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Selda & Derek, Bespoke Wedding Song Writers

Question – What do you get for your Wedding when you enlist the talent of amazing songwriters for stage and screen? Easy! You get a stunningly beautiful, emotive bespoke Wedding song all about your lives together. Selda and Derek are a Wedding songwriting duo from New York City with some seriously awesome connections. These two amazing humans joined us on Bride Craic to chat about all things inspirational, music, love and laughter… and butter in your coffee!

Welcome to the world of professional bespoke Wedding song writing, welcome to the world of Selda and Derek. You’ll not want to miss this! Discover just how fantastic these incredible Wedding songwriters are right now. Your Wedding will thank you for it!

Listen to Selda and Derek on “Bride Craic” The Weekly Wedding Podcast from Wedding Espresso…


Selda and Derek, Bespoke Wedding Song Writers



You know, if we have a Flautist over for some other session, and we have extra time, we can give him or her a couple of glasses of wine and say, “hey, let’s lay down a thing”. And they’ll say “oh my goodness, you’re doing this for a Wedding?”. “Oh my goodness, yeah give me two glasses of wine and I’ll play it”.

And we get some Broadway musician coming in who will just lay down 45 seconds of music. I mean, it is what it is. You’re welcome to our world. You’re stepping into our world as what we do with our song writing career and we’re kind of pumping it through our regular system and seeing what comes out.

Off the bat, that feels incredibly generous! You know, that’s an obvious passion for what you do and what you provide.

It’s a cool moment to capture when people are… and this is going to sound cheesy but they’re in love, presumably or you know, I don’t know… Maybe exchanging livestock or whatever happened a long time ago!



Can I say something philosophical? I have a philosophical thought! I don’t think that we know what the most interesting parts of ourselves are. She didn’t realise the power of these stories, which were just her stories, because she lived it and because she’s probably retold that story 50 times. It just doesn’t seem that interesting to her.

But really all of it’s fascinating, I think that’s true of everyone. We’re not the judges of what’s interesting about us. Other people are the judges of what’s interesting about us.

Judging isn’t the right word, that sounded harsh 🙂 But the arbiter?


Yes! 🙂



The conversation had so many great buzzwords and sentences and this gentleman named Foster, who works with us was doing a lot of administrative work, was just taking notes and I was whispering, “write that down”, “get that whole sentence”. And this woman is not a songwriter, but she’s full of gold.

Well she was an interesting thing because she said “I don’t know what to share”. And then she just started talking, and I was like, “all of that!”. There was ten songs in what she said over the course of 15 minutes.

And Selda has so much to start with, details… And just the way she described what her partner does for her to be able to be the best version of herself and move through some very, very troubling times, and adversity, there’s just so much there.

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