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Wedding Industry Mental Health, PTSD and Healing Through Psychedelic Abstract Art with Kibbi Linga

James Pearson
Hello and welcome back to Cast of Creatives, the series dedicated to exploring creative work and creative thinking and the impact that this has on mental health. I’m James Pearson. I’m the founder of Wedding Industry Mental Health and Wedding Espresso. And I’m really delighted to be joined today by Kibbi Linga, who is a psychedelic abstract artist from Los Angeles. Kibby how’s it going?

Kibbi Linga
Hi, James. Thanks for having me. Hi, everyone. Things are great. Things are good for me. It’s the morning over here so I’m ready to enjoy the day here with you guys. How’s it going with you?

James Pearson
Pretty good. We’re wrapping stuff up here in the UK. So it’s the end of the day, but hey, that’s how it works. That’s why I’ve got my coffee which I’ve been looking forward to all day long. It’s been one of those days! A very needed coffee. So yes, I was really astounded and astonished when I found your work. And it reminded me so much of the way that I like to appreciate art – and that’s music and artwork and books and stories. I like to find that what I’m looking at or experiencing has hidden depths and meaning. And so I was really, really drawn to the work that you produce, which I want to get into the process of with you in a minute, and share some of that with everybody. But before we do, would you like to just share a little bit of your story about how you came to be an artist and please don’t feel you have to overshare, just share as much as you feel comfortable with and we’ll see where we go.

Kibbi Linga
Yes, of course, I actually grew up in an environment that did not allow me to express myself, so I was not in the art world. And then three years ago I was diagnosed with PTSD and started embracing it, and my therapist recommended art as a tool. I then started painting, and then I started having memories that were so repressed, because I came into getting help not even remembering my childhood. And so I realised that the painting helped me remember my memories. I also remembered that I dreamed and aspired to be an artist as a little young girl, and it just went from there. Soon I was able to allow art to help me heal. My process basically being like my art and the process is coded. Different colours have different meanings, different shapes. My tutorial process explains that pretty well and also exposing it as well has been a very healing process for me. So I would have to say that within my PTSD recovery creating this art has been such a huge component or tool in my recovery.

It happened naturally. So if I can inspire or offer hope to anybody, I literally walked into the art store not knowing a thing. Should I get oil or acrylic and what is acrylic?

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