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Hag Do … or don’t?

The Hag Do Featured

A few years ago we filmed the Wedding of a very unique couple who absolutely had their own vision of love, partnership, fellowship, family and togetherness… and Hag Do’s!

This really transcended anything I’ve ever seen before and we were pretty moved by it all to be honest.

Quite clearly MADLY in love, these gorgeous people had a philosophy that if they were going to enjoy doing something, they were going to enjoy doing it together.

Now whilst this might sound “clingy”, it’s not. It’s just a point of view and I personally, rather like it. Hence, The Hag Do!

So traditionally, as I’m sure you’re aware, the Bride goes off for her Hen Do and the Groom goes off for his Stag Do. Never the two should meet.

However, these guys had decided to combine the two into a “Hag Do”…

Now you can see where this is going! 🙂

OK OK, this isn’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea, but bear with me, it’s pretty cool!

So the Hag Do became a massive affair, with the entire Bridal Party all going off on a mad adventure together, guys and gals, one big party.

I loved that.

I’ve always felt sort of neutral between my guy friends and my girl friends. Rachel is very similar. Our friends are “our friends”.

So Rachel and I planned a Hag Do for our Wedding whilst our friends plotted our Hen and Stags.

(Not to undermine these as they were AMAZING! I did performance Go-Karting whilst Rachel went Lama Trekking. Neat!)

What an awesome decision this turned out to be!

Because not only did we invite our Bridal Party, but we extended the invitation to our close family too… a few were brave enough to join us 🙂

So as you can imagine, we had quite the merry troupe!

So…. What was our Hag Do?

The Hag Do - Water

We settled on a 4×4 off roading experience up in Scotland, the day before the Wedding.

Wowser! What fun that was!

The Hag Do 4x4

The really cool thing about having both the guys and the gals along was that sense of competition that always prevails at these sorts of meet ups.

Very much a sense of boys vs girls and what a laugh it was!

The Hag Do - Submerged

So whilst we went off the deep end a little and plugged in some extreme driving… EXTREME DRIVING! … there are tons of other ideas you could use for an amazing day out or adventure.

The Hag Do Featured

After the thrills and spills of mud and diesel, we all met up in Inverness for some good pub grub and to share tales of bravado and derring do!

I still remember the coach ride into Inverness and passing two takeouts right next door to each other… “Mr Chips” and “Mr Rice”… the prevailing theory was that the owners were two brothers who ran a takeout called “Mr Chips and Rice”… then they fell out!

Hey ho! The things you remember, right!?!

So thanks to an excellent Hag Do that day, we arrived back at our Wedding Venue excited and buzzing.

This kicked off our celebrations in fantastic style and also acted as a superb ice breaker for everyone to get to know each other a little.

The Hag Do Scotland

Just one little example of how you can take an existing idea, run with it, make it your own and come out with fantastic memories… and photographs 🙂

All made possible by our amazing Photographer Jeff, who quite happily bobbed along with us to cover the events and still to this day I can’t quite wrap my head around how he knew exactly where to be from a crude map for a man made track in the middle of a wood!

What a legend!

The Hag Do Forest

his is truly gold standard!

And so The Hag Do, not a gathering of witches but a left of centre Hen and Stag for those so inclined

Remember, you’re only one inspiration away…

Happy DIY Wedding Planning!

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