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Diana Indries from Better Topics Couples Card Game

What truly lies at the heart of all great relationships? It’s communication!

But in our hectic lives today we seldom allow the time to really sit down with our partners and truly listen.

Experts in the field of psychology can explain the difference between hearing and listening, and all too often we find ourselves falling victim to the former and completely misinterpreting the latter. That is, we hear the words that our partner is saying, but we pass it through our own internal filter to reach an understanding. And it’s often wrong.

So good communication needs practice. Enter Diana from Better Topics, creator of an amazing new card game for couples designed to reconnect and engage communication in a fun way.  It’s the perfect complimentary experience for planning a Wedding right now.

Hear Diana explain the rich history and vision for how communication through play is changing lives for the better.

Game on!

Our theme music comes from Songs to Say I Do, here to write you the perfect wedding song. Check out songwriters Selda & Derek and their work at

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