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The Origin Of My Wedding Photography! With Kathryn Goddard, Capture This Moment

What drives a Wedding Photographer to produce amazing images for you? Kathryn Goddard from Capture This Moment shares her origin story and her passion!

Listen to Kathryn on the Wedding Espresso Awesome DIY Wedding Planning Podcast…


Kathryn Goddard, Capture This Moment


James [00:00:02] Kathryn thank you for joining me and welcome to Wedding Espresso. 

Kathryn [00:00:06] Hi. How are you today? 

James [00:00:07] Yeah I’m very good and yourself? 

Kathryn [00:00:09] Yeah. Good thank you. Enjoying this weather!

James [00:00:11] Brilliant!. Yeah me too. So you’re from Capture This Moment and you provide fantastic wedding photography for lucky brides and grooms to be. And I’m super excited today because what we’re going to be discussing with you is basically your superhero origin story. So just as Spiderman was bitten by a radioactive spider, we want to know what has caused you to become a wedding superhero. And we do see wedding supplies as superheroes because anybody that can take a bride and groom, and produce a result which they love, and they treasure for the rest of their life, is a fantastic outcome. So without further ado

“how did you get started in wedding photography and what inspires you?”

Kathryn [00:00:57] I’ve always, always taken photographs. So my parents, a couple of months ago gave me a box that was up in their loft. It’s just full of photographs of my childhood. Through holidays and things like that and my daughter and I are just looking at them all and laughing and saying “gosh, you’ve taken so many” and I said but it’s really what I’ve always done. But I suppose the first wedding I ever photographed was actually my daughter’s reception teacher, nine years ago. I’d never shot a wedding before. I wasn’t even working as a professional photographer. I was taking that time out you know in motherhood. I had two young children. I wasn’t working. 

James [00:01:41] Yep! 

Kathryn [00:01:42] And she’d asked me if I would take her wedding Photographs, after taking photographs at the class nativity. 

James [00:01:51] Big privilege, big stress! 

Kathryn [00:01:53] Big privilege, big stress! Incredible! All I kept thinking was I’m going to see this woman every day for the next term because she got married at Easter. So I had the whole of the Summer Term to get through thinking that I would see this lady every day, when I dropped my daughter off and when I collect her.

So it was a huge, just a huge responsibility to take on and the trust to be put into me to capture their wedding day, was just absolutely terrifying.

And I must admit I did have a few wobbles, panicked, went out and bought a new camera. Because at the time I was only using my first digital camera that my husband bought me a couple of Christmases previously to that. 

James [00:02:35] Right! 

Kathryn [00:02:36] And so I went out and bought a slightly better camera, treated myself. And I also attended just a one day workshop. 

James [00:02:44] OK like a primer? 

Kathryn [00:02:47] Just a primer. Just to go and see what it’s like. Yeah. And then the day came and I was still absolutely petrified. And also my daughter was with me at that wedding as well. Because the class had all been invited along. Because she wanted them to sing during the church service. So here I have my five year old daughter and I’m here taking Wedding Photographs. A huge, huge responsibility. And actually a real privilege as well. And I think that really gave me the buzz, that very first wedding. Just standing there nervously at the back of the church taking photographs. Doing a few group shots. We had torrential rain so we couldn’t go outside. 

James [00:03:32] Right gosh! Throwing everything at you! 

Kathryn [00:03:34] I was panicking about where can I do group photographs, and all of that stuff. But somehow I pulled it off. And to this day I still don’t know how. But it was just amazing.

And then I think that just bit me. Just being given that responsibility, that trust, but also knowing that you are in such a privileged position to capture people’s weddings. I think that was it. And it was incredible. And I really enjoyed it. So that was my very first wedding. 

James [00:04:09] Fantastic. I mean from our experience then I guess you’re speaking about the pressure and the excitement and the… I don’t know, the intensity of the responsibility of having to do this. Do you feel, do you still feel this way? Because I don’t think we ever overcame that kind of nervous excitement before a wedding. And I think as you rise, as you kind of climb that mountain, you go over this peak don’t you? And then it suddenly turns into just thrill, and is that kind of your experience of Wedding Photography in general? 

Kathryn [00:04:41] I still think it’s such a privilege to actually capture somebodies wedding day. Because very often you’re given a unique view into their wedding day as well. 

James [00:04:51] Yep! 

Kathryn [00:04:51] You’re invited in, you’re there during bridal prep, during all those nervous moments when they’re all getting ready, and all those things. And you get to see things before a lot of guests get to see them. All those aspects of a wedding day. It’s such a privilege as well, and then for somebody to put that amount of trust in you capturing that day, it’s just huge! 

James [00:05:18] Phenomenal! 

Kathryn [00:05:19] And even now I still, the night before, anxiously charge all my batteries, check all my kit. Make sure I’ve got everything sorted, what group shots I’m doing, I know where I’m going. All of that! And I still have that sort of slightly nervous thinking. Oh my goodness am I going to be able to pull it off. But I do.

And it’s just wonderful, and it’s so nice when people look at your photographs and go “that’s incredible. That is just such a wonderful moment”. Even if it’s just one of those candid moments that you’re capturing. Yeah it’s just such a privilege. 

James [00:05:57] Yeah I really do believe that brides and grooms in general who aren’t wedding professionals themselves, they never really truly understand the pressure and the anxiety that wedding professionals actually go through to produce these results. And ironically it’s actually the overcoming of that anxiety and that intensity that is the thrill isn’t it? That’s the excitement of the job. And like you said, when you nail that perfect moment, that’s when it pays you back in dividends. And it’s like a really wow moment for you emotionally, and personally. 

Kathryn [00:06:33] It is such a wow moment. I’m just recording something that you know, in theory, we only get married once. So for many brides and grooms it is the one day, we can’t repeat it. So just knowing that you’ve captured that moment in history for people to go on in the future and look at it and say “Yes that was the best day of my life”. And they flip back through wedding albums or through their photographs. And it’s just like “that was really good day!” Look at all these memories that we had and all these moments. 

James [00:07:13] That’s incredible. I think your experience of getting started is quite similar to ours in that we were sort of dropped in. We didn’t really have any kind of build up, it was was just suddenly this is what we’re doing now, and we love it. Wow.

So would you say that there’s been anything kind of since then in the years, that has influenced your style or your approach or your ideas? 

Kathryn [00:07:38] I really enjoy looking at wedding photographs. Even if they’re from other professional photographers. I love looking through the images on Instagram or on Facebook and things like that, just to see the moments they capture. And I know I’m not trying to recreate them, I think you can learn from how they shoot. Where they position people with regard to light and things like that. Yeah I think it’s just an ongoing process isn’t it? All the time, to learn. 

James [00:08:16] Yes completely! 

Kathryn [00:08:19] I can see my photographs I took nine years ago, how different they are today. It’s an amazing journey to have been on. And I think you should always constantly learn as well. I do spend quite a lot of time, whether I do styled shoots for myself, or I go off with couples and just say that I’m going to do this new thing, because I want to learn and practice new techniques, and I think that is really valuable, and I think we should all do that as much as we can. 

James [00:08:51] It’s funny you brought that up because I was always taking myself into strange environments like forests and woods and playing with ideas and styles and trying to capture light in a different way that would produce a different kind of story. And I think like you said, we look at other photographers.

One of my actual favourite hobbies, my pastimes, is to look at photographers work and see if I can find like a duality in the story of the image.

There’s something obviously front and centre. Is there also something else that they’ve spotted in the background that you know, enhances or augments that image into something completely different. I love that when it’s got multiple layers. That’s one of my favourite things!

Kathryn [00:09:32] Yes when you look through images and you see that people have shot through foliage, and then what’s in the background, and what else. What adds to that image to make it stand out. Yeah what makes it really stand out. I was at a photography show in Birmingham, and went to a talk by Ross Harvey and it was fantastic. Some of the photos he was showing.

He was just showing you how by actually just changing your perspective and your viewpoint, how you can change that moment. And it was just incredible to see someone look at it slightly differently to how you would look at it.

So it was a really interesting talk to go to. Yeah. I think we can learn from watching other people’s photography and what goes and how they view things slightly differently. 

James [00:10:28] Well it’s been fantastic to speak to you, we’re actually out of time now, but it’s been incredible to speak to you today. Thank you so much for sharing your origin story with us. It’s always really great to hear how people got started. It’s always fantastic to hear that their passion is the driving force. 

Kathryn [00:10:45] Thank you very much for having me. 

James [00:10:47] More than a pleasure Kathryn. Hopefully we’ll get to speak to you again in the near future. 

Kathryn [00:10:51] Yes look forward to it, thank you. 

James [00:10:52] Thanks again. Cheers bye. 

Kathryn [00:10:53] Bye.

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    Thank you so much for the opportunity James, great chatting to you!

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      Great to chat to you Kathryn! Thanks so much for sharing the story of your Wedding Photography! We’re looking forward to the next one!!!

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