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On The Lash, Wedding Day Lashes! A Weducation Presentation


Planning to go on the lash at your Wedding? That is, beutifying your bridal lashes? Chrys Chapman MUA walks us through the options available!

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Chrys Chapman MUA


James: [00:00:00] So without further ado we shall move on to the Weducation Presentations. Now as you know, or as regular watchers will know, these are amazing, we love them. So they are three minutes of pure Weducation where each of these guys is going to share something very, very specific. Very, very poignant about their expertise, with you. And you’re going to leave here having seen something absolutely spectacular in a very, very short space of time. So we are very, very excited to share these with you today. First up I would actually like to invite Chrys to share her Weducation with us. So Chrys I shall hand over you and you can take it away. 

Chrys: [00:00:42] Fabulous. So as I alluded to when I showed you my beverage, I thought we were talking about cocktails, which sort of inspired what I’m talking to you about today.

So I’ve lovingly called this “On the lash”. Now lashes is something that I’m being asked about a lot at the moment.

So rewind sort of a year and a half, two years ago, it was all about brows. Lashes seem to be the hot topic with a lot of my brides at the moment. So I just wanted to go over different choices Brides have, when it comes to lashes. And what the benefits and downsides can be. 

Chrys: [00:01:15] So your first and most obvious one is just your lashes. Now this is my personal choice. It doesn’t have to be everybody’s. But that said, I’ve got very full lashes, so I don’t necessarily need a lot going on there. But there are lots of tricks that we can employ just using mascara, and using liner, to make lash line look really full. And all of those tricks can be done in a waterproof way. So you know nothing is going to budge. For me, the part that I like the best about is, that I don’t feel anything alien on my eyes through the day. Which goes right back to that feeling of yourself, if you’re used to wearing lashes, go for it. Don’t not wear them. But I’m not particularly used to it, so for me, I don’t tend to wear them. But if you do wear them, you might like strip lashes, and I did say I’d bring props, I’ve brought them. So let’s show you. That ones quite a natural lash. You can see the spine. So that’s the bit that runs half moon shaped, on that one is quite thick. So even though they are a natural lash, they’ll feel quite heavy on the lid. These guys are almost invisible. So the lashes are longer but they’re further apart and a little bit more fluttery. And because the spine is so thin, you wont feel them as much. 

Chrys: [00:02:36]

Obviously glue is really important, but it shouldn’t cost the earth.

And your make up artist should really be providing these for you. If you haven’t had a discussion with your make up artist before the big day, make sure you just clarify, in case bridesmaids, or yourself are expecting to have them. But I always keep an arsenal in my kit. So that’s those. 

Chrys: [00:02:52]

Another choice that I get asked for a lot is the individual lash extensions.

Not everybody offers this because it is an additional training and additional service. But they look amazing. So this one, I would say in terms of your false lashes, looks the most natural, and they last the longest. So with Honeymoon in mind, this can be a really good option. So this is where a therapist like me would come in and we individually isolate the lashes. With special tweezers, I told you I brought props. Special tweezers, see how big they are, the guys are kind of going oh my gosh, they’re for your eyes!? They are, it’s awesome. So I isolate your lashes and then I insert a false lash with an adhesive, that lasts about two weeks. So basically as long as your lash growth lasts, that’s how long the lash will last. So you should get two weeks out of them. All that said, you need a patch test for those and with your strip lashes, if you don’t normally wear them, I’d really suggest road testing them. 

Chrys: [00:03:51]

So when you book in your make up trial, if you want to try lashes, that’s a perfect time.

You can also save your lashes from that day, as long as they’re reusable, and use them for the big day if you want to, and save a bit of cost. And other than that, you can go for an LVL lift, but that is again, an additional service that not everybody provides. It’s a bit like a lash perm, like it used to be in the old days. We don’t use perming solution anymore, we’ve moved on with technology thank goodness. But it will just lift your natural lashes to give you more of a curl. So you get more impact with your natural lash, but you can still use mascara which you cannot do as much with your lash extensions. So yeah. Those are the basic choices. There are a few variations in there but that’s your basic. Lots of choices for everybody and something all your make up artists should be versed in. 

James: [00:04:39] Fantastic. Thank you very much.

So guys, what questions do you think brides should be firing across to Chrys before booking a make up artist? 

Joey: [00:04:52] So weirdly, for some reason, I know about make up. This is not from my own experience. My girlfriend is massively into it and 24/7 she is on YouTube watching make up tutorials about products. And the one thing she tells me is that because of her skin, she can only have certain brands of makeup and things like that. So for you, when you are doing somebodies makeup for their wedding, is it something you would allow where you could use their makeup? Specifically in case they had worries about their skin or anything? 

Chrys: [00:05:28]

Yeah of course and that’s always an option that is available to my brides if they feel more comfortable using their own products, I will absolutely do that for them.

What I would say is, it really does depend on your make up artist. But I am massively passionate about skin, about skin health and about getting skin and make up choices right for each of my clients, not just my Brides. So I think when I had Rachel over we did a quick test too, because when she came to see me, we talked about skin a lot. So if your make up artist is really clued in to skin, particularly if they’re a trained beauty therapist as well, and they’ve got a great understanding about skin and about ingredients and how everything works together. Don’t be afraid to let your make up artist suggest things and try things. Even if you communicate with your make up artist ahead of time. So for me I can even get samples provided before the trials, so that my clients can try them and make sure that there’s no reaction. And actually what that does is it increases your probability that your make up will have the longevity you want for the day. So like we were talking about, is all day make up a myth? No it’s not. We absolutely have to get the product choices and the application spot on, if we’re going to make your make up last all day. But find a make up artist, if you do have sensitive skin, find a make up artist who knows everything about that. 

James: [00:06:52] Brill, any further thoughts Steve? 

Steve: [00:07:00] It’s slightly different my question. Often a lot of weddings nowadays are themed, going back to the theme thing again, and I just wonder… Two questions really.

How many men ask for make up? Because male make up’s a thing nowadays.

And also, have you ever been asked to do a casualty style make up session? During the Wedding? You know with all the injuries, and the glass sticking out of the injured? 

Chrys: [00:07:37] I love it. That’s brilliant. I’ve not been asked for casualty.

I have been asked for Halloween or Harry Potter or those kinds of things. I get a lot of those, and they’re always fun.

But it’s one of those that trials and practice are absolutely essential, because what one person’s idea of Harry Potter or casualty, or any of those things is, is not necessarily your idea. And it’s one of those things that is such a visual medium, that you definitely need to just work out any kinks beforehand. So that when you turn up on the day, it’s perfect. And in terms of mens make up. Yes it gets asked a lot. Sometimes the practicalities of it are a little bit tricky though, and this is the same situation as when I get asked for two brides, which has been happening quite a lot recently as well. And the practicalities are that they tend to be not getting ready in the same place. So from that respect, the most important thing is that your make up artist has a great network of other people that they can call on. So that you could accommodate a bigger party. Or parties that aren’t getting ready together. The men’s make up is definitely a thing. And again it ties in with the skin care. Because with mens make up, some want the guy liner. And that’s fine. But some want it ever so subtle, so you can’t tell there is anything going on. And from that prospective, it has to be about skin, you have to know what products are going to show up in person, on photographs, what’s going to give bounce back, what’s going to give away the game. So yeah. 

James: [00:09:08] That ties actually very closely into what I was going to ask you Chrys. And I was going to say… you know I can go back maybe seven or eight years to the first time I saw the Groom having make up. He had it before the bride. So he had a 5.30am start before going off to do the Bride. But for follically challenged people, that can be a god send, because if it’s a hot day, and it’s a bit warm, wearing a full suit, and you get a little bit of shiny forehead going on. I probably have a little bit going on now. Then it can be an issue can’t it? So I mean you know, I guess… Is there a foundation for men? Is that, you know, is that a thing? 

Chrys: [00:09:55] Again it is down to how much do you want to show.

For men usually, I don’t tend to use a foundation, and this is the same for women who don’t want a heavy look.

I would say your skin care is essential, your primer is non-negotiable and that one for me is… I won’t get started on my obsession with primer, but it’s a hot button for me. So as long as your primer is good, and a bit of concealer, and it has to be a really good, non oily concealer. So essentially an oil feel free, camouflage type concealer. So if you need any evening out of the skin tone, there’s that. And in terms of shiny forehead, this that and the other, leave it as long as you can, be the last step in the whole situation if you can. Because obviously for me, I tend to plan my time so that the last step is the Bride’s lipstick. I want her dress on. I want buttons done. I want no more faffing. Lipstick is the last thing to go on and then out you go. But if we’re going to do both, do Brides lipstick, and then by all means pop out, do mens. Do anything they need. But yeah, leaving that to the last step is pretty important I would have thought. 

James: [00:11:11] Great. So Grooms remember it’s 2018. It’s okay, okay to have make up. Seriously. And also you know you don’t get shiny forehead on your photos. So it’s a win, win for everybody. Well thank you very much Chrys. That was awesome! 

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