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Sigita Vitkauskiene from Sig Makeup

Join us for a chat with Sigita from Sig Makeup as we talk all things Weddings, Makeup, Love and Happiness. Oh, and Books, Regrets, the absence of “what if’s” and Romance.

Honestly, the true beauty of what you’ll discover here is not just skin deep.

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Sigita Vitkauskiene, Sig Makup



On my website I wrote that you have to click.

Yes, of course.

I am based in the West Midlands but I will travel everywhere my client needs me. And I don’t have packages, maybe, you know, like doing makeup on the weekends only for 5 people or more. I will do makeup for just one Bride, if she needs me, and it doesn’t matter where. Because I think when you click, again with feelings, when you feel you are the one and you want to do something together, you just must do it!

You can see that’s why I have so many interactions, I like commenting and to get comments from people, to have that.



What I would say, like what my life credo would be with these things like meeting you, and love, and everything else, I always say that it’s better to say “oops”, rather than “what if”.

Exactly, yes, that’s a good one. So if you make a mistake, “oops”.

Not “what if” – what if we have a chat? Maybe we will like each other? Instead of that, maybe even after this conversation I will say “oops”, but not “what if”… I tried!

Definitely not “oops” or “what if” 🙂



I love feelings. I suppose you could say that about me with all the emoji’s etc. But I loved makeup from the very beginning, from the very earliest point that I can remember. And I loved Brides from the very beginning. I even asked my mum to make a veil for me, and remember sleeping in it when I was five. I love feelings and happiness is the thing that I think most people are looking for all the time, and the Wedding is the tipping point of that. I had my Wedding and I know how you will feel on your wedding day. It’s just that happily ever after.

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