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Best Ever Wedding Planning Tips: The Top 12

Could this be the greatest ever top 12 list of Wedding Planning Tips EVER? It just might be! We asked our Wedding Supplier Friends to come up with their tippiest, toppest Wedding Planning Tips and share them with you right here. Here’s our top 12…


Lorna Boyer from Lorna Boyer Design

When planning your invites and RSVPs, make sure you give plenty of time for people to reply to you. Send out your invites and request RSVPs come back with a few months to spare. This will make it much easier for planning around numbers and any last minute swap outs. It also gives you time to chase any stragglers meaning you have as final a guest list as possible for your on the day stationery (table plans, name cards etc).

Lorna Boyer, Lorna Boyer Design


Jodie Henshall from Jodie Gearing Bespoke Jewellery

My top tip would be to leave plenty of time to decide on your wedding rings – they are the one thing you wear on your wedding day that you’ll continue to wear every day and therefore they are important to get right. Going bespoke is a great way to add an extra special element to these special rings and mean you get a unique design that is perfect for you! Bespoke designs take 6-8 weeks to make so try to leave it no later than 3 months before your wedding day to get started to allow time for careful consideration and thought.

Jodie Gearing Bespoke Jewellery


Roberto Revilla from Roberto Revilla Bespoke Suits London

Don’t stress out if things don’t look like they’ll be 100% perfect. Your wedding day will go by in a blink and if you obsess over complete perfection you’ll miss the special moments and regret it in years to come. Breathe deep, slow down time as much as you can and just enjoy the biggest day of your lives. 80% is more than good enough!

Top tip for grooms (just have to get this one out) –

“Don’t get complacent. Over 80% of grooms leave sourcing their wedding suit to the last minute. DO NOT DO THIS. As soon as you get engaged, that’s the time to start the process! Get recommendations to a good tailor, do your homework and start talking to potential outfitters right away!

Roberto Revilla, Bespoke Suits London


Sarah Green from Girl And Piano

I think my top tip at the moment is to make sure you book your wedding musician as far in advance as possible so you can make sure your music is exactly as you have in mind. There’s a large amount of planning and collaboration required to get the details right.

Sarah Green, Girl and Piano


Gillian Johnston from Scots Celebrant

Without a doubt, my top tip for couples planning their wedding is: Remember to budget for your Celebrant! This is the person who is going to create your Wedding Ceremony and set the tone for your entire day, without them, all you are doing is planning a wonderful party.

Gillian Johnston, Scots Celebrant


Nicola Keegan, Nik Makeup Artist

Number 1 tip in this humidity is definitely to set your makeup using a good setting spray like Skindinavia. Always buy one suited to you skin type and spritz a few extra sprays to help keep your makeup fresh all day.

I tend to spray this before my mascara to make sure the mascara doesn’t run.

Another use for a setting spray is spray on to a flat brush then apply your shimmer shadows to lids. This will lock shadow into place and come out super pigmented.

Nik, Make Up Artist


Yvonne Beck, Bilingual Wedding Celebrant

My tip is to book your celebrant as soon as you’ve chosen your venue as we only conduct one ceremony per day so we can give 💯 attention to our couples.  And remember we can use any location or venue whether it’s licensed or not. You have total freedom of choice!

Yvonne Beck, Bilingual Wedding Celebrant


Owen Strickland, Wedding Magician

My top tip for entertainment as a whole would be don’t cut corners and go cheap. Why risk a “Ryan air” experience on the most important day of their lives?

Also with entertainment, go and see them perform what they do in person. Websites can be made to look very good, when in fact the performer, whatever it is they do, is not very good. Look for evidence that they do a lot of weddings. If there is none, they probably don’t!!

Owen Strickland Magic


Mark Fenn, Jeweller and Silversmith

My top tip is why go to a High Street Jewellery shop to buy your wedding rings when you could make each other’s. Find a local independent maker who offers this service and create something really special.

Mark Fenn, Bespoke Wedding Rings


Hannah Mia Attewell from Hannah Mia Photography

My number one tip is – Don’t do things just because it’s the “done thing”. There’s going to be a hell of a lot of expectation that you do all the classic wedding things and you lose the will to live lining up for hours of photos or kissing every distant cousin in a receiving line. But, if it’s not your thing, let go of it right now and remember, this is just a big party to celebrate you publicly declaring you’re into each other for life.

Hannah Mia Photography


Fiona Kelly from Fiona Kelly Photography

When you are planning your day make sure there is a wet weather contingency and that the indoor space is big enough if you end up being inside! This is very relevant to a number of recent weddings as we have been contending with temperamental Summer weather. If in doubt ask the venue manager, the wedding planner or your photographer. They can give you a more realistic idea of the space and how it would work.

I would also add another top tip….

Make sure to allow enough time during the day to do everything you want to do. The reception time in particular can fly by and a lot happens during this time in terms of photos. Allowing plenty of time will make for a much more relaxed day and will let you enjoy the day and spend plenty of time with your guests.

Fiona Kelly, Wedding Photographer


Randolph Robinson from Randyman Productions

Try and book more than just the standard evening dj booking. As a company we offer live entertainment in the form of Live Percussions and Saxophonist. It would be advantageous to book us to look after the wedding party all day. That way the wedding party will get loads of freebies such as music for the wedding ceremony, music during the wedding breakfasts and music whilst the guest are milling around.

Randolph Robinson, Randyman Productions


And there you have it! Let us know if you agree that this is the greatest ever top 12 list of Wedding Planning Tips EVER… we kinda think it is 🙂 Hope you enjoyed!