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Something Borrowed, Something Blue, A Bespoke Wedding Song Just For You! with Lynz Crichton

Who knew this was even possible!!! A bespoke Wedding Song about you as a couple, written especially for your Wedding Day! Lynz Crichton tunes us in!

Listen to Lynz on the Wedding Espresso Awesome DIY Wedding Planning Podcast…


Lynz Crichton


James [00:00:05] Good morning Lynz. It is wonderful to see you. 

Lynz [00:00:09] Good Morning, Thank you and you too. 

James [00:00:11] How are you doing?

Lynz [00:00:12] I am doing really well this morning. I am super happy to be here and have a good chat with you guys. 

James [00:00:19] Love it, brilliant, thank you.

So you’re Lynz Crichton and you are a singer/songwriter. Now not only do you perform at weddings, but you also write custom wedding songs for people.

This is a big thing, we’re very excited. Music –  any kind of music – is one of my favourite topics in the universe. So having the chance to talk to you today is just incredible for me, I’m so excited about it! The topic that I want to cover with you…we had fun coming up with this one. It goes something a little bit like this (if I can get it out all in one go without stuttering)…

“Something Borrowed, Something Blue, A Bespoke Wedding Song Just for You”. 

James [00:01:06] So “Boom”!!. Obviously this is right up your alley. You write bespoke wedding songs for people. So do you want to just break down the process of what it is, how it works, what people get, and how they could possibly use it?

Lynz [00:01:21] Absolutely, so music on your big day I think is a huge part of the day. And people get really excited about it because it’s something that you’ve got some lovely control over. And your emotional connection to the songs that you love is a big part of your life and a big part of your joint story with the person that you love a lot of the time as well. 

James [00:01:43] Completely true! 

Lynz [00:01:44] Yeah.

So showcasing those songs and sharing them with friends and family is a really important thing.

But I’ve found a lot of the time halfway through – when you’ve got all these things to do, to plan for a big day, and you get halfway through and you’re like “are people going to dance? Do we use the iPod thing or do we get live music? and how do we find the live music?”. And so then it’s a bit like “it’s turning into a headache”. 

James [00:02:13] Completely. 

Lynz [00:02:15] My big happy place in life is to completely take the stress out of the situation, eradicate problems and take it off people’s shoulders. So in terms of playing live at weddings, I love doing that. But the personalised bespoke song stuff is oh….

my favourite bit about this is finding out all about how you started as a couple, why you fell in love, the golden nuggets of these two people coming together, and then turning that into a song. 

Lynz [00:02:49] That’s where the idea came from, that’s how it started. But I think as well going back to the worry bit, bespoke songs are a complete unknown at the moment. So for me to be able to, on this chat here, talk about what it entails, when you already have enough to do, “is it going to be megabucks?” that’s another worry for people nowadays getting married. 

James [00:03:16] Bespoke sounds expensive. 

Lynz [00:03:16] Exactly! Except it doesn’t have to be. So the first thing even if this idea of having a song written for you, if it’s of interest at all, the first thing to do is get in touch with me (e-mail, Facebook Messenger, however you want to) and say “I’m interested but I’m a bit worried, I don’t I don’t understand how it works, what it’s about”. And the first thing I do is send over my inspiration form. My inspiration form is just a series of questions to get the ball rolling. So things that I just mentioned so, where did you meet?, what was it about the person that you noticed you really liked first? Just little things that are really easy to answer. But it quickly, for me as the songwriter, gets to the heart of where the love is.

And by the way I must say at this point it doesn’t have to be a lovey dovey slushie song. I have written funny tongue in cheek songs because sometimes that’s what people really want as well!

James [00:04:20] I think the funny angle actually works really well for weddings. It could be cute and endearing, can’t it? So absolutely!

Lynz [00:04:25] Exactly. Exactly. So then at that point when we’ve got a little bit of information, if there’s a story, and I think “that sounds interesting”, I might email back and we might go back and forth a little bit on some of the stories that have cropped up. And at that point I will start the process of writing the song – so no money at this point has changed hands. It’s just…. 

James [00:04:47] Exploration. 

Lynz [00:04:47] Yeah. Exactly. Exactly. Then when I think I’ve got a rough demo of a song going on I will record a very rough (video, actually) demo of the song. Me playing the guitar singing it and I send it over to you. And that’s kind of the start of the process then for you to come back and go “oh I really like the vibe” or “actually can you change that wording” or this paragraph or whatever.

So then we have a conversation back and forth until the point when you’re ready and you think “I really like that”, and it could fit in my first dance, or it could be my walking down the aisle song, or it could be played in the ceremony or whatever.

And at that point then we say we’re going to do this and then we record a real version. 

James [00:05:33] Amazing. It’s so much more collaborative than I ever thought it would be. To be honest with you, I thought that the idea of having a song, maybe you’d say “yeah you know we kind of like Ed Sheeran or maybe we like Iron Maiden, and can you do something that sounds a little bit like that, or something”. And then just hand the process over to you so I never realised that it would be so involved. 

Lynz [00:05:56] You can do it that way, but like I was saying earlier, music is linked to our emotions whether we know it or not.

And so to have an emotional connection with a song I think, this kind of song, it’s got to be about you. And so I need to find out about you.

And I love that bit as well because I find that the magic is in those bits that you think are so boring and mundane and “this is just my life, it’s not interesting”. No it is! it’s really interesting. 

James [00:06:29] It’s what makes you unique. 

Lynz [00:06:31] Yeah exactly. And that’s why I say… I’m get goose pimples talking about it now, because this is like really my happy place. You know, why the songs work. 

James [00:06:38] That’s cool. So in addition to writing the song then, I know you said you make a video to show them your performance of it if you like. And I guess as you are watching live musicians, you get an extra layer of feeling don’t you? this expression of somebody putting themselves and their ideas and feelings into the music.

Have you ever been asked to perform the song live? 

Lynz [00:07:07] Yeah. 

James [00:07:09] Cool, can you tell us a little bit about that? 

Lynz [00:07:09] Yeah sure. There’s quite a few occasions where the song has been requested as a specific part of a day. So like I was just saying I’ve played the song or a bespoke written song as part of ceremonies. So instead of having a reading they might want a song, because then you really have got an audience that’s just listening at that moment. Walking down the aisle as well, some people find it really difficult to choose a particular song. And often I just say the best thing to do is have one just about you guys, or just if it’s the bride walking or whatever, you can tailor it. The first dance is another one,

so there are lots of opportunities during the day to have that bespoke song for a particular reason. So yes I definitely do play them live, it doesn’t have to be, if people just want a recording of it that’s also cool.

But yeah I do play them live as well. 

James [00:08:06] Awesome. Here’s a curveball question actually. This is a personal one for me. Rachel mentioned I think that I actually wrote a song for Rachel for our wedding. I’m a very, very, very amateur songwriter, I do it as a hobby. I’ve done it for years, it’s kind of an impulse. It’s something I can’t control, I just go and I write my ideas. And so I thought “if I don’t try, I’m going to regret not doing that for the rest of my life”. So I thought “I’m going to try”. And to all intents and purposes, and from my own perspective, I think, I worked on it so hard for so long, it was probably the best thing I ever wrote. So it was nice that it came together. 

James [00:08:54] Now I wish we’d had this talk back in 2012 or something, and I could have spoken to someone about it, because I don’t think we had that…. we just didn’t know anybody that wrote music or had anything to do with that really. So if someone had, let’s say part written a song, or written some ideas.

Some people, they just go outside and they write lyrics down and then occasionally they’ll have a tune, and then maybe someone else will record it. That’s how people write music. So if somebody had an idea or the basics of a song, could they send that to you and say “Lynz please, make it sound awesome!” 

Lynz [00:09:35] This is why I love technology nowadays because the short answer to your question is “yes absolutely!”. The longer version in an answer to your question is, I would happily do online coaching sessions, co-write it with you, help you to record it if necessary. I really believe that my reason for being on this earth is to bring these stories to life in songs, and help people to do that. I don’t need any limelight, thank you very much, it’s your big day, it’s whatever you want on your day, and if that is what you want, let’s do it!

James [00:10:14] Incredible. I don’t know how many people that would apply to, but it would apply to me, so it must apply to somebody else out there as well, and it’s great to know that’s an option. That’s super cool. 

Lynz [00:10:25] And in addition to that. There’s an extra bit that I’ve been asked to do before which is… I admit I hadn’t thought of it myself before somebody suggested it, but the other thing to say when you’ve got your bespoke song, and yes you can have it performed live it on the day, or you can have a recording of it, you can also have it turned into favours! 

Lynz [00:10:48]

So when you’ve got your guest list of however many people, you can either create it as the favour with download cards, USBs, vinyls even if that’s what you are into, and give one out to everybody.

I’m all about streamlining your to do lists. If that helps out in any way then that can be arranged as well. 

James [00:11:12] Super cool. So in terms… I know we’ve touched on it briefly, but I think it would be good to expand on it in terms of your bespoke wedding song then. At what points specifically in the day do those fit, can they work? just so people have got some ideas going. When can we use those songs?

Lynz [00:11:33] So if you’ve got a bespoke, if you ordered a bespoke wedding song? 

James [00:11:36] Yes. 

Lynz [00:11:37] It’s totally, it’s a personal thing. It’s totally down to the couple. But as I’ve said before, so one ideal place would be actually in the ceremony, either in replacement of a reading. Instead, if you wanted to do something a little bit different, you could have a song, whether that be live or recorded again, that’s up to you. Signing the register, people usually have music when the Register is being signed. That could be another one as well because obviously people are kind of sitting around at that point watching. So it could be something that they actually could listen to. The lyrics could also be in the order of service as well, so that they can see that as well, so that’s another one. The first dance is another one because that is a real focal point time, a lot of the time you don’t have to necessarily do your own dance to it, I mean that’s just an extra. Walking down the aisle is another one. So there’s lots of different… loads of scope. 

James [00:12:38]

I suppose the musician in me is thinking once the song’s written can it be rearranged, or maybe used several times throughout the day, like maybe just an instrumental version. 

Lynz [00:12:48] Oh gosh yeah. I mean depending on what kind of… I write, I am an acoustic, I call myself like an “indie folk musician”. Some people run a mile at the word “folk”. I don’t necessarily sing about sea shanties on the sea. But acoustic/indie/folk singer/songwriter-ish vibe. However if you’re really into thrash metal or something and you wanted a thrash metal version I’m sure it could be arranged. 

James [00:13:16] Yeah I mean it’s one of the stories that we tell quite often. But Rachel, the track that we chose for Rachel to walk down the aisle to was actually a piano cover of a heavy metal song. Because when we heard it it was just “oh this sounds incredible, this is beautiful, what a lovely piece of music”. And it just blew our minds. So I mean the range and the scope is just phenomenal. 

Lynz [00:13:40] I love that. 

James [00:13:42] It’s a bit different. There’s another point actually I want to bring up with you and it’s because we’re so heavily into our music. Obviously we tried to cram as much music into the day as possible, everywhere, everywhere that it would fit, we would stick it in there. And the same kind of applies to any time that we get our family together to do something. I feel that, like you said at the beginning, it rings very true with me that music is almost an external expression of self. And some things are said in songs and they have special meaning, or maybe they dig up memories for you. And we ran out of places to put music on my son’s Naming Day because I put two sets together to play on CD. It was an “everyone arriving” CD and then “the party afterwards” CD. And we spent ages choosing those songs, but then we just ran out of time. It’s like we’ve got so much music we want to get in here, and we just run out of time. What can we do? And I thought what we could do is,

we could strip off lyrics from a track that meant something to us and use it as a reading. 

James [00:14:55] Yeah. 

Lynz [00:14:56] So I mean that’s another idea isn’t it? Interestingly in my own wedding, we did that as a reading, one of the readings was Billy Joel’s “Don’t Go Changin’ ” We did it as reading so absolutely you can do that. 

James [00:15:13] Amazing. 

Lynz [00:15:14] Yeah. 

James [00:15:16] Cool. So just before we wrap things up because we’re fast running out time already! It’s one of those really quick one’s! Time’s flying!

Are there any tips or advice or anything you’d like to give to couples looking or even considering having a bespoke song written for them? 

Lynz [00:15:34] Just reach out. Whether it’s me or whether it’s another musician that you know. I’ve spoken to lots and lots of musicians as well over the years and a lot of them when I suggest this to them they go “Oh I could do that”. So if you know any or you have any local musicians down the road from you just ask them, just ask them. And if you need any more specific info like “I’ve got this musician friend, they’re going to write me a song but they don’t know how much to charge” Just contact me and we’ll have a chat about it, It shouldn’t be something that’s stressful, it should be something that’s a really enjoyable process. 

James [00:16:10] So cool. Well we love how open and approachable you are, it’s absolutely fantastic that you are willing to help people to that extent. That’s what we like to see, it’s amazing. 

Lynz [00:16:18] Thank you. That’s awesome. 

James [00:16:21] Brill. Well Lynz thank you so much for sparing the time to share information with us. It was a very jolly little chat. Great information shared there, that was an incredible session I think!

Lynz [00:16:33] Thank you so much for having me. 

James [00:16:35] Awesome it’s been our absolute pleasure. 

Lynz [00:16:38] See you soon guys. 

James [00:16:39] See you later Lynz, take care. Bye! 

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  • Reply
    Lynz Crichton
    August 27, 2019 at 1:40 pm

    Thanks SOOO much for your fun chat James! I had such a blast chatting to you about this and getting the word out there, and would love to be able to help more couples get a super personalised, special & bespoke song for their big day! 💑

    • Reply
      James Pearson
      August 27, 2019 at 3:58 pm

      This was awesome, thanks Lynz – give me any excuse to talk about music and I will. Chuck in a Wedding, and it’s a party! Thanks again for sharing, loved this to bits!!!

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