humanist or celebrant led) it talks about how to let your personality shine through so your wedding reflects you as a couple and isn’t just a tick list of what you need at a wedding. With helpful tips about planning the day itself as well as choosing suppliers, this book helps to explain all the options so you can create a wedding just the way you want it.

H Larkin, Amazon Customer

Coming from two people who have a wealth of experience in this field, James and Rachel have their finger on the pulse, not only in this book but in their fantastic Wedding Espresso blog and podcast too! You can find ANY answer to questions you didn’t even know you had about your wedding day, and a whole raft of professional people who you can reach out to and contact for further advice if needed! Grab a cuppa, read this book and then dive into the podcast episodes too!

Lynz Crichton, Amazon Customer

I love the fact that this is not just regurgitated traditional nonsense – as a humanist celebrant I’m super happy to see humanist ceremonies included. My bias aside (ha!) this is a great read for any couple diving into wedding planning or for those who are helping the engaged couple. It encourages everyone to think what options might be right be them.

Lisa Bourne, Amazon Customer

For anyone planning their DIY wedding, this is a must read. It has so much information on topics you didn’t even think were a thing. Thank you for this.

Gary Phillip, Amazon Customer

I am wedding and portrait photographer, this book is amazing ☺️. So many great tips and advices from all professionals. For me an A++

Amazon Customer