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This Years Hottest Wedding Invite Trends! with Lorna Boyer, Wedding Stationery Designer


This Years Hottest Wedding Invite Trends. Lorna Boyer, Wedding Invitations Designer discusses the changes taking place in Wedding Stationery for this year!

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Lorna Boyer, Lorna Boyer Design

Monika Clouth, The Icing Fairy

Fiona Kelly, Wedding Photographer


Rachel Vine Do you think timings to send out the invitations has changed? I ask because my friend has sent her invites out 5 months in advance and lots of people have declined already!
Lorna Boyer I’ve had very few last minute invites sent out, most people I’ve worked with seem to be about 9 months to a year in advance. I think with people wanting more personalised suppliers they’re keen to get everything booked in as soon as pos. I have just finished some for late 2020 that will be going out soon so I think people are definitely starting to get their invites out as early as possible! It’s getting harder for people to balance out work and personal commitments so the more notice given, the better.
Kim Robertson Have you noticed an increase in couples asking for save the date stationary abnout a year before the wedding?
Lorna Boyer I’ve actually not done any save the dates! I know of a couple of clients who have sent out save the dates, and just bought some plain ones, but I think as budgets tighten, people are cutting out save the dates and trying to get invites out as early as possible instead. 
Tim Podesta Are many couples including images of themselves in stationary – I;ve see it in invites and thank you cards.
Lorna Boyer I haven’t had many requests for photos to be included in stationery, possibly because my style is more watercolour, but there is definitely a demand for personalised illustrations and cute drawings. I’ve just finished up some gorgeous invites that included a painting of the couple created by a friend of theirs.
Rachel Pearson marked as a q! we sent our save the dates out immediately then invites almost a year ahead
Katie McMillan Are more couples going for more personal options for stationary
Lorna Boyer I might be biased on this as it’s the main core of my business, but I definitely think stationery is getting more personal to couples. It’s often the first glimpse of the wedding that guests get so a lot of thought is put into making the stationery a bit of a teaser for the big day! I’m often sent pieces of artwork or themes the couple like too, rather than invitation ideas couples have seen on Pinterest etc.
Rachel Vine Yes our friends had an illustration for their thank you card, it was really cool
Yvonne  Beck are the american enagement style shoots getting used onto the stationery etc
Lorna Boyer I personally haven’t used any photos in my invites nor have I seen much of them on any of the accounts I follow. I think there’s much more of a demand for softer, natural and handmade textures on invites so there’s more likely to be an illustration of the couple than a photo.
Susan Stuart Lovely to see you Lorna!
Susan Stuart @Lorna Boyer thanks! X
Lorna Boyer Thanks Susan! x


James: [00:00:00] So Lorna, your best bits of 2018 what can you share with us? 

Lorna: [00:00:06] Yes. So definitely the same sort of thing as the other guys are saying, the push toward individuality. I’ve seen that come across a lot in the stationary. My biggest point was probably actually really focusing on my business. So that was great, but yeah definitely, wedding dress, different colours, different patterns. It’s really starting to come through in the stationary now.

A big move away from the really more minimal, traditional style.

So yeah it’s been quite exciting in 2018. 

James: [00:00:42] And what sort of stuff are we looking forward to for 2019? Where are we pushing boundaries? Where are the trends going now? 

Lorna: [00:00:50] It’s hard to say, but I’ve seen a lot of push towards more brighter colours and more of a mix of colours, rather than focusing on one colour.

A particular trend is the rainbow bridesmaid trend, which seems to be getting bigger and bigger. And that actually seems to be coming across in the wedding stationary slightly more.

Where it’s not just one or two colours, there will be a bit of a gradient, a bit of a watercolour, something, just a bit of a mix. So yeah it’s quite exciting. And last year was all about the rose gold, whereas this year tends to be starting to move towards brighter colours, rather than focusing on rose gold and more subdued colours, I think. 

James: [00:01:33] Cool!

How do you think the Pantone colour for 2019 is going to affect wedding stationery? 

[00:01:38] I’m really hoping it starts to come across, because the past few years have all been very dark muted colours. The dual colours, the burgundies, which I love. But it would be really nice to start playing with some bright colours and yes, doing something a bit different.

I definitely think living coral is a really nice colour to push it that way. I think that will make things pop a lot more, even if it’s just sort of a small amount of living coral, rather than a full on living coral invite.

If it just pops a bit, I think it will really start to make things stand out. 

James: [00:02:15] Well Monica, Fiona, have you got any questions for Lorna. I know she’s just jumped on here. Any questions about wedding stationery in 2019 that spring to mind, that might be of interest to people, that cross your mind? 

Fiona: [00:02:28] One thing I’ve seen in the past is obviously the scripted fonts, they’ve been very very popular over the last few years. Everything’s very handwritten, very loose, that kind of watercolour kind of thing. Do you feel that we’re stepping away from that a little bit more.

Are we going to be seeing a bit more sort of san serif, a bit more modern, a bit more clean? Or do you think the script is still going to be quite popular? 

Lorna: [00:02:52] Yeah I think the script is here to stay for a while. It’s still very, very popular. Most of the couples I get requesting stuff, it will be the big fancy script fonts. They are moving more towards a slightly messier, more of a brush font, rather than the really over the top, sort of…not sure what the word is, but all the flourishes and stuff. It’s more of a brush kind of feel. 

James: [00:03:20] Calligraphy? 

Lorna: [00:03:20] Yeah so it’s going more towards a handwritten sort of style, which is quite nice. I think that fits with this illustrated invite trend. So yeah, yeah, definitely more of the… not messy, but more unstructured I guess than it has been. 

Fiona: [00:03:38] More relaxed maybe? 

Lorna: [00:03:39] Yeah. Yeah. 

James: [00:03:45] I think that’s a good buzzword there isn’t it, “unstructured”.

I think weddings are becoming more unstructured. And that’s a good way of putting it. 

Lorna: [00:03:53] Yeah I don’t know if we’ve got any florists on here, but I’ve noticed it with the flowers as well. The big unstructured bouquets are in. Yeah and going with dresses that aren’t in the typical dress style. Everything just seems a lot, not easier, but a lot more relaxed. Less trying to keep up appearances. 

James: [00:04:20] Any thoughts Monika around wedding stationary for 2019. 

Monika: [00:04:24] I was thinking do you work together with a photographer as well? So that you include photography into the stationery? Or is it just the flow of the writing that you work with? 

Lorna: [00:04:58] I’ve not really had any requests for any photography. I have had a couple who had a portrait done by an artist. Had their own portrait that was painted for them, and was included across all their stationery. 

Monika: [00:05:19] Cool!

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