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The Songs of Love Foundation with Alwyn Thomas

James Pearson  

Hello and welcome to Cast of Creatives – the series dedicated to exploring creative work, and the impact this has on mental health and well being. I’m James Pearson, founder of Wedding Industry Mental Health and Wedding Espresso, and I’m delighted to be joined today by Alwyn Thomas, songwriter of bespoke wedding songs, songwriter for Film and TV, songwriter for Eurovision, and songwriter for the Songs of Love Foundation over in New York. Alwyn, how are you doing, my friend. 

Alwyn Thomas  

I’m great James, how are you?

James Pearson  

I’m super duper I’m loving all this sunshine. So I think we need to start right at the beginning really and share with everybody a little bit about what the Songs of Love Foundation stands for, and what is the work that they do, and put out into the world? So can you just run us through that. 

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