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Mental Health and Dance with Samantha Jennings

James Pearson
Hello, and welcome to Cast of Creatives, the series dedicated to exploring creative work and the impact it has on mental health and well being. So I’m delighted to be joined today by Samantha Jennings, who is a choreographer and Royal Academy of dance teacher. Samantha, how you doing?

Samantha Jennings
Hey James it’s just fantastic to be on your show. And I love the fact that you’re an advocate for mental health so I think there’ll be a good synergy there between us.

James Pearson
Very much. Yes. Two of the things that really, really excite me about talking to you today really are yes, the mental health aspect, but also I think our shared appreciation and love of a really good wedding first dance. So I want to crack into those subjects with you. But before we get started with those, can you just share with everybody a little bit of an overview about your career and how you got started in dance, and what brought you to become a mental health student?

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