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  • Selda & Derek, Bespoke Wedding Song Writers
    Question – What do you get for your Wedding when you enlist the talent of amazing songwriters for stage and screen? Easy! You get a stunningly beautiful, emotive bespoke Wedding song all about your lives together. Selda and Derek are a Wedding songwriting duo from New York City with some seriously awesome connections. These two amazing humans joined us on Bride Craic to chat about all things inspirational, music, love and laughter… and butter in your coffee! Welcome to the world of professional bespoke Wedding song writing, welcome to the world of Selda and Derek. You’ll not want to miss this! Discover just how fantastic these incredible Wedding songwriters are right now. Your Wedding will thank you for it!
  • Sarah Green from Girl and Piano
    Piano! That classic look and sound that just speaks to Weddings! If you’re in any way thrilled by music and the idea of having live music on your Wedding Day, then you’re already considering your options. Sarah from Girl and Piano joins me for an in-depth look at how music helps shape your Wedding Day, painting an audible canvas that relaxes and entertains your guests. What music fits best and when, and even how video games from the 90’s are getting in on the action! This is one bumper action packed episode you simply do not want to miss! Tune in now πŸ™‚
  • Sam Wordie-gilchrist from The Ravenswood West Sussex Wedding Venue
    Wedding Venues! What’s the Craic at the moment? Can you book? Can you move your date? Can you even get married right now? Sam from The Ravenswood Wedding Venue in West Sussex joins me for a super energetic chat about all things Weddings and Wedding Venues. If you’re planning your Wedding right now you’re not going to want to miss this pivotal chat. This is going to blow the lid off for you!!!
  • Lynz Crichton, Wedding Singer and Songwriter
    This is AMAZING! As we move ever more into the future of Weddings becoming amazing parties full of personal attention to detail, one thing to my mind REALLY sticks out. And that’s having a personal song written, just for you, as a couple, for your Wedding. The possibilities are endless and so I wanted to get together with our amazing friend Lynz Crichton over a coffee, to really drill down into the process, why you should even bother and what you actually get out of having a bespoke wedding song written for you. This is explosive stuff you don’t want to miss!
  • Tanya Jones from Perfect Promises Wedding Celebrant
    Your Wedding Ceremony! The crux, the main event, the essence, the reason. However you see your Wedding Ceremony, it’s a pretty big deal! And there are SO many ways to have it truly represent you both, as a couple. Gone are the days of “off the shelf” Wedding Ceremonies. Your Wedding is no different. The truth is, you’re unique and your partner is unique too. You deserve to have a Wedding Ceremony that speaks to, and about, YOU. Tanya Jones from Perfect Promises joins me to get into the nitty gritty of the full range of your options and why they matter so much! Let’s do this!
  • The Cutty Sark Wedding Venue with Sophie Linin from The Royal Museums Greenwich
    Ahoy Matey! Continuing our tour of the amazing Wedding Venues from The Royal Museums Greenwich, awesome Wedding Coordinator Sophie Linin takes us on a tour of one the most unique and historic Wedding Venues in the UK. Ladies and Gentlemen, we present for your listening pleasure, The Cutty Sark. Welcome aboard!
  • Fiona Kelly Wedding Photographer
    What the heck are you going to do when Wedding Planning stress REALLY kicks in and you just need to get away from it all for awhile? Fiona Kelly turns to a series of Movies that “magically” give her a great big hug. With special guest appearance from Sophie Linin from the Royal Museums Greenwich Wedding Venues. A must see discussion not about Weddings, because your Wedding needs some chill out time!
  • Andy Stelmach Wedding Film Maker
    2 Wedding Film Makers go “reel to reel” to chat about what inspirations make great Wedding Films and how the world of cinema and music inspires and influences every scene.