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Do I Have Enough Time To Have A Bespoke Wedding Gown Made? with Mette Baillie from Freja Designer Dress Making

Do I Have Enough Time To Have A Bespoke Wedding Gown Made with Mette Baillie from Freja Designer Dress Making

Do I Have Enough Time To Have A Bespoke Wedding Gown Made? Mette Baillie from Freja Designer Dress Making details the ideal way to design your own dress!

Listen to Mette on the Wedding Espresso Awesome DIY Wedding Planning Podcast…


Mette Baillie, Freja Designer Dress Making


Rachel: [00:00:02] Hey Mette. 

Mette: [00:00:05] Hello! 

Rachel: [00:00:05] Hi. Thanks for chatting with me today. 

Mette: [00:00:08] You’re welcome. 

Rachel: [00:00:09] Thank you.

Your business is called Freja Designer Dress Making and you make awesomely beautiful bespoke wedding dresses for super lucky brides. 

Mette: [00:00:18] Yes we do. And we do mother of the bride as well. 

Rachel: [00:00:22] Yes I saw that as well. 

Mette: [00:00:24] We have a variety of different tasks to do. 

Rachel: [00:00:28] Yeah. We’ve been having a dig around recently, and we’ve been looking at what brides and grooms are wondering, and they’re wondering…

Do they have enough time to have a bespoke gown made? 

Mette: [00:00:44] So it obviously depends on how busy my diary is, if I can fit people in. I have previously made wedding dresses in a week, you know. It’s not what we recommend to do.

I think the best thing to do when you plan your wedding, to plan your dress, is a year in advance. Because the way you feel about how naked you want to be, how much skin you want to expose, what colors you like, what’s your skin tone, in terms of like, have you got a good tan? Or just in general, how you feel.

It can be really hard to stand there in February, where you’re so cold, and think about a June wedding in France, or something like that. So a year ahead is really good because you feel the same way. But it’s obviously a luxury, and it’s not everybody who’s got as much time. So as I say, we’ve made a wedding dress in a week. I prefer longer, but obviously people can contact me and see.

And sometimes we don’t work on the dress for a year, but we plan the design and we decide on the fabrics, designing the general sort of way of how the dress is.

And sometimes actually the girls go away and lose a half stone, and then come back and then we finish the dress then. So yes, that’s a good way of doing it. I think once you have the general idea of your dress, the materials and how it’s going to feel and look, it’s a lot easier to plan a lot of other things like your flowers, your bridesmaids and everything like that. If your dress is not decided, I think it’s really hard to do those things. 

Rachel: [00:02:27] Obviously you’ll help brides out when they come in to see you.

Do you have brides coming in that have their minds set on something, and then after speaking to you they’re like, “actually no, let’s get something else”. 

Mette: [00:02:43] Yes, it does happen. I’ve got a small collection that brides can come in and try on. And some brides they come in with an extensive Pinterest board. I like this neckline. I like this sleeve. I like this skirt. And that’s very helpful, but it’s not always that it turns out exactly like that with all the bits and pieces, because they need to go together. And sometimes one thing rules out the other. So yes, but it is a process, and it’s also quite nice to sort of try on the dresses and see how you feel. Do I want to feel elegant, do I want to be sexy? Do I want to… you know all of these. Like how would you want to feel in this situation. I think it’s very much about that as well. 

Rachel: [00:03:32]

Have you had anyone ask for pockets? 

Mette: [00:03:34] Yeah, yeah quite a few ask for pockets. And it’s not a problem at all if you’ve got kind of fairly sort of rigid fabric. But if you’ve got a sort of slinky chiffon or a slinky crepe back satin or something like that, it’s just not gonna work. 

Rachel: [00:03:50] It’s not gonna work is it? Mine had a pocket and that’s why I asked. It was there for the tissues and I didn’t cry but James did. 

Mette: [00:03:59]

It works really well in sort of like a Zibeline or Mercado, or a Dupion, or something like that. But it doesn’t work in the sort of more slinky styles. 

Rachel: [00:04:10] Yeah. I’ve got one little question for you, but it might turn out to be a big question.

How did you get started with dressmaking? 

Mette: [00:04:22] Oh I, do you know, my mum says I never played with my dolls. I just made them clothes. 

Rachel: [00:04:27] Oh that’s sweet! 

Mette: [00:04:28] I made my own clothes from when I was 9 years old. And then you know, I always developed, and developed, and developed, and when I was sort of a teenager, I was really not sure which direction my career should go, because I’m really into sport, not really into clothes. But it sounds maybe strange for somebody else to hear that. But in my eyes they’re really interlinked. Because…

I really like how the body performs in clothes. How you want the clothes to not restrict you. 

Mette: [00:05:03]

I always watch brides put their dresses on, and I’ve watched them for a little while to see whether it’s working. And if they start to pull and poke at things, I know there’s something wrong.

And I want them to have that you know, I want them to be hands free in that dress. I want them to just feel fabulous. And that they don’t need to sort of pull and poke with their dresses. So making all my clothes from when I was 9 and then I got my degree, when was that? In 1994, I’ve got a degree in couture design. And then I worked a little bit pattern cutting for Marks and Spencers. And this was when I decided I need to do one of each, and not thousands of each. And then I came to Edinburgh and set up my own business, which was in 1999. So I’ve been in business a long time. I’ve already made quite a few wedding dresses for girls who I did prom dresses for. 

Rachel: [00:06:07] Oh Wow! That must be lovely! 

Mette: [00:06:09] I just love what I do. And each day just passes so quick, and I can’t believe how many years it’s been already! 

Rachel: [00:06:16] Fabulous. That’s great. Thank you for spending some time with us today Mette. 

Mette: [00:06:24] You’re welcome. It’s been a pleasure. 

Rachel: [00:06:26] Thank you. I better let you get back to your rainy day. 

Mette: [00:06:30] Yes. Thank you so much. 

Rachel: [00:06:31] Great speaking to you. 

Mette: [00:06:33] That’s great. Thank you. Bye. 

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