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How To Find The Perfect Wedding Band For You! A Weducation Presentation

How To Find The Perfect Wedding Band For You with Joey from Warble Entertainment. A 5 point guide to picking out the BEST Wedding Band for YOUR Wedding!

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Joey Burdon from Warble Entertainment


James: [00:00:00] Well thank you very much Chris. That was awesome. And we’re just going to hand over to Joey now who has created a slideshow presentation for us. So I’m just going to bring that up for you Joey and then I’ll let you take it away. 

Joey: [00:00:14] Yes I did make these with with my hands and my brain. So I hope you appreciate the design effort.

So yeah this is going to be a quick thing on just how to find the perfect wedding band for you.

Something that we always say is that finding a Wedding band is probably the easiest thing in the world, because there are hundreds and thousands of wedding bands around the country. But finding the right one does take a little bit more time and effort, and we see couples go round and round in circles trying to find the right band for them. And like you rightly said before James, we find a lot of couples, do this, they hold music in quite high regard for the day. And you know, and like Steve was saying, you see music pop up in all kinds of places throughout the day. So people do find it important. So we always find it right, as well, to help them find the perfect Wedding band. So here are a few steps that you can take to find the right band for you. In a concise list of five, because we love numbers. I know buzzfeed likes them too. So that’s how you get people in with a bit of click bate. 

Joey: [00:01:27]

So, number 1. The set list. Nothing tells you more about a band than their chosen arsenal of song ammunition to get everyone on the dance floor.

So what a lot of people do is make the HUGE mistake of going through loads of bands. Going through their song list, scrolling through and trying to find their favourite song from their favourite band. But you need to be really selfless here and think about all the other people who you want to be up on a dance floor on the night. Obviously you want to find a band that you like. That should be priority number one. But you really should be looking for a band that caters for everyone. So the best compromise here is find a band that leans towards your tastes. So whether you’re a bit of a rock-y couple, and you want something a bit kind of loud and proud. That’s cool. But make sure that they do the songs for, you know, your grandparents and the kids as well. That’s really important to think about. Also we find that any bands that are doing something that another band isn’t, will do really well. Something that makes them stand out. You know, a USP if you will, or a unique song. So look for bands that are doing something a little bit quirky or different. It shows they kind of take pride in what they do. So yeah, that’s number 1 – the set list. 

Joey: [00:02:53]

Secondly – the look! Looking good is really important. Chrys will tell you this. She specialises in making people look good. We all listen with our eyes nowadays pretty much.

And we know this, the couple know this and the bands know it. It’s important to look good, and if you’re paying someone to be there on your wedding day to play music, they’ve got to look good. They’ve got to look swish. So every band has their own kind of distinct look and personality. One thing we will always say to couples is if you’re looking for potential bands for your day, not just checking out the look, but you know, are they taking pride in their appearance. If they do it’s likely that they take pride in their craft as well, and they’re more likely to do a good job on your day. And as well going along with, if you have a theme for your wedding, or if your venue is kind of quirky, or if you’re having a barn wedding or something, look for a band that looks like they match that. Because your band, if you choose the right band, they should feel at home on your day. They should seamlessly fit in and feel part of the family almost. And the best bands will be able to do that. But finding one that looks the part is really important. 

Joey: [00:04:06]

So number 3 – videos. If I was going to book a band I’d find it really hard to book one that didn’t have a video that showcased what they do. So it’s really important.

But there are obviously… There are loads of bands out there that do have videos, and loads of bands that don’t. I can tell you right now that all the bands that do have videos sell a million times better than the ones that don’t. It’s just the way it is. When people go on to look at bands, they’re not really listening to the audio or reading bios. They get everything they need to know about a Band within the first ten seconds of their video. So things to look out for again, just getting a sense of their personality is important, but look for, you know, the way they interact with each other. Are they having fun? Do they have good stage presence? And another thing that’s really important, if you can find it, is live clips of the band. A lot of times, it will be that 10 seconds clip that they’ve put up from a wedding where everyone is going mental to Mr Brightside, or whatever, and it’s just done on a phone. And that’s what will sway you. People look at it and they go, “I want that at my Wedding”. “I want everyone up on the dance floor, that’s exactly what I want”. And if you can find those clips on social media or whatever it’s an absolute god send. So there’s the videos. 

Joey: [00:05:31]

Number 4 – what have we got? Reviews. Which I think is important for any wedding supplier. I wouldn’t say this is unique to bands at all. I would like to think that this can extend across… If you’re looking at any wedding supplier, you should be looking at reviews somewhere.

Which I know we all know is important in this day and age. But one thing that you need to remember with wedding bands is that if they are professional wedding bands, they most likely just play private events. Which means it’s very, very difficult, unless you want to go crashing Weddings, or if you’re lucky enough to have seen a band at somebody else’s wedding, it’s going to be very hard for you to see the band, before you book the band. So reviews are absolutely crucial in this, and they can often fill in a few gaps if you have any questions about the band that they haven’t written or produced themselves, because these reviews are from real Couples who have had them at their Weddings. Alongside that, the world of real wedding blogs is something that I dive into every day. I read like hundreds of real wedding blogs all the time, they’re a really good resource. Because they give you an idea of how the day kinds of pans out and what the band did for them. 

Joey: [00:06:43] And Number 5, it would be good if I went to the next slide. Number five is a massive contradiction to everything I’ve just said. So you can forget the past few minutes and throw it in the bin.

Because there’s nothing more important than your gut, your gut feeling, your instincts. One thing that we hate to see is when a couple has found THE perfect band for them, but they don’t know it yet. But we know it. We know the band is absolutely perfect for them. But they can’t help but carry on searching.

They keep searching and searching and searching. They go around in circles. They come back a month later and they say “oh yeah we want that band”. Well guess what? Somebody else has snatched them up, because they were perfect for them too. So don’t let them slip away. If you find something that’s right. There’s probably a reason that that initial choice drew you in. So trust your instincts, trust your gut and trust your tastes. Which goes against everything I just said. But hey it’s true and we know it’s true. Trust your gut. And that would be it. That’s how you find the perfect wedding band for you. 

James: [00:07:52] Brilliant! Thanks very much Joey. So guys we’re looking at booking a band. What questions, I mean Joey’s obviously done a fantastic job there of covering the bases. But what questions do you think brides and grooms to be are going to have when they’re approaching the booking of a band. 

Chrys: [00:08:13] So I’ve got a really not helpful question, in terms of booking a band. When we had our wedding we weren’t allowed to have a band because there were sound ordinances, ordinances that we couldn’t go past a certain time etc, etc. So we weren’t very mindful of our guests and we didn’t really book entertainment. And it’s one of the things, if I could rewind time, I would do that.

Any suggestions for any kind of entertainment that… I’m going to say politely, doesn’t feel cheesy. Because I’m not very cheesy. 

Joey: [00:08:47] Yeah of course. I mean I like to think the age of cheese has gone. 

Chrys: [00:08:52] I hope so! 

Joey: [00:08:54]

One thing about wedding entertainment now is that everyone’s really cool. I don’t know what happened. Somebody just kind of flicked a switch a few years back and everyone suddenly started turning cool. I don’t know, it just happened.

But the sound limiter thing you that brought up is pretty interesting. It’s something that we come across all the time, all the time. And that’s, by the way, that’s one thing if you’re going to go into your venue and you have a massive list of questions. Ask if you can have live music. If they have a sound limiter. Because a lot of couples will come to us and try and book a band. We’ve got a big database of all the venues in the UK and we go “oh, where are you having the wedding”? And they say such and such a place, and we have to break the news to them and say “oh, by the way, you can’t have live music there”. They’re like “oh, well they didn’t tell me that”. So yeah, make sure you’re asking. 

Joey: [00:09:38] But in terms of entertainment that can work with that.

One thing that is really huge right now is bands that are specifically designed to work with venues who have sound limiters. So these are a kind of hybrid of your rock and pop band, but an acoustic band.

So they will have a Cajon which is just like a little drum box, I don’t know how else to describe what a Cajon is. It’s a box that you hit but it sounds better than that. It’s a naturally designed instrument. But these bands are really good and because they’re usually unplugged, they won’t trip the limiter in the room and venues around the country are allowing this to happen. And sound limiters are becoming more and more commonplace across the country, so it’s important to kind of look at those kinds of things as well. 

Joey: [00:10:28]

I would mention a DJ. I know, we are very wedding band centric at the moment with Warble, and what we say to people. But DJs are still really cool, they’re amazingly versatile.

And the good thing about a DJ is that they can pretty much work with most limiters because for them, they don’t have… The drum kit is always the culprit. It’s the snare drum and you hit that with a stick, it sounds like a shotgun, and it just like blows the limiter. But for a DJ they’ve just got a little toggle slider that they can just turn down. Absolutely sorted! So yeah, I would mention DJ’s. And not all DJ’s are cheesy. Like you said, you want something that’s not cheese. And there’s a connotation with DJ’s, you kind of think of dodgy DJ Dave and his decks who talks way too close to the microphone, and what have you. We don’t have any of those. All our DJ’s are really cool, they know what’s up and they know how to MC an event without coming across as cheesy. 

Chrys: [00:11:32] Awesome, thanks! 

James: [00:11:33] You’ve actually cleared something up for me Joey. What is the name of that instrument again? Can you say it for us again? 

Joey: [00:11:36] It’s a Cajon. It’s spelt C-A-J-O-N. With a silent J. 

James: [00:11:47] Right. Because for years, for years, I thought our band was banging on a fruit carton. 

Joey: [00:11:51] They might be. They might have just told you… you probably went into the shop and they’re like “this is our new state of the art Cajon, that nobody else has got. Ignore the fruit branding on it. Ignore Granny Smith. 

James: [00:12:02] It was a prototype! Cajon, right brilliant. Keep an eye out for that one. 

Joey: [00:12:14] You may have been Cajon’ed or conned. 

James: [00:12:15] Ahah! Cajon’ed, yes there we go. 

Joey: [00:12:16] Shall I close my browser and leave now after that terrible pun. 

James: [00:12:18] You’ve blown it out of the park! Steve any thoughts on questions that brides or grooms to be should be asking Joey before they book a band? 

Steve: [00:12:33]

Well we’ve already talked about the importance of music within a ceremony and afterwards. And a wedding without music then… Do you think is a little bit like watching one of our favourite movies without a musical score.

The music adds another dimension to the whole thing. It adds depth, it adds emotion and all of it. And I noticed Joey, looking at your website earlier on today that you advertise unique entertainment ideas. And I was a little intrigued by this. This was perhaps something outside the musical box? What’s been the most bizarre request that you’ve been asked? 

Joey: [00:13:24] So yes you’re right. We actually…

apart from live music and live bands, one of our specialties is unique entertainment. And it’s probably the page that draws most people into our site.

Because when you go on, you can’t help but click that button that says unique entertainment. Because you’re just like, what’s in this box of uniqueness? I have no idea? And people will come across all weird and wonderful things. So one of the most popular acts that we have that’s unique, that not many people would think to look for or ask for, is lookalikes. Lookalikes and impersonators are so fun and so different. And one of our most booked acts is our Del Boy lookalike. So what Del Boy will do… I hope you look him up after this. He’s the most fun guy. He’s absolutely incredible. But what he will do, is he will turn up in his 3 wheel Reliant Robin. And whether it’s mid speech or during your drinks reception, or whenever, whatever part of the day you want. He will come rampaging through and completely crash the wedding. He’ll try and sell all your guests dodgy watches from inside his coat. He’ll talk rubbish about Rodney and he will just…. It’s absolutely incredible. It’s the funniest thing. It’s the most unexpected thing and I think when people are looking for unqiue entertainment, what they’re looking for is ways to surprise their guests. And there’s nothing more surprising than if you’re sitting at the meal and you look over, and Del Boy comes wandering in. So yeah, I would say lookalikes is probably one of the most unique things that we get asked for a lot. 

Steve: [00:15:12] Great! 

James: [00:15:12] Awesome! I am actually one of the world’s most terrible people at recognising faces. So the amount of times we’ve been at a wedding and I’ve said to Rachel come here, come here, that person over there… Do they live in our village. And Rachel’s like no James they’re off such and such TV show. And I’m like ahhhh. Famous people… I’m absolutely terrible. So even if it was a lookalike, I’d probably think it was the real deal. One of the more extraordinary things actually that we were looking at. I don’t know how… serious it was at the time but Rachel and I were kind of joking about it because we found a website which did have unique wedding entertainment at the time. And you could hire a clan of Scottish warriors that would invade the drinks reception and start battling amongst the guests. Full on sword fighting and shields. Does anything like that exist in the UK or is that a distinctly Scottish thing? 

Joey: [00:16:09] Yeah things like that definitely exist in the UK.

For some reason people have a weird attraction to danger. So we have a lot of performers who specialise in that kind of thing. So whether it’s stuff like that where they literally fight each other or swallowing swords or setting themselves on fire or something weird and wacky and bizarre. People seem to like that.

I don’t know. There’s just a weird kind of attraction to that kind of thing. But the closest thing we have that’s common would be fire performers. It’s just a little bit different to Fireworks, to end the night. And it’s a little bit dangerous and kind of fun to watch. And then alongside that we have all kinds of weird and wonderful stunt performers who will chainsaw apples out of their mouths or throw darts at each other. I don’t know, this stuff shouldn’t be allowed at weddings. But it is and we love it. It makes it unique and it makes it really fun and different. It just totally makes it stand out. So if you can get away with having something like that at your Wedding, go for it! 

James: [00:17:17]

It’s interesting that you brought up the fire dancers actually because that’s what we decided to have. Having seen… We filmed a wedding once where the grooms… I think it was his uncle owned a firework company.

And so they got the fireworks at a very special price. But he did actually disclose to me what that very special price was and it was high. So the fire dancers we thought checked in sort of a much more affordable option and like you know you were saying Joey there is that kind of element of danger and also interaction because we we did the whole lighting the fire heart thing. So you know we’ve got some great photos so as well as you know having that as an entertainment for the guests. Like you say, it’s a bit of excitement at the end of the day and people like fire and yes so it was a kind of a groovy alternative we thought. 

Joey: [00:18:04] Yeah it’s really cool like you say. If you have a physical person there that’s actually doing it in front of you., there’s something kind of interactive about it. And I think people can clock onto that a little bit nicer than just kind of standing and watching stuff explode in the sky. So yeah. 

James: [00:18:21] Excellent. Well thanks very much. 

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    Joey Burdon
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    Thanks again for the opportunity to share some wedding band wisdom with you all! We hope you found it useful and fun 🙂

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      ALWAYS a pleasure to Weducate with you Joey! 🙂

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