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Holly Allan from Bell Of The Ball

Whether you like the idea of having kids at your Wedding or not… there’s a lot to consider! Why did we go from a firm belief that Weddings are not for kids to an unwavering belief that they should be there, having a great time? We catch up with Holly Allan from Bell Of The Ball, provider of amazing Wedding entertainment for kids.

What do kids expect from Weddings? How can they enjoy the day like never before? And if you’ve got kids and are attending a Wedding, how can you have the best day ever too?

All this and more in this amazingly insightful walk through everything you need to know about kids and Weddings. Spoiler alert! It can work wonderfully!

Holly is amazing and she has you covered!

Listen to Holly on “Bride Craic” The Weekly Wedding Podcast from Wedding Espresso…


Holly Allan, Bell of the Ball



Today we’d be so excited about having Xander at the Wedding whereas years ago, before having kids, we were like, Oh no! No kids at the wedding.

So there’s a happy place in the middle which is the point I’m coming to. And this is the service that you provide.

And I love the fact that you are attentive to not only the needs of the adults, but you’re really, really dialled into the needs of the kids as well aren’t you?

Yep! Definitely because it’s such a good day, Weddings are such a good day and I don’t think it’s fair for the children not to be there

And also for the parents as well because it then means that they have to find somebody else to look after the child and it’s so hard.

So it means that a lot of people just end up not going to the weddings anymore because it’s just such hard work and a lot of people just don’t invite kids anymore.

Because not every child is the same and then you can’t rule out the ones that are more difficult.



Brill! In your experience then do you find that the adults become a lot more relaxed through having a creche service there?

Does it provide a calmer atmosphere for them?

Yeah, definitely! I think because we’ve been booked through the bride and groom, everybody just drops their kids in.

And because it’s not just their children, it’s children of probably their friends or their family, so they know they’re going to be playing with others.

They just go off and relax, have fun, do what they would normally do without the children.

I suppose they know that if something were to happen, we would come and find them.

But the kids are just chilled, they’re just happy playing and it’s a different environment isn’t it?

Being somewhere new with their friends or with new children.



Is there anything else you’d like to share perhaps from your business that maybe really, really inspires you or gets you going? Or gets you excited about Weddings? … Or even kids?

What inspires me or gets me going?

Well I think it’s just the whole day. I’m a lover of weddings.

Maybe not so much now that I have Frankie, but if I were to go to a wedding with a creche, I would be straight there.

And it’s just such a fun day. It doesn’t feel like a job, apart from the fact that I have to leave my son at home. It doesn’t feel like I’m going to work.

And it’s on a weekend as well, so it just feels like part of the weekend, and meeting new people, working with different people. Yeah it’s just fun!

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