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Murder Mystery Wedding Entertainment! What is that exactly? with Wayne from Murder Mystery UK

Murder Mystery Wedding Entertainment! What is that exactly? Wayne from Murder Mystery UK enters stage left to amaze us with some unique Wedding entertainment.

Listen to Wayne on the Wedding Espresso Awesome DIY Wedding Planning Podcast…


Murder Mystery UK


James [00:00:03] Hello Wayne. Thanks so much for joining me today. 

Wayne [00:00:06] Hello. How are you? 

James [00:00:06] I’m very well thanks and yourself?

Wayne [00:00:10] Yeah all good here thank you. 

James [00:00:12] Perfect. So you are from Murder Mystery UK and you organise Murder Mystery events for Weddings, which I’m really, really excited about because it’s right up my alley. I love this idea!

So the thing I really, really, really want to discuss with you today is, Murder Mystery Wedding Entertainment. What is that exactly? 

Wayne [00:00:36] Well in a nutshell it’s a way of bringing a lot of people together and breaking the ice and having a lot of fun. So a lot of our clients have an interest in murder mysteries and we’ve even had whole Murder Mystery/Goth Halloween Weddings. We’re there to provide the entertainment as part of the wedding breakfast. But yeah it’s just a fun thing. And if people have no other thing in common other than the two parties that are getting married, it’s a real fun way of bringing everyone together with a common theme. 

James [00:01:22] Fantastic. So can I drill into the dynamics of this with you because I think it’s the best idea since sliced bread. I would love to go to a wedding with a murder mystery right in the middle of the wedding breakfast. I think this is epic. So can you kind of explain for anybody watching, for the brides and grooms to be, how this would actually fit into their wedding day. Like when does it start? What happens? What’s the sequence of events? When does it conclude?

Wayne [00:01:51] So we let the whole of the wedding ceremony take place. So we don’t interrupt anything that goes on there. Once everyone has then got back to the reception venue, that’s when we really come in and take over.

Once the bride and groom have greeted all their guests back into the reception venue then our team of actors will come in and start all their shenanigans. And it’s a full three hour, full entertainment filled with fun and laughter and of course, some death. 

James [00:02:28] Obviously, naturally!

Wayne [00:02:34] The guests are sometimes aware what’s going to happen. Sometimes they’re not. It depends on the bridal party as to what they want their guests to find out about beforehand. But generally they will know that there is going to be some sort of entertainment of a murder mystery theme and so everything is explained by the actors once they get going.  We try and keep it as realistic as possible, so quite often people ask us when’s the murder going to happen. We just pooh pooh it.  But we just treat it as a full celebration post Wedding and anything and everything can and does happen!

James [00:03:23] So does it kick off during the drinks reception? Or would you leave the drinks reception and then start during the wedding breakfast? Or when exactly would that would things start to happen?

Wayne [00:03:33] It’s flexible depending on what the bridal party want. We can shorten it and we can elongate it to cover whatever. We’ve done them as afternoon teas or lunches as well. So it doesn’t just have to be an evening thing. It can just be over cocktails and canapés or something like that. So it’s really flexible and can be bespoke to whatever the bridal party are looking for. 

James [00:04:05] Now I’ve read on your website that you use, and I’m going to try and remember if I’ve got this right, between seven and nine actors in the performance. Is that correct? 

Wayne [00:04:15] Yeah. That’s right. 

James [00:04:16] This is a large number that most companies would not typically seek to provide for one of these kinds of entertainment. 

Wayne [00:04:25] That’s correct.

So as far as we know we are the only company in the UK that use so many actors as part of our murder mystery dinner events.

We’re also unusual in that we don’t just stick to one death per evening. We we quite often have several deaths, like a massacre. 

James [00:04:45] The Wedding Massacre!

Wayne [00:04:50] Absolutely yeah. 

James [00:04:52] So let’s say that the bridal party said well we really wanted you to provide our wedding breakfast entertainment. Could you say split the, can I call it a show? 

Wayne [00:05:06] Yeah. Yeah. That’s fine. 

James [00:05:08] Can you could you split the show into three chapters? So maybe you could have one after each course? Would that work?

Wayne [00:05:15] Yeah absolutely. What we can do is because there is more than one death and more than just the murders, as it is happening, there are also lots of other events that form part of the show. So we can split it down so that we can have some natural breaks within the show. And that makes it really a bit easier for us because it means we can take a bit of a breather.

And all our shows are interactive, we do rely a little bit on the guests participating with us. We don’t ask them to do any acting, but what we do ask them to do is play along with us, and get into the theme of things.

And they can ask us questions and their questioning may prompt something else to happen. It may not. It just depends what we’ve got lined up. 

James [00:06:18] Right. Brilliant because I think one of the things that’s really always appealed to me about the whole murder mystery thing is actually being able to go and participate, and be in the mindset of the role play if you like. So to what extent, I know you briefly touched on it, but to what extent can people actually interact with you? How does that actually work? 

Wayne [00:06:43] Okay so the event itself is actually very carefully constructed so we know what we’re doing at all times. However it’s not fully scripted. So we work to a timetable and certain things need to happen at certain points within the evening or the event.

And I would say about 30 percent of what happens has some sort of scripting around it. The rest of it is all interactive and is also dependent on what happens between us and the guests. 

James [00:07:20] Right. So are the actors then essentially riffing off each other? Are they ad libing?

Wayne [00:07:27] Yeah pretty much. Yeah. Yeah. And it’s like stand up comedy where we just take what we’re given. And we use the audience and we have fun with them. We don’t make fun of them, but we have fun with them. And it all happens around them. 

James [00:07:50] Fantastic. And if we were to take sort of a bird’s eye view of what you do then, what what would you say is your favourite part of providing this for people? 

Wayne [00:08:17] For me it’s actually the performing side of it and actually getting bumped off. It’s fun. 

James [00:08:23] Is it different people who get bumped off each time? Do you swap roles?

Wayne [00:08:31] No the storylines that we use, we do use them more than once, although the cast may change each time we do it. But the murderer that’s been designated for that particular plot or that particular theme is always the same. And the victims are always the same. So if we did it for three weeks, I could play the murderer on the first week, second week I could be a victim and the third could be a police inspector. 

James [00:09:02] All right. Fantastic.

And are there certain storylines that work better in certain wedding venues?

Wayne [00:09:11] No. The actual way that it’s constructed is it’s very flexible, so we can work with whatever venue. We’ve got some people who have a particular theme that they would want to perhaps incorporate, and so we do have several wedding themed plots anyway. And we also have some anniversary plots, but we have some random ones as well. So we have one that’s based on a cruise ship and another one that’s based on more of a Halloween theme and a reality TV theme one, so it just depends what people are looking for. 

James [00:09:57] Brilliant. And just one more question then Wayne. Does this work inside and outside? Because typically, when I think murder mystery, I do think inside.

If a wedding is predominantly outside like a festival style wedding, is that going to work? 

Wayne [00:10:10] Yep absolutely. Absolutely, So long as we’ve got somewhere that we can get changed and leave all our stuff, that’s perfectly fine. And we also like to have somewhere that we can put the bodies, so they can rest in peace, just whilst everything else is going on. But yeah we’ve worked in very small venues like church halls and village halls which are really only so big enough to supply 20 or 30 people. Even so it still has spilled out into the surrounding area and gardens and what have you. So yeah so long as we’ve got somewhere that we can call home for a couple of hours then we’re happy. 

James [00:10:52] Fantastic. Well that’s been insightful, exciting. I can’t wait to go to a wedding where you’re doing this. I’m going to put the word out there. This is what I want to do, it’s brilliant. So thank you so much for sharing that with us. That’s been awesome. 

Wayne [00:11:10] Thank you. Thank you very much for inviting us along. 

James [00:11:12] Brilliant. It’s been a pleasure Wayne. And yeah hopefully we’ll speak to you again soon. 

Wayne [00:11:16] I hope so. All right take care Wayne See you later. 

Wayne [00:11:19] Cheerio. 

James [00:11:20] Bye bye. 

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