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Our Favourite Wedding Day Memories, A Wedding Espresso Hot Topic Online Meet Up

Hag Do 4x4 Off Roading Wedding Day Memories

What happens when you get a Magician, a Wedding Film Maker, a Bespoke Stationary Designer and a couple of Wedding obsessed Espresso drinkers into a (digital) room together…

during a thunderstorm, no less!!! Just to talk about their favourite Wedding Day Memories, share their stories and give you amazing DIY Wedding Planning advice?


Video Content Quick Access Menu:

  • Content for today’s Meet Up: 00:12
  • Introductions: 01:57
  • Our Favourite Wedding Day Memories: 05:05
  • Why You NEED To Film Your Wedding: 10:20
  • How to bring a little Magic to Your Wedding Day: 18:26
  • Gorgeous Hand Crafted Calligraphy Wedding Stationery: 20:55
  • Excitement in the pipeline: 27.38


Hey everyone,

Well gosh! I guess it’s that time again, time to sit back and soak up the glorious goodness that is a Wedding Espresso Online Meet Up. Our favourite Wedding Day Memories – Sociable Weducation never felt so good!

Firstly, As you know, we love, love, love our Wedding Team mash ups and this is one of the best yet. Our Wedding Supplier friends are just the best. Not only are they hanging out with you guys to help you plan your PERFECT Wedding Day, but they’re also generous enough to share their own experiences and stories… and you know what? …

That’s the BEST place to learn how to make the most of this fantastic journey you’re on right now. AND it IS a journey, it’s an adventure… you’re loving it, right?

As you already know, this is an amazing time of you life, grab it by the horns, ride that Wedding Planning wild stallion like you own it! …

Even if the rampaging British weather is throwing thunderstorms and lightning at your Internet connection during your Online Meet Up!

So just you try and stop us Thunder Gods!


In this Weducation Session…

Rachel digs into her favourite Wedding Day Memories which actually included our “Hag Do”! I won’t spoil too much of the surprise here but let’s just say that image above is a bit of clue as to what we got up to. 🙂 Similarly our fantastic Wedding Supplier friends recount some of their most treasured Wedding Day Memories.

Finally, it’s time to get down with coffee, friends and good times!

Happy DIY Wedding Planning!

Rachel and James Wedding Espresso Wedding Day Memories








Our Unbelievably kind and wonderful friends who made this possible…

Wesley Thompson from Wedding Memory – https://www.weddingmemory.co.uk/

Owen Strickland from Owen Strickland Magician – http://owenstrickland.co.uk/

Kishani Taylor from The Ink House Project – https://www.instagram.com/theinkhouseproject/


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