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Wedding Industry Mental Health and Bipolar Disorder with Donna Benini, PT, Health and Wellness Coach

James Pearson
Hello, welcome back to Cast of Creatives, the series dedicated to exploring creative work and the impact that this has on mental health and well being. So, I’m James Pearson, I’m the founder of Wedding Industry Mental Health and Wedding Espresso and I’m really, really, really excited today to be joined by Donna, who I’m going to get to introduce herself in just a second. So, Donna, would you like to share with everybody a little bit about who you are and what you do?

Donna Benini
Okay, no problem. Well I landed here from Mars and I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder at 23 years old. After having quite serious behavioural problems through my teens, into my early late teens, early 20s, I was displaying signs. But eventually it came to fruition when I had my first hospital admission. So then, from there, I spent the next 23 years working within mainly the fitness industry. I have done a little bit of care, end of life, and I did a little bit of hairdressing. But I’m back with the fitness industry now. I’m very happy to stay here. So, that’s basically me.

James Pearson
That’s brilliant, a brilliant introduction thank you. So Donna, I’m sure a lot of people are very interested in hearing from people who are open to talking about difficulties that they’ve had, or challenges that they faced. So, in a kind of a nutshell then could you share with everybody a little bit about what it’s like living with bipolar disorder and the effects that it has on daily life?

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