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How To Wear A Bridal Hair Vine! with Sarah Cammish from Elsa Rose Boutique, Hannah Larkin, Wedding Photographer and Susan Denton, Wedding Celebrant

How To Wear A Bridal Hair Vine with Sarah Cammish from Elsa Rose Boutique. Sarah shares her indepth knowledge of bespoke hair pieces for stunning results!

Listen to Sarah, Hannah and Susan on the Wedding Espresso Awesome DIY Wedding Planning Podcast…


Sarah Cammish from Elsa Rose Boutique

Hannah Larkin Photographer

Susan Denton from Celebrate With Sue


James: [00:00:00] It’s time for your Weducation Sarah. So you’ve very kindly made us some slides, which I’m going to bring up for you now. Here we go. There we go. And yes I’ll just hand over to you. 

Sarah: [00:00:12] Thanks! And so I was a teacher for eight years. I never used PowerPoint, so bear with me with this presentation.

And so something I get asked a lot by Brides, particularly at Wedding Fairs is “how to wear a hair vine?”

And so I’ve kind of got some photos to show you, how you can wear it in terms of an aesthetic thing, and then I’ve got some tips for the practical, how do you actually put them in your hair? 

Sarah: [00:00:39] So I’m just going to click through. One of the most popular ways is around the back of your head, which sounds absolutely ridiculous because why would you want something on the back of your head?

But as I say to brides, people are watching you walk down the aisle and so they will be looking at that while you’re saying your vows.

It’s quite handy to have it round there. And you can also fit them around veils as well, which is great. Here’s another one around the back where we styled the hair to kind of match the flow of the hair vine as well. So something to take into consideration. 

Sarah: [00:01:21] Another way to wear them is to one side, and they look really pretty to one side as well.

And I quite like designing asymmetric pieces where there’s a bit more bulk on one side to the other. And that looks really good then if you’ve got your hair swept to one side, and then the accessory on the other side, that works really well.

And then the classic styling it around and up do. They’re very flexible, so they can be weaved into things, they can be twisted around buns and chignon. And so there’s quite a bit you can do with it, in that sense. 

Sarah: [00:01:57] I think I’ve got one more. I’m so lucky that I have beautiful friends to pose for me. So you can wear them across your forehead, which is quite good if you’re going for a boho or rustic wedding, and also you can wear them across your head like a hair band. So they’re very versatile in that sense. 

Sarah: [00:02:16] And I think James, that’s the last of my slides. 

James: [00:02:24] Cool, yeah, I’ll take those down for you Sarah. 

Sarah: [00:02:29] So on a practical note, in terms on getting them into your hair.

I always get asked, especially On Etsy, where I have a few bits and pieces, is “how do they stay in your hair?”

And I’ve got some examples here. I don’t know if you can actually see that. My resolution’s not very good. They have a little hole at the end, a little loop. And with that loop you just put some little bobby pins in, and pin it in. Or you could put some ribbon on the ends. And then tie it around your hair, which is particularly good if you’re using it as more of a tiara style thing. So that’s quite nifty. 

Sarah: [00:03:04] The other thing I advise is sectioning grips like these. And you can actually have your hair vine wired on to those, so that they stay in. It’s great for short haired girls like me because it’s going to stay in.

And my last one I guess is if you are having something quite bulky on there, I tend to put some vintage broaches and things in them sometimes, is to have it wired on to a hair pin, and that will have a greater hold in your hair.

And if you’re having something made bespoke, then you can obviously decide all these things, but if you’ve already bought something and you’re not sure how to work it, it’s quite easy to wire it up. I hope that’s been of some help. 

James: [00:03:50] Cool. All right. So guys any ideas of questions you think brides and grooms, mostly brides, should be asking Sarah before commissioning a bespoke hair piece like that? 

Susan: [00:04:03] Can I ask… I mean… Where do you get your ideas from Sarah, for creating unique pieces? 

Sarah: [00:04:13] So…

I get my ideas from nature. So I like to design things that have got a bit of a floral element. Also a bit of art deco as well.

So I did a collection that had a lot of sort of structure to it. A lot of metal in it. And also I think when I work with Brides, I pick up on her personality and things like that. So a lot of things come from my brides. And so the things they like, colours they like, and it just flows from there. And also details from dresses. So when I’m working with my Brides, we have a look at their wedding dress, and we pick out little bits from that, pick out colours from that as well. And that starts the whole process from there. 

Hannah: [00:05:06] Sarah I love your work, I’ve been looking at it and you’ve got some beautiful pieces.

I’m interested to know how you can help Brides, and perhaps Grooms as well, to incorporate family heirloom pieces, perhaps from parents or grandparents? Something special that they want to have with them on their wedding day. 

Sarah: [00:05:25] Yeah. Yes. When I work with brides, I can get their brooches particularly, into hair pieces. So I have created some hair vines, I don’t have any examples here today unfortunately. But I have created hair vines where we use the brooch as the central feature. And then I build the vine around that. So taking details out of the brooch. And we sort of make it look like a complete piece. I do have a tiara, a good old tiara, where it’s got a vintage brooch on the side. It’s not very clear. And so I’ve just worked that onto the band, and then picked out details from the brooch, and pulled that through. So it’s a really nice way of having your “something old” in your hairpiece. 

Sarah: [00:06:10]

I love to do some brooch bouquets as well, and with that I put broken watches from grandparents and things in the middle, with the time set to the wedding.

Little quirky details, and I had a lovely comment from one bride that said she felt that her grandparents were with her on the day, and that just broke my heart. And I was like, that’s just what I wanted! Yeah it’s very nice to be able to put something personal in, and I think that’s the beauty of having something custom made, because it’s completely you. And I love the fact that it will be treasured and hopefully passed down to the next generation for years to come. 

James: [00:06:52] That’s awesome. So Sarah we had this joke the other day didn’t we, that every time I put something in my hair, it falls out, it’s terrible. But if a bride wanted to incorporate something like this, and I think the heirloom idea, that’s just blown it out of the park really. That’s incredible. I’m massive on that kind of stuff, I love it. So anything that can be handed down through the family, I really treasure. My grandpa’s a big one for giving us little trinkets and things from his life, and you know, we value those very highly. But a bride who’s thinking about doing this… What’s the process in terms of obviously, she has to find a hairdresser. Then they have to have hair trials. And then trying to incorporate something into that design. So what’s the process of liaising between the different groups to get something like that accomplished. 

Sarah: [00:07:45] They can work independently of each other. So….

I’ve got a hairdresser that I work with quite a lot, and she just says to me “whatever it is, I can make it work.”

So I’m like Oh great. So any professional hairdresser will be able to make anything work. And I’ve created some quirky pieces that have found their way into hair, in ways that I wouldn’t even imagine. I do kind of think, “wow”. And I mean the beauty of something like a hair vine is that it can be twisted into any shape you want. So it doesn’t really matter how you wear your hair. I’m never really sure. I think if you’ve got an idea of what you’re doing with your hair, you’ve probably got an idea of where you want something to fit. If you’ve not got any idea, you can then adapt your hair around your hairpiece. So I think it depends. Some people are all about the hair, and then it’s the added accessory. Some people are more about, “I want this incorporated in some way, do it for me.” And then we’ll fit around it. 

Sarah: [00:08:47] So I think any hairdresser can work their magic with anything you have. I think it just depends on where you are in terms of, are you looking for the accessory, or are you looking for the hair. And either way you can sort of make bits to fit.

But I think Brides kind of fall into one category or the other, in terms of whether it’s there as just an extra detail, or whether it IS the detail.

I hope that answers your question? 

James: [00:09:15] It does. And sort of following on from that one then, if we design something and there is a sudden change in the way that the hair is going to sit on the day, how easy is it to adapt something into a different way of attaching it to your hair? You know, you showed us a few examples of that. Is that a straight forward process? 

Sarah: [00:09:36] It can be. It depends. I would say the only thing that makes it trickier is if it’s wired onto hair pins or something, and the Bride decides she doesn’t want it on hair pins. But a lot of the time I would find a way of making it work, or remake that piece and then add in as I need to. But most things are really adaptable. You can attach it to things on the ends like I said, you can put ribbons on the end. So there’s lots of ways around it. And some of these can be done yourself, and some can be done by coming back to me and just doing a few little tweaks. It’s all manageable! 

James: [00:10:06] Cool I love it! 

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    January 11, 2019 at 5:32 pm

    Thanks again Sarah! Some really cool ideas about how to look fantastic in a hair vine on your wedding day! Susan Denton Celebrant xx

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