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Karen Haase from Bridal Eyewear By Karen Louise

It’s all about the little things! Those tiny but all important details that make your Wedding Day everything that it can be. One of those little tiny details is your glasses. You might be forgiven for thinking that, you know what, your everyday glasses will do just fine, thank you very much. But have you really thought this through? Karen Haase is one of the very few Wedding Eyewear specialists in the UK and she’s joining us today to share everything you need to know about Bridal and Wedding Eyewear. Including why buying bespoke Wedding Glasses needn’t be the expense you might consider it to be. There’s more than a few gold nuggets to be heard here and Karen is absolutely amazing at getting right to the heart of what you need to know and why. If you’re a glasses wearer or considering Wedding Day contact lenses, this is going to blow your mind!

Listen to Karen on “Bride Craic” The Weekly Wedding Podcast from Wedding Espresso…


Karen Louise Haas, Bridal Eyewear By Karen Louise

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