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Is Wedding Lighting Worth It? with Kerry Ellis from Epic Event Hire


Is Wedding Lighting Worth It? Kerry Ellis from Epic Event Hire shares all the different ways that you can use lighting to make your Wedding magical!

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Kerry Ellis, Epic Event Hire


James: [00:00:02] Hey Kerry thanks so much for joining me today. So your company is “Epic Event Hire” and you provide all sorts of wonderful things for weddings. Including lighting and table decorations and things, but I’ll let you dig into that in just a minute. So we’ve been digging around on the Internet and found that brides and grooms are asking the question

“is wedding lighting worth it?”

I think you’re ideally positioned to answer this question for us. So I’ll let you crack on with that one. 

Kerry: [00:00:33] Absolutely. So I guess the main thing around lighting is obviously it is very venue specific.

So whilst there is a whole range of lighting available, “is it worth it?” depends on where you’re having your wedding. And what type of venue it is.

So I thought I’d talk about an overall kind of perspective on it. Obviously I can’t cover each type of Venue, because we’d be here a lot longer. But I think one of the main things I wanted to talk about is, for me, safety. It’s a big one. So if you are having a wedding outside for example, or you may have areas of your wedding that are going to be outside later on in the day, you can use lighting to light up your pathways, guiding your guests to and from car parks and toilet areas. Sometimes, if you’re in a marquee, obviously you’ve got to go out of your marquee to go to the toilet.

So for me I think safety is a big one. It’s a really nice way to create that safe environment for guests. Because obviously it looks really nice at the same time. So it’s looking good and it’s safe for your guests. 

Kerry: [00:01:52] Also photographs, I think is a very good point to make about lighting. I’ve used that quite a few times, talking to our customers about whether to have it or not. And then I’ve shown them a couple of photographs of things like First Dance. Or how you can use the lighting to highlight things like your cake, any floral displays, table displays, again depending on the venue. Maybe if you’ve got particular architecture in the venue. So if you’re in a barn or anything like that, and you want to highlight those areas.

Rather than the photographer trying to spend time lighting up those areas for photographs, if you’ve got your lighting design already in place, it saves time for your photographer, and also is really great for photographs. 

Kerry: [00:02:43] Also the other thing obviously, naturally, people think straight away about how the lighting looks. So it can create a really good atmosphere. I think the good thing is a lot of it, for example fairy lights, you don’t necessarily see throughout the day. But obviously do see once the evening starts to come in. If your wedding is going to be throughout the daytime, the whole of the time, then I would say obviously you don’t need lighting, because you’re losing the effect. But it definitely comes into it’s own during the evening. 

Kerry: [00:03:20] So again back to photographs.

We’ve done a winter wedding recently where the fairy lights have just made it magical, because it’s been quite dark early on in the day.

So yeah I think that is one of the big things. Also there are different types of lighting. So for example you’ve got letter lighting, which again is really popular. So you can have your initials, people are spelling all sorts of things with lights these days. Not necessarily essential, but it’s definitely a nice thing to have. It creates the wow factor, again good for photographs. 

Kerry: [00:04:00] And also you can have lighting projection. We’ve done one for Christmas, so you can project Merry Christmas. I know that’s not wedding related, but as an example, snowflakes for Winter weddings. Projection is also a whole element of different types of lighting. 

James: [00:04:25] That’s like what you’d see from a professional DJ set or something, you’d actually see the logo beamed onto the dance floor and rotating, just to give people an idea. Is that the sort of thing you’re talking about? 

Kerry: [00:04:35] Yep on the dancefloor. If you’ve got a space that allows it. So if it’s in a hall, or somewhere with high ceilings, you can also project upwards. So back to the winter wedding and the snowflakes and things like that. 

Kerry: [00:04:54]

And then finally the other thing with lighting is adding colour. So you’ve got things like uplighting. And if you’ve got a particular colour theme, adding some uplighting into perhaps the darker areas of your venue.

You could, if you had a pink theme, for example, you can have some pink lighting. Again adding some colour. So yeah lots of good reasons why you would have lighting, and why it’s worth it. 

James: [00:05:24] For me, the big one was that it always boiled down to the dances. And when we were filming weddings, we would always recommend to couples that they always have at least some lighting. And on the odd occasion when they didn’t go for it, whether it was budget constraints, or maybe it’s just not everybody’s cup of tea.

But on those odd occasions where they didn’t go to it, I think there really was an absence of atmosphere.

And you know, if you’ve got a venue where you can close the curtains and light the thing, and make it spectacular, the difference is night and day. Pardon the pun. But it’s absolutely huge. So do you do a lot of disco lighting? Is that a big thing for you guys? 

Kerry: [00:06:08]

Yeah and also from the entertainment point of view, we do find that people don’t tend to like to dance if the lighting’s not right.

And sometimes you can put a lot of lighting in, but when it comes to doing the dancing, you’re going to have to kind of bring that back a bit. Because for some reason people just don’t want to dance if it’s too bright. So first dance photographers, you’ve always got to be mindful for them. Because if it is too dark, too bright, or too dark, they obviously need to get it right for the photographs for the first dance. So yeah quite a big thing. It’s a whole new world of disco lighting. 

Kerry: [00:06:51] Cool and the other thing we’ve got to talk about then is dry ice. Is that something that you provide? And for anybody who doesn’t know what dry ice is. It’s the smoky stuff that makes the lights look cool! Is that something that you guys can provide? 

Kerry: [00:07:04] There are actually various types of smoke. So you’ve got the dry ice. Dry ice is quite an old school effect. Still quite popular, but it can also be quite expensive. More up to date kinds of things are called a haze machine. So rather than the smoke effect, the haze will do a continuous haze throughout. And DJs love it because it does throw the light a lot differently.

The dry ice we would tend to use more for a first dance, because it is a one shot. You put the dry ice in and create the kind of dancing on the clouds effect. With haze machines you can use that all evening.

So different types, but it’s definitely really good, dry ice for the first dance. And then a haze machine is really good for lighting throughout the whole of the evening. But yeah loving that effect. 

James: [00:08:06] Cool. Some great tips there. Yeah. So we’ve just got one kind of fun quick question just to round things out, and it goes something like this. “What would you say is the most important part of what you offer as a total package?” Not just lighting. 

Kerry: [00:08:24] Do you mean hire items wise? 

James: [00:08:28] Yep hire items wise. 

Kerry: [00:08:33] That is a very good question. 

James: [00:08:34] It’s a big one. 

Kerry: [00:08:35] Can you ask that one again? 

James: [00:08:36] I can! Yep let’s run it again. OK.

So what would you say is the most important part of what you offer? We could spin it and we can say “what’s the most important benefit of what you offer?” 

Kerry: [00:08:54] I think it’s the finishing touches to the day. So you know a lot of brides and grooms now are doing kind of DIY elements to their wedding. And things like the lighting, the letters. You know, some of the bigger things, are a finishing touch to to their hard work. So they’ve created maybe their own stationery, their own wedding favours, table decorations. And then we’re kind of working with them, and coming in with the items that create the WOW, and kind of finish off their vision. And then complete their day really. It’s nice to work with them on that. So they are able to kind of create their own things, and then bring our items in with it. Does that answer the question? 

James: [00:09:45] Yeah I think it does. That’s what I was going for. Yeah that’s brilliant. Super duper. Well Kerry, thank you so much for sparing the time for us today. It’s been very informative, especially for me on the update on dry ice, that’s me brought up bang up to date, so thanks for that one. Yeah, and like I said, it’s been awesome talking to you. And we look forward to speaking to you again in the very near future. 

Kerry: [00:10:07] Perfect. Thank you very much for having me. 

[00:10:10] Thanks a lot. All right we’ll speak to you soon. Bye for now. 

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  • Reply Kerry Ellis February 8, 2019 at 8:28 pm

    Thanks James! It was great fun chatting with you! Thank you again for the opportunity.

    • Reply James Pearson February 11, 2019 at 2:45 pm

      Our pleasure having you join us Kerry. That was a great chat, and as Rachel pointed out, SO chocka with great ideas and advice!!! Thank YOU!!! 🙂

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