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Wedding Industry Mental Health – Enquiry > Keen > Crickets

Wedding Industry Mental Health - Enquiry > Keen > Crickets

So we’ve all been there at some point – that amazing Couple get in touch, you check your diary – you’re available!!! They seem really, really keen… and then… well, crickets!

You don’t hear another word.

And it hurts!!

Worse, it makes a dent in your mental health and mental wellbeing.

This comes as no surprise really! After all, that’s when that inner voice starts to question everything about you – am I good enough? Is someone else better than me? Did they go to them? Am I too expensive? Do I deserve to be doing this?

And so on and so on. It’s a self destructive cycle that’s hardwired into our very DNA.

It helps to understand WHY this is happening! Here we go… Continue Reading →

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Wedding Industry Mental Health – You’re Not Alone!

Wedding Industry Mental Health - You're Not Alone

It’s pretty tough out there sometimes… am I right? The Wedding Industry with it’s seasons, peaks and troughs and completely unpredictable work load can play havoc with our mental health at the best of times. For most of us, let’s be honest, it’s hard work just keeping the buzz going.

And perhaps the irony is, the Wedding Industry requires us to be buzzing, switched on, fired up! It thrives on our creativity and our passion. But it takes so much from us in the process.

That’s OK! That’s what we signed up for!

But beneath the shiny surface of social media posts, stunning styled shoots and glossy magazine articles lie the real human beings that need to sustain all that energy and enthusiasm throughout a largely unpredictable lifestyle. A lifestyle that in itself, is actually incredibly difficult to balance around family and friends.

I’d like to introduce you to Wedding Industry Mental Health – an initiative by Wedding Espresso to give you a safe space to explore your frustrations, your emotional rollercoasters and your current state of mind. Continue Reading →