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String Quartet Wedding Songs For Walking Down The Aisle To! with Lynette Webster from Capriccio Quartet

String Quartet Wedding Songs For Walking Down The Aisle To. Lynette Webster, Capriccio String Quartet shares how String Quartets have evolved for Weddings.

Listen to Lynette on the Wedding Espresso Awesome DIY Wedding Planning Podcast…


Capriccio String Quartet


James [00:00:03] Lynette hello. Thank you for joining me today. 

Lynette [00:00:04] Hi. How are you? 

James [00:00:06] Great to see you. I’m very well thank you and yourself? 

Lynette [00:00:09] Great yep, yep. Crazy busy! 

James [00:00:11] Brilliant glad to hear it. So you are from Capriccio String Quartet. And you can provide all sorts of wonderful music for wedding days. 

Lynette [00:00:21] We certainly do! 

James [00:00:23] Fantastic!

So I thought it’d be a really, really good idea to discuss with you String Quartet Wedding Songs for walking down the aisle to. 

Lynette [00:00:33] Yes. 

James [00:00:33] When we got married, unfortunately our budget couldn’t quite stretch to a string quartet. But we still wanted the same sound. So we opted for a P.A. system and just to have music played, which is a second best. I will admit here that it is a second best, and it’s not as good as having the live music. 

Lynette [00:00:54] You only have one person to press the button! 

James [00:00:56] Press play, yes, that was our situation. That’s what we did. But we wanted to encapsulate that kind of personal music choice because music is very much a large part of our lives. I don’t share this with people very often. This has never come out in public, and I want to share it with you today.

The music that we chose was actually a beautiful piano cover of a heavy metal song. We heard it on YouTube and I was like “this is one of the most beautiful pieces of music I have ever heard in my life”.

It’s bringing me to tears. I thought this is just magical. The song was called “Walk Away”. Can you believe it? It was called Walk Away! 

Lynette [00:01:47] Oh fabulous!

James [00:01:49] Rachel I kind of thought this is just too good. We have to use this piece of music, people are going to be like oh, this is so emotional. Our hearts are bleeding. And it was brilliant because Rachel and I inside, were just giggling. We were like this is so funny. 

Lynette [00:02:02] Oh, superb! 

 [00:02:04] Yes. So I really wanted to ask you. Let’s dig into it. Couples want to use a piece of music. 

Lynette [00:02:10] They do! 

James [00:02:11] Maybe a piece of classical music like a well-known one.

So what are the options? And how does it work?

Lynette [00:02:15] Well sometimes people go classical, and a very popular one is Pachelbel’s Canon, that has to be out there. If you’re having a classical wedding in a church or beautiful gardens, and they want to go for that, then that tends to be the choice people go for. They’ll say oh what’s that Canon? You know it’s definitely that one! Or the Wedding Marches by Mendelssohn. Trumpet tune, or the classical side of things.

But what you do find more and more of these days is people don’t go for classical. They want their special song. So things like A Thousand Years are very popular for walking down the aisle to.

Birdy, Wings, we arranged. And very recently last summer, one girl had a very special nursery rhyme that her dad used to sing to her, and it was Lavenders Bloom. And so we arranged that for the quartet. We play all sorts. We’ve got Foo Fighters, Everlong. Star Wars fans, they go for Throne Room and Yoda’s Theme has been walked down the aisle to. So anything goes these days. 

James [00:03:18] No Imperial March? 

Lynette [00:03:21] Yes we have got that as well, and it has been used. Yep, and of course Hobbit fans, We play stuff from there too. 

James [00:03:29] Ahah, good choice! 

Lynette [00:03:30] Yes. So anything goes these days. And whether you want a really classical wedding, we play in castles, we play in grounds, we play in churches, and sometimes people go for the completely classical. So in the registration and to walk out to. Or…

they’ll start with classical to walk in to and then they’ll go for their favourite songs doing the registration, because the photography usually takes ages. And so we play whilst the guests chat. And then to walk out to they might go for something crazy like Foo Fighters or something like that.

So it’s very personal these days, and I’ve noticed a difference since we set up in 2001. There’s been a huge change in the music we play. We have been emptying out our pads this year of all sorts of things we never play anymore. 

James [00:04:20] Right. 

Lynette [00:04:22] There’s barely any classical in our pads anymore. 

James [00:04:24] I’m not wholly surprised that you’re telling me this actually because I think in the last sort of maybe one year or two years there has been a huge, a massive shift into personalisation. Bringing in more little personal things, that mean things to us. 

Lynette [00:04:42] Yes. 

James [00:04:42] And it’s definitely moving in that direction. Everyone wants something unique to them. 

Lynette [00:04:45] Their own stamp. A unique wedding and we love it. We have so much fun and we will play anything. And some things work better than others for String Quartets admittedly. We got asked for a rap song, that doesn’t work quite so well for a String Quartet. But we got some fabulous choices and over all the eras. And so even going into Drinks Reception after your wedding ceremony, we’ll break into all sorts of things from jazz numbers through to very modern day. A lot of Ed Sheran gets asked for and things like that.

So we’ve got a massive variation in rep and as you say, people love to personalise their weddings. And it really is a stamp on your Ceremony isn’t it? 

James [00:05:31] Yeah absolutely. So how much scope is there for you learning something new? 

Lynette [00:05:36] Oh we can play anything! Not a problem at all. We have two fabulous arrangers we use on a regular basis. Or we can go online sometimes and find the music. But there’s one brilliant girl we use in Serbia, who does a lot of arranging for us and sends them across. I’ve had a request for three weeks time for something, and I e-mailed her last night and no problem, she’ll arrange it for us. 

James [00:06:00] Wow! 

Lynette [00:06:00] Because that’s a very special song to them and it’s not a problem.

If we’ve got the music in front of us, we’ll play it. And it’s really anything goes, we’ll play anything for you. Not a problem! 

James [00:06:11] The impression that I get from that then, is you’re very confident and very accomplished. Because to be able to pull that together in that short space of time, that’s incredible!

Lynette [00:06:23] We’re all experienced players and we’ve got a lot of experience in recording and different things and varieties of music. And then I also teach on the side, a lot of teenagers. So I do keep up with my pop music because they like to play that. Oh Greatest Showman of course. 

James [00:06:41] Ah a recent one! OK!

Lynette [00:06:45] Yes. So anything goes. Anything at all. We’re very flexible. 

James [00:06:52] That kind of leads me on to the next question actually. Which you’ve already sort of partially answered. I’d like to see if you can bring anything more to it.

Is there anything you would say that makes Capriccio String Quartet really stand out? Or differentiate you? Something that you find is unique or particularly impresses upon your clients? 

Lynette [00:07:12] I think we are up there with very much keeping up to date with our rep. We are constantly changing our repertoire. We’re constantly getting new songs in and we we really are on it all the time. So yeah that helps and we’ve got some very good YouTube videos so people can see us on YouTube. But we’re constantly changing and constantly moving with the times. 

James [00:07:40] Right. I’m taken by surprise actually. I’m still pedalling here underneath the table trying to catch up because I never realised that you could actually turn something around that fast. My experience of String Quartets comes from maybe four or five years ago, is the last time we really worked alongside one. And at the time, learning a bespoke piece of music would have been a big thing. That would have been a big, big thing. So to hear that you can just take it and run with it, I think it’s impressive! 

Lynette [00:08:08] Oh totally! I love music. I love music and I will YouTube something and make sure I really know it, because I’m the lead violinist as well.

So I tend to carry the tune and I’ll make sure I really know it. If I don’t know the song, I’ll make sure I know it because I want to bring the proper feel to that song. Not a classical violinist feel, you know, the feel of the actual song.

So I do my homework and we all do our homework. 

James [00:08:37] So with this arranger in Serbia then, do you ever tweak the feeling of a song to make it your own, or put your own spin on it? 

Lynette [00:08:47] Yes I mean a string quartet is not going to sound like Metallica. 

James [00:08:52] Absolutely! But Nothing Else Matters! 

Lynette [00:09:03] Exactly! And we’ve got that one! For example recently on YouTube we did a song that was very popular. It’s an old one actually, 1970s, Everlasting Love. And it’s brilliant. It works brilliantly for String Quartet, but it’s very much a string quartet feel. And one guy who loved this band and really liked that song, absolutely loved it. Because it was so alternative in feel. But you do have to remember when you are requesting a song, we’re not going to sound like the band. 

James [00:09:37] No, a String Quartet version. 

Lynette [00:09:37] We are a String Quartet. 

James [00:09:43]

Having said that though, have you ever had a request to say bring a singer on? 

Lynette [00:09:48] Yes. Yeah we have. If you go to YouTube we’ve got the fabulous singer, Alice. And Alice’s mum actually does lots of arrangements for the Quartet as well. And Alice is a fabulous singer and we have done gigs with her as well. She’s a phenomenal singer. So yeah, that’s never a problem either. And we’ve done something with a Bride’s friend who is a classical singer, and we accompanied her. So yeah we can do that too. Yeah. So it’s no problem. 

James [00:10:24] Well Lynnette thank you so much. Very, very high octane, very high energy episode. And that’s what we like. We like yes we can do it. Whatever you need. Let’s get on with it. Let’s go. 

Lynette [00:10:37] We love what we do! We absolutely love it! 

James [00:10:37] It ticks all the boxes!

Lynette [00:10:37] Thank you ever so much. It’s been really good fun! 

James [00:10:42] You’re more than welcome, it’s been great fun to chat to you today. 

Lynette [00:10:42] Thank you. 

James [00:10:43] All right take care Lynette, bye for now! 

Lynette [00:10:43] Bye bye!

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  • Reply
    Tim Podesta
    April 18, 2019 at 10:43 am

    Live music at a wedding makes a big difference

    • Reply
      James Pearson
      April 18, 2019 at 10:45 am

      Hey Tim, you’re absolutely right! Thanks for sharing that, with your experience, you must have seen SO many Weddings “lifted” by having great music!

  • Reply
    Lynette Webster
    April 18, 2019 at 2:45 pm

    Thanks so much for the lovely interview James. It was great chatting and getting across how much we really love helping to make weddings personal to every couple.

    • Reply
      James Pearson
      April 18, 2019 at 2:49 pm

      It really was my pleasure Lynette. Music is a topic very close to my heart, so to get buzzing with you by seeing so much passion there for what you do was an absolute joy. We must do it again sometime soon!

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