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Diana Indries from Better Topics Couples Card Game

What truly lies at the heart of all great relationships? It’s communication!

But in our hectic lives today we seldom allow the time to really sit down with our partners and truly listen.

Experts in the field of psychology can explain the difference between hearing and listening, and all too often we find ourselves falling victim to the former and completely misinterpreting the latter. That is, we hear the words that our partner is saying, but we pass it through our own internal filter to reach an understanding. And it’s often wrong.

So good communication needs practice. Enter Diana from Better Topics, creator of an amazing new card game for couples designed to reconnect and engage communication in a fun way.  It’s the perfect complimentary experience for planning a Wedding right now.

Hear Diana explain the rich history and vision for how communication through play is changing lives for the better.

Game on!

Our theme music comes from Songs to Say I Do, here to write you the perfect wedding song. Check out songwriters Selda & Derek and their work at

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Chris & Angela from Virtually There, providers of Virtual Wedding Experiences

What if we could show you a way to solve the age old problem of getting ALL your friends and family to attend, experience and enjoy your Wedding… wherever they are in the world and no matter their position or circumstances?

Would that be exciting? You bet it would and that’s exactly what Chris and Angela have created with their brand new Wedding product, Virtually There.

Join Chris, Angela and myself as we explore what it really means to attend a virtual Wedding and why it’s only slightly removed from actually being there in person.

Hint, it’s all about “experience”.

Let’s do this!

Our theme music comes from Songs to Say I Do, here to write you the perfect wedding song. Check out songwriters Selda & Derek and their work at

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Sue Smith from Bruski and Bunns Wedding Stationery

What’s the very first thing that your Wedding Guests get to see, touch, feel and experience from your Wedding?

Easy! It’s your Wedding Stationery! And when you think about it, just how often do you receive something “nice” in the post that isn’t a catalogue or a bill?

Cue Save The Dates and Wedding Invites. They just can’t be beaten for the good feels. Sue Smith from Bruski and Bunns Wedding Stationery supplies the most amazing Wedding Stationery from our lovely home county of West Yorkshire.

If you’re hunting for the most indulgent, expressive and personal service for your Wedding Stationery, look no further, you just found it!

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Lucy O’Brien Bespoke Wedding Hair Designer, Unique Stranz

Discovering yourself! What a feeling! You know how it goes! Everyone around you keeps asking when you’re going to get a “grown up job”, day after day, week after week, year after year. And then one day, you wake up and think, you know what! I know what I love doing, and that’s what I’m going do. The results of that transformation are often fantastic and amazing.

Meet Lucy O’Brien who took herself through this very process to emerge with the most amazing collection of vintage, even antique hair pieces to obsess over and covet for your alternative Wedding Day.

There is quite literally no-one else out there like Lucy and if you’re looking for something different that speaks to your inner Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones, then you’re in the best company in the world here.

Join Rachel and Lucy to chat about all things hair, steam punk and Jane Austen.

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Kirsty Rockett Wedding Photography

There comes a point in every teenagers life where it’s just a bit not cool to love Disney. Then you hit your thirties and to heck with it, you wear your passion and love for all things house of mouse on your sleeve. Then you become a Wedding Photographer and everything slots into place.

Meet Kirsty Rockett, an amazing Wedding Photographer with a love for all things Disney, geek and alternative. It shows in her work and it shows in her lovely, bubbly personality.

Join me as we discuss what makes Kirsty so darn attractive to her ideal clients, what they love about her and what drives her to the stars.

Wedding Photography? That begins here!

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Adam Tander from Oxen Media

There’s a key difference between Wedding Video and Wedding Film. One you should have, and the other you’ll love having! There’s a key difference and it’s not what you expect it will be!

Join us as we talk all things Wedding Film with Adam from Oxen Media. If you’re thinking about having your Wedding filmed, grab some paper and a pen because you’re about to discover exactly what to look out for when you’re looking for the ideal Wedding Filming Company for your Wedding.

And yes, it totally helps when your chosen Supplier is SUCH a nice guy with a big heart and bags of enthusiasm.

Let’s get into it!

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Selda & Derek, Bespoke Wedding Song Writers

Question – What do you get for your Wedding when you enlist the talent of amazing songwriters for stage and screen? Easy! You get a stunningly beautiful, emotive bespoke Wedding song all about your lives together. Selda and Derek are a Wedding songwriting duo from New York City with some seriously awesome connections. These two amazing humans joined us on Bride Craic to chat about all things inspirational, music, love and laughter… and butter in your coffee!

Welcome to the world of professional bespoke Wedding song writing, welcome to the world of Selda and Derek. You’ll not want to miss this! Discover just how fantastic these incredible Wedding songwriters are right now. Your Wedding will thank you for it!

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Jenni Whitby from Nightingale Cakes

Wedding Cake? You’re thinking, gotta taste nice! Check! gotta look great! Check! But today’s master baker invites you to want to stroke the Wedding Cake. Figuratively, not literally. Ultra sci fi enthusiast and Wedding Cake baker extraordinaire, Jenni Whitby joins us on Bride Craic to chat about all things texture and otherworldly with lashings of courgette and super exotic flavours to go.

If you’re looking for the ultimate Wedding Cake experience? We invite you to get in touch with Jenni immediately. We all love bespoke, we all love passion and Jenni has both in abundance, and a little bit of something else too!

Grab a cuppa and let’s talk concrete and Wedding Cakes!

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