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How To Choose Wedding Stationery? with Lorna Boyer Design

How To Choose Wedding Stationery! Lorna Boyer discusses a bold new direction in Wedding Stationery and how alternative wedding design is gaining ground!

Listen to Lorna on the Wedding Espresso Awesome DIY Wedding Planning Podcast…


Lorna Boyer, Lorna Boyer Design


James: [00:00:03] Hey Lorna thanks so much for popping on with us. 

Lorna: [00:00:05] Hi James. Thanks for having me. 

James: [00:00:08] It’s an absolute pleasure. So you are Lorna Boyer Wedding Stationery Designer! 

Lorna: [00:00:15] Yes! 

James: [00:00:15] And you design all sorts of lovely bespoke, and also I noticed from your website, alternative Wedding Stationery. Very, very cool.

So we’ve got a question for you which you’ll probably be able to answer for us, and that’s “how to choose wedding stationery”? 

Lorna: [00:00:32] Yes. A very sort of open question. It’s quite a personal one really to each couple. I guess it all starts with having an idea of your theme, your colour scheme, just a general idea of what you want. And then doing a little bit of research, and then talking to the suppliers. So the very first thing I do is start making some notes. Note down your colour scheme, whether you’re going for a rustic vibe, or a boho vibe, or whatever sort of theme you want to incorporate in your wedding. Make that all in the notes. So you’ve got it down. 

Lorna: [00:01:10] Then I would probably take to wedding magazines, Pinterest. Anywhere you get your inspiration. Find a couple of designs that you really like and then get talking to a few suppliers. So you can live chat to suppliers, you can message over the Internet, everything. So it’s good to sort of just have a little bit of a chat.

There’s no sort of pressure to buy anything from suppliers. We’re all quite happy, friendly people. We’re all here to sort of give a bit of advice. So have a little chat with your supplier. See what they can offer you.

Sometimes you’ll want exactly what you’ve seen online. Sometimes you might want something a bit more bespoke. But they can point you in the right direction. 

James: [00:01:58] Cool. I’m seeing with wedding stationery, it’s a bit different to a lot of the other suppliers on the wedding day, in that you’re not there, on the wedding day. You’re a kind of pre service, aren’t you?

So how much do you think then that the personality of your wedding stationer is important to the couples?

I mean is there a connect that happens there beforehand? 

Lorna: [00:02:24] Definitely. Everyone I’ve worked with, we’ve sort of connected really, really well. We’ve got on, on a very personal level.

I think it’s very important, as we’re one of the first suppliers that you’ll be speaking to with your wedding. So it’s really important to have a good relationship with your stationer.

And also they will know a lot of other people around the industry. So they can put you in touch with different people. They might be working with suppliers that you’re going to be working with later on. And then you can make sure that everything knits together quite well. So yes definitely important to a good relationship with your stationery supplier. 

James: [00:03:00] I actually had another question. Off topic slightly, for you, which I’m going to bring in. Because you just kind of touched on it. I think we can flesh this one out.

So if you were planning to get married next year, what would make your shortlist of what to book first? 

Lorna: [00:03:17] It’s difficult, but probably the very, very first thing would be the venue. I would have a look at whether you’re going to have a celebrant, whether you’re going to be working with a vicar, or a religious person. So venue, and yes, your “marrying” person, would be the first thing to look at. Then probably start looking into your stationery. But obviously things like menus and stuff will have to come a little bit further down the line. But…

I definitely think save the dates, or even make a start on your invite, should be one of the first things you can look in to really. 

James: [00:04:00] Cool. Now then, have you… a little story. Have you heard of “Gocco Print”? 

Lorna: [00:04:06] No. I’ve not! 

James: [00:04:08] OK. Right. Have you heard of screen printing? 

Lorna: [00:04:11] Yeah. 

James: [00:04:11] OK. Right. So there was a craze. I think it was either in the 1970s or the 1980s. Don’t quote me, in Japan, for screen printing. And they made a range of these little plastic printers that would do screen prints, and they were called Gocco Print. Four years ago, when Rachel and I were getting married, we had this crazy idea. We saw it somewhere and we thought “this is great”! You know, print your own invites. Wow! And so we did the research and we ended up buying a Gocco printer from Japan, and having it sent across, so we could print our own invites. Nightmare! I wish we hadn’t tried. It was kind of a nice aesthetic. It was a nice idea. But boy! Do I wish we’d gone to a proper wedding stationery designer. 

Lorna: [00:05:03] I hear this a lot! 

James: [00:05:03] Really, yeah! Now my dad actually designed us a cute logo. It was like a J and an R in a Celtic kind of thing, with a dragon on it. Because we were getting married in Scotland, so we wanted a kind of a Celtic theme. Now I’ve seen on your website that you like to experiment with alternative media. I think this kind of falls into that purview.

So if someone approached you with this “we want this kind of homey madey feeling thing. How would you go about throwing some ideas at them? 

Lorna: [00:05:34] Yeah, it’s always an interesting one. I did a lot of sort of mixed media art when I was at college, when I was studying, so I’ve always been into that mixing materials, doing things physically. So yeah to start off with it would be probably having a look at some research, getting some inspirational pictures, having a little play around, maybe mocking one or two up, just so we can get an idea of time and stuff. And then I go from there.

But it’s always nice to experiment with something a little bit handmade.

I do try and bring that in, even to more digital designs, I’ll do sort of handmade textures, scan those in, and have them and use them as backgrounds and stuff as well. 

James: [00:06:12] I saw on your website there were some beautiful kind of colour blush… what’s the word I’m looking for? 

Lorna: [00:06:23] Yeah, watercolour. Yeah! 

James: [00:06:25] Yeah watercolour, that was it. Yeah. A nice simple word but yeah, I couldn’t get it. So is that something that’s kind of designed bespoke for the client then? 

Lorna: [00:06:33] Yeah. That was actually one of the first ones I did for one of my friends. And she was having this beautiful berry colouring throughout her wedding. And initially she wanted very rustic craft paper invites. And I said, well let’s have a play around with the berry colour, because it’s quite a strong colour. We can do something nice with that, especially with a watercolour. Yeah we just went in with sort of a bleeding background, so that got gradually lighter as it went up the page. And she loved it. She ended up completely scrapping the craft paper idea and going with that across her stationery, across the table plans, favours, everything. Yeah. That’s been one of the most popular things, a lot of people point that one out. 

James: [00:07:16] It’s very dramatic. It’s very eye catching. 

Lorna: [00:07:19] Yeah it’s a nice way to incorporate darker colours without it completely overtaking and bringing your stationery into quite a dark place. It’s a nice way to incorporate it. 

James: [00:07:30] Brilliant. Yeah. We’ve got time actually. Do you want to just dig into this alternative wedding stationery as well, and just tell us a little bit about that, because that’s quite interesting. 

Lorna: [00:07:38] Yeah. So a few years ago I attended the eclectic wedding extravaganza, which is in Birmingham. And there is so much inspiration there for people that just want something different for their wedding. I also now subscribe to rock and roll bride.

And there is this huge trend for breaking away from tradition and doing weddings your own way. And I am all for it.

I went through a huge goth phase at school. So kind of going back. My hair’s black again. 

James: [00:08:11] I wish mine would! 

Lorna: [00:08:14] But yeah, there’s this huge push towards weddings not being a white dress and all paid for by the bride’s parents, and having to be particular ways. There’s this huge push for doing things and incorporating your personality, and it just being more of a celebration and a party between you and your partner, rather than it being a traditional wedding. 

Lorna: [00:08:39] So I wanted to take invites more down that route. Because the more I sort of looked online, invites have started to go that way. But it’s still quite, almost quite conventional in that the alternative things will follow the same sort of pattern. So I wanted to work on something completely different.

I wanted to start incorporating the dark colours and incorporating the more sometimes, macabre elements, and just making those more weddingy really.

You see quite a few Valentine’s cards and things like that, that all go in that direction, but not so much with wedding stationery. I think for couples looking for something completely different. It’s just a nice way to go. 

James: [00:09:24] Yeah it caught my attention actually, because I don’t remember exactly when, but it must have been about eight or nine years ago. We filmed a wedding for a couple who were, they weren’t quite goth, but they were definitely kind of dark theatrical. So we had lots of nice little Victorian side hats and you know, all sorts of things going on. And they were, as a kind of a bridal party, they were very cool looking. I have to say. And they were also some of the nicest people I’ve ever met. I mean going down that kind of sort of goth route, a lot of their music choices were very alternative. I remember having a long discussion with the best man about Nine Inch Nails throughout the wedding. So it was very nice. And it’s amazing to see that that’s now actually become a thing. Because all that time ago, it wasn’t really a thing. So they were very ahead of the curve! 

Lorna: [00:10:18]

I do feel like for a lot of more alternative couples, there isn’t that much out there, so they’re pushed more into a traditional kind of route with their weddings. The more we can offer that variety, the better.

And that’s why I can go from really gothic, there’s some invites on my Website that are like skeleton hands and stuff. So they’re really out there, to maybe just a slight touch of it. So there’s one that’s like a lot of florals, and just a little bowl skull. So it’s only slightly Gothic. So you can go either completely extreme, or if you still want to tone it back, for older relatives, maybe, you’ve got that option of being a bit more subtle. But yeah definitely, definitely try and include as much of your personality in your weddings as possible. 

James: [00:11:05] So when people get in touch with you initially they really need to say “Hi Lorna I love x, y, z” and tell you exactly where their interests are, and then you can design something amazing for them. 

Lorna: [00:11:15] Yeah definitely.

That’s the beauty of having something bespoke designed. You can come with just a collection of ideas. You don’t necessarily need to have a solid idea of what you want.

Come to me, just throw a bunch of ideas at me, and we’ll see what we can come up with together. It’s one of the nice things about working with bespoke definitely. 

James: [00:11:35] Amazing! Well Lorna thanks so much for sharing your insight and your experience with us today. That’s been awesome. 

Lorna: [00:11:40] That’s alright. Thanks for having me. 

James: [00:11:43] It’s been an absolute pleasure. Hopefully we’ll get to speak to you again soon. 

Lorna: [00:11:46] Yeah definitely. 

James: [00:11:48] Cool, take care Lorna. Thanks a lot. 

Lorna: [00:11:49] All right. Thanks James. Bye. 

James: [00:11:51] Bye. 

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