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Honeymoon in Iceland a.k.a – Honeymoon on Ice!

Honeymoon in Iceland Waterfall

Well here we go, our second Honeymoon in Iceland…

That is, our second Honeymoon (don’t worry I’ll explain), our first Honeymoon in Iceland!

Honeymoon in Iceland

*phew* Glad I managed to clear that one up!

Firstly, you may remember that we decided to cram in as many Honeymoon’s as possible until, well, until we couldn’t anymore… family planning and all that.

Aptly, we chose a Honeymoon in Iceland as a funky destination.

You’ll remember that we really do recommend putting your Honeymoon on “ice” whilst you go off and enjoy a smaller “Minimoon” first.

That way you have something to look forward and knock post Wedding blues on the head!

So it all began in Norway, the year after our Wedding…

Honeymoon in Norway prior to Honeymoon in Iceland

That’s where we had our first Honeymoon and I guess you might say, we were bitten by the Nordic bug!

We LOVED it! What fantastic people, what a chilled out and happy country!

Consequently, the obvious next choice was to go exploring having a Honeymoon in Iceland too.

Honeymoon in Iceland Wide

In retrospect, I suppose this was a tough one to plan ahead for!

A Honeymoon in Iceland would end up being literally unlike any other adventure we’d ever had.

I’d dare say Iceland is completely unique!

And thus, the PERFECT destination for a Honeymoon.

You’re looking for those once in a lifetime type experiences, right?

Now contrary to many a mistaken belief, Iceland is NOT permanently covered in snow and ice… that’s the Antarctic!

Honeymoon in Iceland Waterfall

We had our Honeymoon in Iceland in August and it was perfectly warm and sunny most days.

So rather than be completely covered in snow and ice, the landscape in Iceland is actually very delicate. Much of the rock is covered with a precious moss that takes years and years to grow.

Honeymoon in Iceland Moss

Fancy farming in Iceland?

Well that’s particularly tricky as the animals have a tendency to eat up all the vegetation faster than it can grow.

See, unlike the UK where grass just grows anywhere and everywhere it can get a foothold…

there’s a fragile base moss in Iceland, which is the first requirement for an area to become fertile. So walking on it is a complete no no as it would take literally years to recover…

Our tour guide, Albert told us that Iceland was ALMOST growing enough food to support it’s native population…

so as you can image, MASSIVE amounts have to be imported to cope with the influx of tourists every year.

When we drove around Iceland, even just outside of Reykjavik, some areas are barren wastes as a result of accidental over farming from wandering goats. Areas like these have to be carefully cultivated back to life and protected.

Love to be inspired by jaw dropping awe? There’s a sense of delicate awe everywhere in Iceland!

Honeymoon in Iceland Awe

Iceland has 3 major glaciers which cover a large proportion of the country. These are home to all sorts of activities such as snow mobiling, which, if you’re thrill seekers like us, you’ll absolutely love. We love breath taking scenery and atmosphere and you’ll find it here in spades!

Honeymoon in Iceland Snow

In these kinds of environments, large groups of humans are not included! It’s just you, your small group and the ice. Amazing!

Honeymoon in Iceland Groups

Iceland’s “off the beaten track” landscape is constantly changing…

Why not explore the ice caves that appear and melt within days. Experienced mountain climbers will take small parties out to go on expeditions through these uncharted territories and we’ve never seen or experienced anything like it!

Honeymoon in Iceland Ice Cave

Water around Iceland is heated by geothermal energy which is amazing.

When you turn on the shower, you’re enjoying natural warm glacier melt water. Hot water is transported around Iceland in giant metal over land pipes which have been designed to maintain the maximum amount of heat possible. Icelandic engineers are the world leaders in this technology! Fantastic!

Even more crazy is the fact that the cold water we drank in Reykjavik originally melted from ice around the time we were born!

It took over 30 years to travel through the rock, being filtered to emerge as crystal clear drinking water in 2017. That’s different!

We have it on good authority that Iceland is home to the world’s ONLY uncollapsed magma chamber.

You can literally go inside it to see a rainbow of scorched deposits from the magma which burst out of the earth’s core.

Honeymoon in Iceland Volcano

Several people have speculated as to why this magma chamber in particular, did not collapse on this super rare occasion. One leading theory is that everything cooled so rapidly that the heat of the magma did not have time to collapse the volcano in on itself!

We were super lucky on my birthday to see the man who discovered this “earth treasure” doing some survey work on the crater!

Honeymoon in Iceland Discovery

Now here’s one for all you romantics out there!

Diamond lake is a fascinating place!

Honeymoon in Iceland Diamond Beach

Watch glaciers slowly calve giant ice blocks into the river. Marvel as they float downstream to meet with the ocean around 300 metres away.

We witnessed these ice blocks collect in the water and slowly melt into the sea.

Because this process is taking place, hundreds of tiny ice formations wash up on the beaches like hundreds of tiny diamonds… hence the name 🙂

Honeymoon in Iceland Diamond Ring

Some, yep, make pretty good fun Wedding or Engagement Rings… whilst they last 🙂

An absolutely huge percentage of the Icelandic population live in Reykjavik with the remainder of the population spread across the entire country.

In contrast… the sticks are pretty sparsely populated out there.

Honeymoon in Iceland Beautiful

At one point we had a 4 hour round trip from our Hotel pictured above, to the next large(ish) town…

For a recommended trendy Pizza place that cooked up all manner of amazing flavour combinations, naturally! 🙂

As a result, if you love road trips, you’re absolutely in the right place and the scenery is to die for! Hot Tip: Bring your camera, make sure it’s insured against accidental damage!

We’d love to know if a Honeymoon in Iceland makes your shortlist!

We found Iceland to be like nowhere else and we can honestly say that we came back changed people.

I think our appreciation of nature, it’s forces and natural beauty was really heightened by this trip and we’d recommend it whole heartedly to anyone looking for a life changing experience!

Honeymoon in Iceland Perfect

Remember, you’re only one inspiration away…

Happy DIY Wedding Planning!

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Honeymoon in Transylvania

Honeymoon in Transylvania beautiful country

A Honeymoon in Transylvania !?!?!?!

So I’m guessing a little back story is needed here 🙂

Are you ready? Great! Here it comes!

Rachel and I have been married for over 4 years now, we’ve enjoyed a few Honeymoons, including our Honeymoon in Transylvania, and we took some great advice at the time…

Hold off on the Honeymoon!

Save up, go somewhere amazing and really live it up.

Straight after the Wedding, head out on a “minimoon” – take a few days to relive it all and so we did.

We took a week in Scotland, right after the Wedding, doing all the things we’d always wanted to do – micro bucket list stuff like Horse Riding, Whale Watching and visiting some new areas.

Wedding Minimoon in Scotland prior to Honeymoon in Transylvania

We saved the biggie up so we could look forward to it!


You know those post Wedding blues everyone talks about?

Well the best way to avoid them wholesale is to have something amazing to look forward to!

I guess we’re living proof that it works.

But we put our own unique twist on it!

We decided to carry on having Honeymoons for as long as we possibly could.

We made a list of places that we REALLY wanted to go that would be potential nightmares for us as a small family with kids.

So Comicon is on the back burner for a few years… if Xander is anything like his Dad… well 🙂

Comicon, not a Honeymoon in Transylvania

One by one, we’ve been ticking them off our Honeymoon list – you might call them holidays, but we treat them as Honeymoons – it gives us that “reliving your Wedding Day buzz” when we look at them this way.

Whilst this will depend entirely on your family planning of course – we’ve managed to squeeze in 3 epic Honeymoons and one of them, I’m going to tell you about now…

So a Honeymoon in Transylvania… that’s an odd choice!

Exactly! And as of, August 2018, now officially Royalty approved!

And you know what? It’s AMAZING!!!

Firstly, it’s absolutely beautiful.

Do your research and stick in the middle like we did, you’re going to love it!!! A Honeymoon in Transylvania is a fantastic choice!

Honeymoon in Transylvania beautiful country

It’s a land of mystery and hidden treasures!

If you’re looking to make memories and have adventures then a Honeymoon in Transylvania should be pretty near the top of your list!

Honeymoon in Transylvania Mystery and Treasures

It’s really, really good value!

doing and eating is very inexpensive and the food is simply delicious. Some of the best eat outs we’ve ever had in our lives. Simply divine!

If you’re a bit of a foodie like us, then a Honeymoon in Transylvania is right up your alley!

There’s a zoo, which is 80p entrance for adults… the rest is comparable 🙂

We drove over 1000km and it only cost us £56 in fuel!

Villa Prato in Brasov is an amazing place to stay!

Honeymoon in Transylvania stay in Villa Prato

Have you ever dreamed of staying somewhere where the staff rush out as you’re leaving to ask if you might like an umbrella… you know, just in case it rains… how about chef prepared breakfast every morning in a garden conservatory overlooking the town… you got it! All of this and more on our Honeymoon in Transylvania, for under the cost of a Premier Inn in the UK!

Honeymoon in Transylvania stay in Brasov

The people are some of the nicest you could meet anywhere in the world!

Honeymoon in Transylvania where only awesome happens

The cablecar up to the Bucegi Mountains HAS to be one of the most thrilling rides ever conceived by mortals.

Excitement and terror maxed out all in one swoop! Plus, the ambience and serenity of the plateau littered with rock formations at the top is awesome!!! One of the most amazing places to “be”….

Honeymoon in Transylvania Bucegi Mountains

But don’t forget that the last ride back down is at 3.45pm… that is, if you can find any information telling you this. Otherwise you might find yourself enjoying a 4km trek back down the mountain on foot… like we almost did…

Honeymoon in Transylvania Bucegi Mountains View

Oh yes, and sometimes, it’s closed on Tuesday – but that’s cool because there’s a note on the door when you get there! 🙂

We found that signage in Transylvania is sparse to non existent… and this must be because either a) us British types are too tightly wound or b) the lovely Transylvanian people are too relaxed 🙂

Websites do not have much up to date info and opening and closing times are flexible!

The Turda Salt Mine is a MUST!

Honeymoon in Transylvania Turda Salt Mine

I mean… just look at it!!!

Honeymoon in Transylvania Turda Salt Mine Boats

If you’ve even dreamed of rowing a boat out onto an indoor lake deep underground in a disused salt mine with cool Tron-like lights everywhere, you now know where to go!

In Sibiu the houses watch you – the more I look at this the more amused I am about it 🙂

Honeymoon in Transylvania visit Sibiu

So yep, this is the stuff of memories and that’s what Honeymoons are all about if you ask us – creating amazing memories that will last a lifetime.

Relaxing is cool too (yeah right, when was the last time we did that) – but we’re go-getters.

And no, Transylvania is not full of goths and vampires 🧛‍♀️ 🧛‍♂️ – that’s actually one of the most miss sold fabrications of our time. There were a few Dracula mugs for sale on our walk up to Bran Castle but the truth is that Vlad the Impaler probably only visited Bran Castle once… and even that’s tenuous…

Honeymoon in Transylvania Bran Castle

But we did go to see the house where he was born… probably.

Honeymoon in Transylvania Vlad The Impaler

So it really is worth considering a visit to both of these historic sites of importance to the Romanian people… and all the better without the Hollywood gloss!

Finally convinced? Maybe Transylvania belongs on your shortlist too!?

You’re only one inspiration away…

Happy DIY Wedding Planning!

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