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Jenni Whitby from Nightingale Cakes

Wedding Cake? You’re thinking, gotta taste nice! Check! gotta look great! Check! But today’s master baker invites you to want to stroke the Wedding Cake. Figuratively, not literally. Ultra sci fi enthusiast and Wedding Cake baker extraordinaire, Jenni Whitby joins us on Bride Craic to chat about all things texture and otherworldly with lashings of courgette and super exotic flavours to go.

If you’re looking for the ultimate Wedding Cake experience? We invite you to get in touch with Jenni immediately. We all love bespoke, we all love passion and Jenni has both in abundance, and a little bit of something else too!

Grab a cuppa and let’s talk concrete and Wedding Cakes!

Listen to Jenni on “Bride Craic” The Weekly Wedding Podcast from Wedding Espresso…


Jenni Whitby, Nightingale Cakes



I’m very much a tactile person, I love textures and different things like fabrics and even things like concrete. Things that don’t immediately strike you as “cake”. But actually the texture of them is something… I always want people to want to stroke the cake. I don’t WANT you to stroke the cake 🙂 Most people yes, probably wouldn’t want you to stroke the cake. I think that feeling, that connection between a cake design and people is something that’s lovely to be able to capture. And you can really put a couple’s personality in it and showcase things that they love. It might be an inspiration from somewhere that they’ve been like the beach, or somewhere like that and being able to add that to a cake.



Have you ever been asked to do a sci-fi style cake? I’ve included some books in cakes! So Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, those kinds of things, Which I love, definitely up my street. And people are quite enthusiastic about adding their own personal touches to cakes, so I’ve done quite a few with little hidden details, little extras. So if I’ve found out a little about one of the couples and want to add a little extra decoration. One recently I added, also doesn’t sound very nice and hygienic… A little icing snail, just hidden behind the flowers. It wasn’t the main feature of the cake, but it was a personal touch from having chatted with the couple. That’s sweet!



I’m excited that people are wanting to do more colourful and really showcase their personalities through it, I think it’s a great thing. Because if you like cake, and you want a cake, which, you know, who doesn’t? It’s lovely to make it part of your day in a more personalised way along with everything else that happens on your Wedding Day, you want it to be special for you. I love being able to be part of that and to create that for people. I’m a romantic at heart. I love being part of people’s special day, it’s a big deal and I like being able to be a small part of that. Or a big part of it, depending on the size of the cake 🙂 Yes, if you want an eleven tier tall thing, then yes, a big part of it 🙂

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