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Celebrant Led Wedding Ceremonies… I went a courtin t’other night

and why you need the right person for the right job, Celebrant Led Wedding Ceremonies and Choice!

So in nearly every family, there’s always someone who’s “a bit of a character”.

Now depending on what type of character they are, you can either choose to lose it, or use it…  🙂

In our case, it was very much “use it”!

Celebrant Led Wedding Ceremonies

But before I dig in, I just want to rewind a little, or is it fast forward? Maybe a bit of both!

Now Celebrant Led Wedding Ceremonies are not a massive thing here in England.

We’ve certainly filmed some in the past… and some amazing one’s at that. But Celebrant Led Wedding Ceremonies are not as common as you’d expect.

A Civil Ceremony or a religious Ceremony. These are the 2 options for most couples. Job done!

Well, one of our friends gave us the shock of our lives the other day!

This particular shock was relating to the choices available for their Civil Ceremony…

Or the lack of!

Quite the box ticking affair I’m afraid to say….

“Hi Sarah, which of these 5 approved readings would you like…”

Now I don’t know how clued up about your actual choices you are, but suffice it to say that the above isn’t your ONLY choice… not by a long shot!

As you know, in Scotland, A Humanist Ceremony is legal. Ultimately, that’s what we chose!

We enjoyed complete free reign over what was included and what was not. A Humanist Ceremony is, after all, a Celebrant Led Wedding Ceremony!

That doesn’t help folks wanting to get married in England, Wales or Ireland. But there’s a work around and it’s an amazing one!!!

If you elect to get officially married in a registry office, perhaps with only close family members in tow…

you’ve sealed the deal in the eyes of the law, happy days!

You can then opt to have Celebrant Led Wedding Ceremonies at a place and time of your choosing.

What’s more, this Ceremony becomes YOUR Ceremony and you can do and say as you please.

Your options with this are nearly limitless!

As a result, you can plan the Ceremony of your dreams and have it in a way that means so much more to you both.

Get married in a barn, in a forest, in a castle, on a moat, boat or surrounded by goats…

That pretty much sums up our collected experience 🙂


So back to our Wedding to exercise the point I’m making…

We chose this reading from an old book entitled “Yorkshire Songs” as we wanted to take some of our beloved Yorkshire up to Scotland with us.

My brother Matt, was the obvious choice for this reading as we knew he’d embrace the opportunity whole heartedly.

Now being an old Yorkshire song, it was, of course, written in old Yorkshire!

So… well… see for yourself…

Now this meant the WORLD to us, not only for the performance and the recording which we’ll enjoy for the rest of our lives, but also for the meaning attached to it.

SO personal and so meaningful.

Isn’t that what a Wedding SHOULD be?

That’s EXACTLY what Celebrant Led Wedding Ceremonies are!

So as one of the “Weducated” we really do implore you to explore your options and get as much good advice and as many ideas as you can handle.

Once upon a time, I penned the lyrics “Memories are the architects of feeling” and nothing has even been truer of the memories we created on our Wedding Day…

and the feelings they create every time we relive it.

Convention or typical choices need not rule you here!

Why not liberate yourself to make your own decisions and love the outcomes you design.

Remember, you’re only one inspiration away…

Happy DIY Wedding Planning!

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