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Fulfilling Our Mental Health And Wellbeing Outside The Wedding Industry

Wedding Industry Mental Health - Fulfilment Outside Of The Wedding Industry

It’s good to be busy, right? There’s no better feeling for us Wedding Suppliers than casting our eyes over a full diary of amazing Wedding commissions.

But the Wedding Industry is a demanding place to work. Outside of actually supplying our craft, there remains the need for all other Business activity. Such as Social Media, Blogging, Wedding Fairs, Client Meetings, Personal Development, and so on, the list is extraordinarily long!

And all that frantic creation of media and the ever pressing need to be “on it” does have a tendency to invade other areas of our lives. Namely, our free time!

Now as Creatives, we’re always on a mission to create something amazing, and more often than not, our passions lead us elsewhere to push the limits of our creative understanding and cravings. We enjoy other creative hobbies, and lots of them!

The benefit of having hobbies outside of the Wedding Industry is of course, perspective and inspiration. Great work is often inspired by things outside of the normal purview of the actual task. That’s why walking, running, fresh air type activities are so great to clear the head and give us room to collect our thoughts and centre our souls.

So I’m going to champion the fact that these extra curricular hobbies should be cherished and guarded as absolutely necessary for our day to day functioning. It is far too easy to become bogged down with the “doing” and to lose sight of where we’re trying to get to, or what we’re pushing to achieve.

We work in an industry that thrives on innovation. It is incredibly visual and wholly concerned with emotions, feelings and reactions. It deserves and demands the very best of what we have to give to it, and that starts with fantastic self care.

Too often I’m seeing posts about how family time has given way to work. And whilst that is always going to be necessary, it is important to keep it all in perspective, and not allow the work to dominate our thoughts, all the time.

There must be a clear separation between work and personal time, and for a non scientific, figurative, 90% of our time, this must be sacred. If only to ensure that when it comes time to deliver, we’re ready, hungry for it, bursting with ideas and energy and ready to navigate the challenges that the Wedding Industry throws at us every single day.

Being creative almost always means being a perfectionist. That can make it really hard to switch off, or consider something as being truly finished. You must have experienced this yourself where you’ve been left wondering if you can get it just that little bit better, or questioning the choices you’ve made and wondering whether you could have taken a different approach.

That right there is the enemy to your personal time. And that’s why it’s so important to setup and maintain clear boundaries. You might even need some help in learning to switch off and to be present for your friends, family and free time pursuits. It’s certainly no easy task to run a Business and be fully unburdened of all the thoughts, worries, concerns and challenges that come your way. All the same, try you must, for the sake of your own creative energies.

Whilst we often shy away from criticism, constructive or otherwise, it might be worth having some accountability for our work. To ensure that we’re still delivering the high standards we hold ourselves to. To make sure we’re investing enough time and energy into NOT working, recharging batteries and channeling new thoughts and creative ideas.

One of the strangest feelings for me was felt as soon as I returned home from an amazing day filming a Wedding. The buzz, the excitement, the energy, the emotion – all of that heightened sense of celebration and revelry, it rubbed off on me, and I had to become a part of what was happening around me. It was part of my process for engaging with and understanding the value of my work for that particular Couple, and their families.

But as soon as I walked in my front door, often close to or after midnight, there would be a strange sense of absence, a feeling of stark contrast that inverted the emotional rollercoaster I had just experienced. It was, for want of a better word, a buzz kill. Somehow the quiet environment was alien to the emotion stirred up and still very active in me.

Had I reflected on this more at the time, I may have made more conscious efforts at the time to disengage myself from the Wedding Day just past. To return home ready to look after me. To return to attending to my needs and desires. But I was still very much “plugged in”, and I found it hard to let go of the thousands of thoughts racing through my head. Did I do a good job? Could I have done better? Did everything go as I had expected? Are the Clients going to be happy? Did I let myself down?

That constant, insistent inner voice checking every single aspect of my performance in a never ending self review… or as others might describe, a creative process!

You may have experienced something similar, or it might be a feeling you have when you dispatch or deliver your work – either way it remains to be said that lingering in that space can have severe detrimental impact on what you do, and how you feel, going into the time you’ve set aside for yourself! Think about that for a sec.

The solution to personal development is practice, yes, absolutely, but also having time to decompress, absorb what we’ve learnt from the last job and bring some new thinking into the mix. The temptation is to always be busy, hustle, do whatever it takes.

But I’d suggest that doing whatever it takes does involve you valuing and safeguarding your down time too. It takes tremendous effort and self discipline to stop, to shut off for a while. That is the harder of the two states and the one you should devote yourself to mastering.

Life is for living and life is happening all around you, all the time.

Create time for life and life will have time to help you create!

Find out more about our philanthropic work with Wedding Industry Mental Health, get support or become an advocate here:

and let’s build a stronger Wedding Industry together!








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