Wedding Planning Q&A

Chris & Angela from Virtually There, providers of Virtual Wedding Experiences

What if we could show you a way to solve the age old problem of getting ALL your friends and family to attend, experience and enjoy your Wedding… wherever they are in the world and no matter their position or circumstances?

Would that be exciting? You bet it would and that’s exactly what Chris and Angela have created with their brand new Wedding product, Virtually There.

Join Chris, Angela and myself as we explore what it really means to attend a virtual Wedding and why it’s only slightly removed from actually being there in person.

Hint, it’s all about “experience”.

Let’s do this!

Our theme music comes from Songs to Say I Do, here to write you the perfect wedding song. Check out songwriters Selda & Derek and their work at songstosayido.com

Listen to Chris and Angela on “Bride Craic” The Weekly Wedding Podcast from Wedding Espresso…


Chris Shaw, Angela Jones, Virtually There

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